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Chapter 134: Welcoming the Young Master of the Li Family!

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

Li Xi thought to himself that Fairy w.a.n.g Yuyan was also present at the moment that everyone was looking forward to.

Everything was ready. All that was left was the east wind.

Everything was ready. Now, all that was left was to wait for the Young Master to appear on the flying boat in high spirits.

When the Young Master was in boundless glory and Fairy w.a.n.g Yuyan was in high spirits, the Young Master would definitely reward him heavily.

When the Young Master was happy, wouldn’t he be able to rise to the top in the Li family in the future? He would be able to do whatever he wanted?

Li Xi could not help but praise himself.

To be able to come up with this idea, he was really too talented.

Thinking of this, Li Xi laughed foolishly, attracting the attention of the Grand Moon Sect disciples at the side.

“That’s not right. Looking at the time, the Young Master’s flying boat should have arrived at the Grand Moon Sect long ago.”

While Li Xi was thinking, he suddenly saw a ray of light.

He raised his head and looked, but his face was full of disappointment.

It didn’t seem to be the treasure light of the flying boat where the Young Master of the Li family was.

Instead, it was the light of a certain cultivator.

Moreover, that light was also crooked, as if it was kicking a mortal and getting drunk.

Li Xi despised it in his heart:

‘What f*cking trash. Even a Qi Cultivating stage beginner’s light wouldn’t be like this.’

Li Xi couldn’t bear to watch any longer, and his originally happy mood instantly dissipated.

He had originally planned to take a look at the surrounding scenery to ease his mood, but Li Xi discovered that the beam of light was charging straight towards the direction of the Grand Moon Sect’s mountain gate.

It didn’t seem to slow down at all.

“d.a.m.n it, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d is definitely here to cause trouble. He wants to disrupt the grand scene that I’ve meticulously prepared for Young Master. Young Master will definitely be angry when he sees such a lousy cultivator.”

Li Xi’s future immortal destiny depended entirely on Young Master. He could not let Young Master be unhappy.

After thinking clearly about the stakes, Li Xi’s face instantly turned into the expression he had when he was constipated.

He shouted loudly: “The Li family is handling matters. Those who are not involved, quickly retreat!”

The light ray was dim. It seemed that it was at most the strength of a Golden Core stage cultivator, so Li Xi had the confidence to berate him.

However, Li Xi had just finished berating him, as if to respond to him, but the other party flew towards him at an even faster speed.

“You don’t know how to appreciate favors!”

Li Xi was so angry that smoke was coming out of his seven apertures.

There were so many people watching behind him, how could he let a low-level cultivator who came from G.o.d knows where brush his face?

Li Xi shouted at the Sect Master of the Grand Moon Sect:

“Quick, quick, my Young Master will be here soon, we can’t let that person disturb my Young Master’s mood!”

The Sect Master of the Grand Moon Sect said:

“That’s not very good. What if that person is a guest of the Grand Moon Sect?”

The Sect Master of the Grand Moon Sect had tolerated Li Xi for a long time. It was rare for him to find an opportunity to add insult to injury, so he seized this opportunity to ruthlessly disgust the other party.

“You! I’ll settle the score with you later.”

Li Xi didn’t have time to waste with the Sect Master of the Grand Moon Sect.

Li Xi saw that the Sect Master of the Grand Moon Sect didn’t have the intention to go up and drive away that cultivator, so he went up personally.

“Forget it, I’ll do it myself to drive away the flies for Young Master.”

After saying that, Li Xi quickly took out his dharma treasure.

His dharma treasure was a broadsword.

That broadsword was also very imposing. When he took out his hand, it expanded to a few feet long, like a huge iron gate.

Li Xi used all the mana in his body and controlled the flying sword to fly fiercely toward the escape light.


Following the sound of a kitchen knife slapping meat, the cultivator riding on the light couldn’t dodge in time. Under everyone’s watchful eyes, he was directly swatted to the ground like a fly.

If it wasn’t for the robust physique of the cultivator, he would have been directly smashed into a pile of mud.

“Tsk, tsk, as expected of a cultivator of the Li family. His attacks are domineering, ruthless, and decisive. I admire him.”

“Yeah, that person is too miserable. He actually provoked a cultivator of the Li family.”

Countless disciples of the Grand Moon Sect were in an uproar, and soon they were all shocked.

Perhaps one day, they would end up like the person under the sword.

Although that cultivator was a bit blind, he was too miserable.

He didn’t deserve this.

w.a.n.g Yuyan, who witnessed this scene, couldn’t help but frown and ask, “Master, who is this person? How could he not leave anyone alive?”

Venerable Zhu Zhao was silent.

Due to Li Xi’s status, he did not dare to speak recklessly.

At this moment, Li Xi was cheering in his heart for his handsome acting.

He had done this for the Young Master’s face. If the Young Master knew, he would definitely reward him.

But at this moment, a heart-wrenching scream suddenly sounded in the arena.

“Li Xi, you dog slave, how dare you treat me like this?”

Li Xi was stunned when he heard that.

‘Ha, how dare you scold me?’

No, from the tone, it sounded like the Young Master of the Li family.

Suddenly, a figure covered in dirt and dirt jumped up from the ground.

His face, which was covered in scorched marks, was contorted with shame and anger. His eyes were full of anger as he stared at Li Xi.

Li Xi had a look of disbelief on his face. After a while, he recognized him.

He cried out in shock:

“Young Master! How could it be you! I… where is our Li family’s flying boat? There are other people. Why, why are you the only one who came back?”

Li Li looked as if he was drunk. He rushed over unsteadily and raised his face to give Li Xi a slap.

However, his hand was extremely weak as he cursed:

“Trash, you can’t even recognize me, yet you still dare to attack me. You’re simply tired of living…”

Before Li Li could finish reprimanding him, a loud voice drowned out his reprimand.

“The entire Grand Moon Sect welcomes the Young Master of the Li family!”

The Grand Moon Sect Master waved his hand. When the Grand Moon Sect disciples who were still watching the show heard this voice and saw the Sect Master making a hand gesture, they all understood what he meant.

“Welcome the Young Master of the Li family!”

“Welcome the Young Master of the Li family!”

“Welcome the Young Master of the Li family!”

The loud and orderly welcome went on for a long time, resounding through the clouds and resonating with the echo coming from afar.

However, all the disciples of the Grand Moon Sect were dumbstruck.

The abject cultivator in front of them who was dressed in ragged clothes, with bruises all over his face, and looked like a beggar who was slapped down from the sky by his subordinates with a sword was a distinguished guest welcomed by the entire Grand Moon Sect?

What was so important about him?

A favored son of the Heavens, a prodigy?

What a joke!

If this was a prodigy, then wouldn’t everyone in the Grand Moon Sect be a peerless mighty figure?

All the Grand Moon Sect disciples were filled with doubt, and at the same time, they despised the Young Master of the Li family who was dressed in rags in front of them.

Li Li, the Young Master of the Li family who was surrounded by countless strange gazes, his face alternated between green and white, and his expression was very interesting.

Just as he wished he could find a hole in the ground to hide, Li Li saw the figure that he had been longing for.

However, he only saw w.a.n.g Yuyan calmly withdraw her gaze.

A low voice sounded very clearly in Li Li’s ears:

“A clown, nothing more. What a waste of time.”

At this moment, Li Li had a feeling that the sky was falling.

He wanted to commit suicide.

At this moment, the world in front of Li Li completely darkened, and he almost wanted to commit suicide.

He turned his head and glared angrily at a certain someone who was shrinking and retreating. He let out an angry roar that didn’t sound like a human, “Li Xi!”

Somewhere, the Sect Master of Grand Moon Sect let out a long breath. He felt that all the resentment in his chest had disappeared.

His smile was very bright as he turned his head and instructed, “All of you can leave. You can rest now.”

After saying that, he stretched his back and sighed from the bottom of his heart. “This greeting really made me feel at ease. It can even compare to becoming an Immortal on the spot!”

Zhu Zhao also let out a sigh of relief.

Li Li was only so-so.

It seemed that the Li family only relied on luck to grow up and did not reach the stage of success.


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