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Chapter 92: One Person Stops The Beast Tide

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

I’ve been speeding all the way across the wilderness, traveling hundreds of kilometers, but I haven’t even seen a single hair of a beast.

Who would believe it?

But when he thought of what Charles said just now, he couldn’t help but frown and ask in return.

“You just said that Andrew stopped the beast tide alone in the wilderness?”

Charles nodded.

That’s right; that’s right.

“Even if you’re lying, you should make it more realistic. Andrew single-handedly stopped the beast tide?

“Black Panther King of Dong Mountain has the strength of a ninth-grade. How could Andrew, a seventh-grade grandmaster, stop the beast tide?

“Even if he stopped the beast tide, he would be using his life to stall for time!”

As Saint Johnson spoke, doubts spread among everyone. There were too many suspicious points in Charles’s words.

Charles was furious. Why would he lie to him?

d.a.m.n it. I desperately came back from the front line to inform everyone and bring people to rescue Andrew, but I was actually misunderstood.

Charles looked at Johnson, who refused to believe him.

He simply did not explain.

Anyway, Johnson was already here. Why did he have to explain so much? Why didn’t he just drag him to the front line to take a look?

Moreover, he was apprehensive about Andrew facing so many powerful enemies alone.

Although Andrew could always give people a surprise, he didn’t dare to gamble this time.

This was gambling with the future of mankind. He couldn’t bear this responsibility.

“Let’s not talk anymore. You come with me!”

Charles directly took action. He grabbed Chief Johnson’s arm and rushed to the front line of the battle at full speed.

“Charles, if I don’t see the beast tide, I’ll report you. You’re lying about the military information. It’s a big crime!”

“Fine, fine, fine. If you say it’s a big crime, it’s a big crime. Anyway, you just follow me now!”

Charles did not care about Johnson’s warning and dragged him along.

There was a distance of 100 miles from Boston to the place where the battle broke out.

When Charles and Johnson rushed over together, Custer, who had come from Houston to provide support, also hurried over.

“Charles, where’s the beast tide?”


This time, Charles had learned his lesson. Without waiting for Custer to ask further, he opened his mouth and explained everything.


Custer trembled and sized up Charles from head to toe. He said in surprise, “Charles, did you f*cking have a nightmare? There are so many monsters and evil warriors. Not to mention Andrew, even a ninth-grade martial saint wouldn’t be able to stop them!”

“I knew you wouldn’t believe me.”

Charles looked like he had expected it.

He said lightly, “Saint Johnson has gone to provide support. Old w.a.n.g, we’ve been there too, right?”

Custer didn’t believe him.

However, Charles wouldn’t lie about such a thing.

He and Charles rushed all the way.

In less than seven or eight minutes, they had pa.s.sed through a hundred miles of wilderness.

In front of them, the smell of blood a.s.sailed them.

Chief Johnson stood quietly in front of them as if he had been petrified. He stared at the almost broken battlefield and the corpses one by one and fell into deep thought.

Charles and Custer stopped in their tracks.


Custer’s eyes widened, and he swore.

However, at this moment, he was shocked and couldn’t help but say, “F*ck! F*ck! F*ck!”

Six huge monster corpses lay on the ground.

From the aura of the corpses, they were all seventh-grade monsters.

There were also four warrior corpses that had died in a gruesome manner.

Charles scanned his surroundings and was a little anxious. He asked in surprise, “Chief Johnson, where’s Andrew?”

Johnson came back to his senses and muttered, “You’re asking me?

“I want to ask you…”

Where was Andrew?

Where did Andrew go?

Charles’s face sank, and a bad idea popped up in his mind. His voice was hoa.r.s.e. “He… did something happen to him?”

“Did something happen?”

Johnson chuckled.

He lowered his head and looked at the pool of blood on the ground.

Even in the dark night, the blood was emitting a faint golden light. The vitality contained in it had actually caused the plants around the blood to increase by a large amount in a short period.

“This blood should be left behind by a ninth stage martial artist… And this arm!”

He picked up another arm from the side.

The light golden bones were clearly visible where the bones of the arm were broken.

“This arm should be left behind by an eighth-grade Golden Body Realm martial artist… This person should have already tempered his golden body to the third stage!”

As Johnson spoke, his gaze became even more fiery.

He continued to search. Apart from finding two golden body fragments, he also found a piece of animal skin covered in black fur!

Charles recognized this fur.

“This thing, could it be that Andrew chopped it off from the body of that eighth-grade demonic ape?”


Were all done by Andrew?

But… why did his head feel a little dizzy?

Why did he keep feeling that everything before his eyes was a little unreal?

“Chief Johnson, should we go and support Andrew?”

Custer also came back to his senses and asked.

Johnson glanced at Custer and said, “You two stay behind to clean up the battlefield and bring back all the useful things.

“I’ll go to the front to check the situation!”


He moved his feet and flew out.

Johnson could not sense any battle ahead, but the traces of battle on the ground were clearly visible.

He followed the traces and headed east. After about 30 miles, he found another body.

A black giant ape looking like a small mountain was lying on the ground.

Under its black fur were golden bones and flesh.

Its fatal wound was on its head.

Its golden body should have been cut open by a blade and its head should have been pierced through.

“This… golden body third stage black-furred giant ape? Andrew is actually this powerful?”

Johnson’s Adam’s apple bobbed.

Under the combined attacks of two ninth, four eighth, and ten seventh grade monsters, he had killed so many of them. Even he couldn’t do it.

Andrew was actually so powerful that it was terrifying!

“d.a.m.n it!

“Eighth-grade… It’s not easy to kill!

“I was able to kill that big ape just now because I used the advantage of the magic treasure to catch it off guard!”

Underground, Andrew sighed.

He said, “At the moment, I still have too few immortal techniques. Otherwise, just by using immortal skills, I could scare them to death!”

He roughly estimated that at this time, they should be near Tongzhou.

Andrew activated the ‘Kunwu Blade.’


The Kunwu Blade broke out of the ground and charged towards an eighth-grade Venerable of the Heavenly G.o.d Sect.

That Venerable instantly made a move, burning his golden body that was filled with blood to block the Kunwu Blade.

The Kunwu Blade changed direction in the air.

It once again charged towards another person.

This person was also burning his golden body filled with qi. He erupted with a strength that surpa.s.sed his limits and blocked the Kunwu Blade.

Black Panther King and the seven elders of the Heavenly G.o.d Sect were working together, launching their own attacks and bombarding the ground.


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