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Chapter 917: Life of Zuixiang

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

At the top of the ma.s.sive, translucent tree at the Opposite Sh.o.r.e Realm.

A woman sat on a tree branch with her flowing, black hair spilling down to her slender waist like an inky-black waterfall.

Her disposition was as soft and gentle as the moon, and she supported her chin on one hand as she held a newspaper in the other. Her eyes lingered on the image on the newspaper, and her intricate brows furrowed with a hint of distress and exasperation.

There was a bold caption on the newspaper:

[Shock! A man did something like this to the daughter of the Pill Sage following the Rookie Pill Refinement Compet.i.tion!]

This was, of course, referring to An Lin’s feats at Pill City. Not only had he won the champions.h.i.+p t.i.tle, but he had also used a bet to set up a relations.h.i.+p between his own disciple and the daughter of the Pill Sage, f.a.n.n.y! And he succeeded!

The woman then pulled out another newspaper with another ma.s.sive headline:

[Shock! On the sect leader inauguration ceremony of the Xuan Qing Sect, a man stomped the new sect leader to the ground and did this to his w.i.l.l.y!]

Of course, the protagonist of this story was also An Lin. This article detailed how he razed the Xuan Qing Sect to the ground through his own power. This was quite a huge story even across the entire continent and was quickly making its rounds.

“Moonlit Night… You really are an idiot…

“Don’t even think about making An Lin use his mystic technique now. You probably can’t even do anything to him before he uses his mystic technique…”

The woman’s voice sounded with a hint of self-pity and resentment.

The Xuan Qing Sect event of the Bai Hua State sent a wave of shock running throughout the entire Kingdom of the Nine States.

Many people were against An Lin’s violent ways. However, the topic of their discussion was the two deceased sect leaders. Never would they have thought that a fairly renowned sect of justice in the Kingdom of the Nine States would give rise to such putrid sect leaders.

Both of these sect leaders were exceptional Oscar-winning level actors.

The young one played the role of a hypocrite to perfection, only to have the old sect leader outdo him in a spectacular display in the same acting role!

If An Lin did not forcefully reveal the truth to the world, everyone would still be in the dark.

Following this event, a domino effect ensued as more and more events came to light.

For example, there were many stories about how Duan Yong had raped many beautiful female cultivators across the lands as well as how he and the elders had bullied smaller sects into handing over resources. There were plenty of other putrid stories…

All of these victims were too scared to speak up as the Xuan Qing Sect was too powerful. But now that they had the backing of the Four Nine Immortal Sect, more and more people emerged to accuse the sect of a host of different things.

There was an elder with a strange fetish who would go to the other sects and do unimaginable things to the spirit beasts there. The cruelty and ghastliness of his methods were scarcely believable.

After this event came to light, countless spirit beast activists instantly exploded and took up arms in an operation to raze the Xuan Qing Sect to the ground…

One event after another came to light.

The Xuan Qing Sect had suddenly become public enemy number one, and even though most of the sect disciples and elders were innocent, they were still generalized as an evil bunch, and the whole sect was facing disbandment.

Not only that, in the aftermath of this event, many self-proclaimed sects of justice were also exposed. Some brave cultivators stepped forward to request help from all the powerful sects to uphold justice.

What An Lin had done had sparked a revolution of sorts, in which everyone became determined to stamp out all evil within this world.

This world was one where the weak suffered and the strong thrived, after all, and there were still countless heinous crimes that had yet to come to light. An Lin had stumbled upon one of them and triggered a chain reaction that brought many many more of these events to light.

Many cultivators saw hope and immediately clambered to tell their stories.

“An Lin, there are many cultivators coming to our Four Nine Immortal Sect, requesting for us to uphold justice for them,” Liu Qianhuan said to An Lin over the voice transmission talisman.

“Then send disciples to verify their claims. If there’s concrete evidence, then f*ck them up no matter what sect it is!” An Lin’s reply was extremely straightforward.

The Four Nine Immortal Sect wasn’t some justice-upholding sect.

But An Lin wanted to continue in this.

He wanted to create a sect that would be a beacon of hope to all those helpless people in the darkness. He wanted to provide a place where they could go to when they were in despair and ready to give up on this world.

He wanted to let them that they were not alone in this world!

On a small, scenic mountain.

The light of the sun shone down upon the earth, bathing the ground in the radiant and enchanting glow.

A colorful b.u.t.terfly fluttered through the air, over a lush lawn, before flying over to the other side of the mountain, where it was attracted by the scent of flowers and landed on a small white flower.

Footsteps sounded, gradually drawing closer.

Surprisingly, the colorful b.u.t.terfly was not scared off by the intruder. Instead, it flew into the air and began to flutter around the man, as if it was welcoming a guest.

An Lin walked alone past a lush lawn before arriving at a small grave.

He looked at the beautiful flowers growing around the grave, and a small smile appeared on his face.

At this moment, a colorful b.u.t.terfly suddenly flew into the air.

It fluttered its beautiful wings under the sun in a bewitching display.

An Lin smiled and waved at the beautiful b.u.t.terfly.

He then turned his eyes toward the small grave.

“Sorry, Kong Zuixiang, I looked through your diary.

“But I’m sure a kindhearted person like you wouldn’t mind, right?”

He slowly sat down, and a photographic crystal appeared before the grave, broadcasting the footage from his trip to the Xuan Qing Sect.

From Duan Yong’s dismemberment to his admission of his crimes before everyone, and finally, to his soul being incinerated into dust.

Everything was broadcasted by An Lin.

After the image disappeared, the small mountain fell silent again.

An Lin sat silently for a long time before pulling out a dish from his storage ring.

He took the lid off, and a revered light erupted as a phenomenon appeared between heaven and earth.

This was a paradise where two innocent little girls grew up without a care in the world. The four seasons cycled one after the other, creating a marvelous spectacle to behold.

The two little girls let loose peals of tender laughter. They grew up to be gorgeous beauties, but time continued to pa.s.s by, and in the end, the two of them left this world in each other’s arms as two smiling old women.

Everything was so simple but so pure and wholesome.

It was as simple as a blank piece of paper, but it was just as simple as the happiness Kong Zuixiang was pursuing.

The revered light slowly dissipated, and an alluring scent wafted throughout the entire mountain.

“I call this dish the Life of Zuixiang. You’re such a foodie, so you must be ecstatic to be able to eat something so delicious, right?”

An Lin continued with a smile, “This dish is for you. There’s no need to hold yourself back!”

The only response to his words was a light breeze, which swayed the vibrant flowers growing around the grave.

An Lin placed the book with no t.i.tle in front of the grave before unleas.h.i.+ng a ball of flames to incinerate it. This diary was a record of Kong Zuixiang’s life. It was the proof of her existence in this world.

But An Lin felt like Kong Zuixiang would still need to use this diary in the other world, so he burned it for her.1

The pages were slowly incinerated as sparks danced in the air.

The wind on the mountain picked up and flicked open the diary, revealing page upon page of elegant text, as if it were telling a story.

In the end, the book stopped at the final entry.

This was an entry written in a different style of handwriting.

[Tai Chu Epoch Year 10576, 5th month, 16th day.

[Your friend, An Lin, has exacted revenge for you.

[I hope you live a happy life on the other side.

[Farewell, Kong Zuixiang.]

The end.


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