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Chapter 78: He Was Already At The Eighth Rank?

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

He didn’t want to be ambushed.

Charles looked at Andrew curiously and said, “Andrew, your cultivation… has increased?

“Could it be that you’re already at the eighth rank? Have you forged a golden body?

“Just now, you defeated Connor with one punch. You must have relied on the strength of your physical body!”

He sized up Andrew from head to toe.

However, he didn’t find any signs of Andrew forging a golden body.

After advancing to become a rank eight master and forging a golden body, the characteristics were p.r.o.nounced.

Once the power erupted, the physical body would release golden light, and the bones and flesh would also turn golden.

Of course, this also required a process. For example, the Silver Moon Wolf, which had just advanced to rank 8, didn’t have all of its bones undergo “Golden body transformation,” let alone its flesh and blood.

“Creating a golden body?

“How can it be that simple?”

Andrew shook his head. The Nine Transformations Golden Body Technique he practiced was actually somewhat similar to creating a golden body.

However, the golden body here was completely different from the golden body created by an eighth rank master.

Currently, he had only cultivated the first stage of the Nine Transformations Golden Body Technique. His physical body had already reached the strength of the first stage of the eighth rank golden body.

If he could successfully cultivate to the ninth stage…

Then the strength of his physical body couldn’t be judged by common sense.

At that time, Andrew would probably be able to punch through the Earth.

“Without a golden body, killing an eighth-grade expert while being in the seventh grade…”

Charles muttered and asked, “Quick, tell me how you did it?”

“It’s not unheard of for a seventh grade to kill an eighth-grade expert. However, it’s very rare.

“Moreover, most cases of jumping ranks are of second-grade experts defeating third-grade fighters. This kind of thing that happens among low-level martial artists is basically unheard of among high-level martial artists.

“That’s because the higher the realm, the greater the gap between each level.

“An ordinary eighth stage Golden Body Realm expert only needs a casual move to crush a seventh stage grandmaster. Even a seventh-stage honored Grandmaster doesn’t have the ability to fight against an eighth-stage Golden Body Realm expert. The only thing they can do is flee.

“Andrew actually killed an eighth stage Golden Body Realm Venerable Wuji with the strength of a seventh stage grandmaster. Moreover, he was an eighth-grade second-stage expert.”

Charles couldn’t imagine how he did it.

The others were also curious, just like Charles.

They wanted to know how Andrew was able to kill someone of a higher level.

Seeing this, Andrew pondered for a moment, organized his thoughts, and began to speak.

“When I was in Tongzhou, I discovered that the nearby demon beasts were all gathering toward Dong Mountain. Only the Silver Moon Wolf and its subordinate small demon beasts were left. I happened to run into the Black-crowned Golden Eagle that was heading to Tongzhou, so I was curious and took a few more glances.

“In the end, the Silver Moon Wolf yelled at me and even dared to threaten me.

“So, I killed the Silver Moon Wolf!”

Charles: “…”


He really did not want to continue listening. All the curiosity in his heart was gone.

A Holy Land warrior?

Holy Land, my a.s.s. So all of this was done by Andrew.

Charles gritted his teeth. “Get to the point!”


Andrew could only skip over some details and continued, “When I arrived at the ruined town, I happened to hear about the attack on Boston from Venerable Wuji and his subordinate, Shadowless grandmaster.

“The elders of the Heavenly G.o.d Sect wanted to join forces with a demon king of Dong Mountain, Black Panther King, to destroy Boston City and kill me at the same time… How could I tolerate this?

“So, I killed Venerable Wuji. It’s that simple!”

Charles: “…”

Johnson: “…”

The few grandmasters were dumbfounded.

They felt very depressed when they saw Andrew speaking calmly while eating.

At this moment, Andrew reacted and asked, “Oh right, didn’t I ask the question first? Why didn’t the beast tide erupt?

“I was even prepared to attack the beast tide and train my immortal… martial arts!”

Charles smiled and turned his head away, not saying another word.

The other grandmasters were also speechless.

d.a.m.n it.

They really didn’t want to chat with Andrew anymore.

It was fine if this guy was bragging, but the point was that he really had the strength.

Comparing people was infuriating.

They were forty or fifty years old, and it wasn’t easy for them to cultivate to the seventh or eighth stage realm.

As for Andrew, he was eighteen years old, a seventh stage grandmaster, and was able to kill an eighth stage Golden Body Realm expert.

They felt that they were trash in front of Andrew.

The others were extremely depressed, but Johnson smiled. “The Heavenly G.o.d Sect doesn’t have the ability to control the beast tide yet… they should have reached some kind of agreement with Black Panther King and promised him some benefits.

“Venerable Wuji was killed by you, so the benefits he promised Black Panther King can’t be fulfilled. There’s no need for Black Panther King to start the beast tide!”

Johnson a.n.a.lyzed objectively.

Thinking about it carefully, it was indeed so.

Andrew was stunned for a moment.

So, it was because of him that there was no beast tide.

He was a little regretful. “If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have killed Venerable Wuji first.”

Johnson gritted his teeth.

This kid was too arrogant.

He said seriously, “Andrew, the outbreak of the beast tide… is not a small matter. Even if Boston can stop the beast tide, the warrior army will also lose many people. But if they can’t…

“The millions of lives in Boston City…”

Johnson shook his head and sighed. “Now, the wilderness has been occupied by the demon beasts. The distance between each city is relatively far. It’s difficult to move the residents of the city in a short time.”

His meaning was obvious.

Once the beast tide could not be stopped, it would be a disaster that would kill millions of people.

This kind of thing had not happened since the recovery of the spiritual essence.

“I’m just saying!”

Andrew muttered.

He thought to himself.

If I told you that I have the confidence to exterminate the beast tide by myself, would you believe me?

Since you won’t believe me, I’d better not say it.

Otherwise, these people would think that I’m bragging.

After eating breakfast, Andrew could not help but say, “Everyone, I have an idea. I wonder if you are willing to help?

“There are many monsters in Dong Mountain. As long as the other party exists, it is a threat to us humans. Since so many of our experts are present today, why don’t we take the initiative to attack and kill Black Panther King in Dong Mountain?”

Charles paused and pretended not to hear.

Custer coughed and said, “Everyone, my train ticket is about to expire. I’ll leave first.”

“Custer, I’ll go with you.”

In the blink of an eye, only Charles and Johnson were left among the group of grandmasters.

Andrew frowned.

He was puzzled and said, “Killing the monsters in Dong Mountain is a benefit to humans. We are all warriors from the Ma.s.sachusetts region; why do we have such a reaction?”

He took a deep breath and sighed. “Are you trying to force me to charge into the Great Dong Mountain?”


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