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Chapter 228: Skull Island!

Andrew was surprised.

Before the recovery of the spiritual energy, he had already reached the ninth grade?

“Is there a world entrance on Skull Island?”

Clayton said, “Many people have guessed so, but there is no evidence.

“If there indeed was a world entrance on the Skull Island before the recovery of the spiritual energy, then it would have become more and more stable in the next 20 years. It is very likely…”

“The powerhouses of the Divine Realm will enter the Earth through this entrance?” Andrew asked curiously.

“That’s right!”

“That’s great!” Andrew was very happy.

“What’s so great about it?” Clayton said with some anger, “Do you know what this means? If the powerhouses of the Divine Realm descend, it is very likely to bring a disaster to the humans! And now, King Kong has broken through to the Conferred Emperor level and is planning to slaughter all the humans in Australia!

“The strongest expert in Europe, Zeus the Thunder G.o.d, once went to Skull Island to investigate the situation and discovered that King Kong’s bloodline was extraordinary. The moment he broke through to the Conferred Emperor level, he would become an expert amongst the Conferred Emperors!

“Even if you have killed a demon G.o.d from the Divine Realm before, you might not be his match. You must face this matter seriously!”

“Zeus?” Andrew muttered softly, “How dare you mention this name in front of me. It really makes me unhappy.”

“He was the number one human expert before. His control over lightning is the fastest, and his speed is already close to six times the speed of sound.

“Of course, this is because the news of you killing a Conferred Emperor level expert has not been made public in the entire world. Otherwise, the number one human expert would definitely be you. It has nothing to do with him.

“The view of the international community is to send Zeus to investigate the situation on Skull Island and hope that you can help.”

“On what basis?” Andrew was instantly unhappy.

“If he wants to go to Skull Island to investigate, he can do it himself. What does it have to do with me?”

“When the time comes, I can go to Australia to provide a.s.sistance.”

“So, when do we set off?”

Clayton said, “Three days later, the military will send two pinnacle experts. The Ministry of Education will send two pinnacle experts. I will lead one pinnacle expert and the four Holy Lands will send one pinnacle expert each to form a team to provide support.”

Andrew was a little surprised. He did not expect the support team to be so huge.

“Which two Holy Lands didn’t make a move?” Andrew asked curiously.

“The Red Rock Canyon didn’t make a move because he was trying to reach the emperor level.”

Emperor level?

Hearing this, Andrew was immediately amused. “I didn’t expect that your father would actually become an emperor-level expert.”

Clayton didn’t say anything.

“What about the other one?”


Hearing this, Andrew was instantly displeased.

“This Atlantis is indeed not honest. Such a big Holy Land, at such a critical moment, they actually did not send out an Ultimate powerhouse to help?”

The corner of Clayton’s mouth twitched twice.

Although he did not have any friendship with Atlantis, at this time, he still planned to help Atlantis put in a good word.

After all, he could not simply malign others.

“Elektra was seriously injured by you and is still recuperating. Six Ultimate experts people have been captured by you to mine. They really don’t have the manpower…”

Andrew scratched his head.

“I’m actually so cruel?”

He did not realize that Clayton did not say anything.

“Hahaha.” Andrew could only laugh to cover up his embarra.s.sment.

“Since so many people are going, it doesn’t matter if one or two of them are going.”

This was a worldwide support operation, and the time was set for three days later.

After hanging up the phone, Andrew was looking forward to it.

As long as he killed King Kong, he would have enough strengthening points to advance to the Nascent Soul stage.

However, he soon realized another problem.

It was said that it was a beast tide, but why did he have to go with the others?

“The beast tide is all mine! I can’t let them take it away!”

If he guessed correctly, this should be the last chance on Earth. If he missed it, there wouldn’t be such a large-scale beast tide in the future.

“Why don’t I go ahead and let the people from other countries catch nothing.”

An evil smile appeared on Andrew’s face.

However, before he took action, he still had some things to do.

According to Clayton, this King Kong’s strength was abnormally strong. Although he had just advanced to the Conferred Emperor level, he was probably already at the intermediate stage.

If he couldn’t beat him, then Andrew would have to use some trump card.

He had to take a magic treasure with him.

Andrew was a little curious. What stage did the so-called demon G.o.d belong to at the Conferred Emperor level?

“Early stage? Or did he just enter the Conferred Emperor level? He seemed weak…”

If the demon G.o.d was still alive, he would have been angered to death when he heard this.

When he was in the Blood Moon Demon G.o.d sect, he had competed for the position of sect master and lost to his senior brother by a small margin.

In terms of strength, he had reached the middle stage of the Conferred Emperor level. If he used the Heavenly Demon Disintegration Technique, he would be able to reach the peak of the Conferred Emperor level!

Regarding this strength, Andrew’s evaluation was…


“Relying on the warrior forum to find materials is too slow.

“Most importantly, many people who aren’t warriors might also see these materials.”

One had to know that the number of people registered on the forum was 3.4 million.

And the population of the whole country was more than 40 million!

Andrew immediately went to Howard. “Help me contact the media. The more, the better. The coverage must be wide enough.”

“You want to…” Howard immediately understood what Andrew meant.

“That’s right! I want to hold a press conference for the whole country.

“I’ll give you a list of all the things I need. With the support of the media and the government, I’ll try my best to let the whole country see this press conference.”

After Andrew returned to the hotel, he took a large piece of paper and drew the materials he needed on it.

It was already one o’clock in the afternoon when he finished all this.

Howard came over and said, “After the list was released, the government contacted me and said that four kinds of materials are available. They will be sent over very soon.”

Andrew was delighted. He didn’t expect it to be so smooth.

He took out a bottle of Great Recovery Pills and handed it to Howard.

“This is for you. It can speed up the speed of cultivation.”

Howard smiled bitterly, “You already gave me some last time. It can indeed increase my cultivation. However, after reaching the seventh rank, the effect is a little worse. Taking one pill is equivalent to two days of cultivation.”


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