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Chapter 843: The Final Compet.i.tion

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

f.a.n.n.y had been scared sh*tless, as had all the other compet.i.tors.

As all of them stared at the holy flames in their hands, their bodies trembled uncontrollably.

The more proficient one was at pill refinement, the more they were able to appreciate the value of flames.

Holy flames like these were G.o.d-like existences to them!

“You, you…” Grey’s legs almost gave out from under him.

An Lin’s relentless flexing was sending him slowly toward a cardiac arrest.

Even all the elders stood up as they stared at the holy flames in An Lin and Xu Xiaolan’s hands with scorching light in their eyes.

“Those flames are imbued with the power of pure yang… Those are holy flames! Those really are holy flames!” the white flaming humanoid elder exclaimed in shock.

“I had always thought that they were unrefined diamonds, but they’re actually the most dazzling jewels! I have nothing to teach them…” The four-armed ape shook its head and lamented.

“Only the Pill Sage has the right to instruct such exceptional prodigies.” The twisted, crimson spider sighed.

If this were just an outstanding student, the elders would try and jostle for the position of Master.

However, none of them dared to take students who had infinite potential and were probably going to outstrip them all in pill refinement mastery in a very short time. They had that much self-knowledge at the very least.

The emergence of the holy flames created a ma.s.sive stir throughout the entire dao plaza.

All the living beings gathered were dumbstruck. What followed was another wave of heated discussion. The compet.i.tion hadn’t even begun, but Xu Xiaolan and An Lin had already completely stolen the limelight.

To all the spectators present, they were the flowers, while everyone else was just the accompanying green gra.s.s.

f.a.n.n.y’s body trembled uncontrollably. She couldn’t accept such humiliation!

This pill refinement compet.i.tion was her first opportunity to take the stage and announce herself to the world following her graduation. Her father had even prepared the intermediate-rank immortal tool, the Nine Spirit Cauldron, in advance as a present for her.

This was a compet.i.tion that she had in the bag… But why did these two suddenly pop up?!

“Don’t celebrate too soon! We’ll see who gets the last laugh!” f.a.n.n.y calmed her surging emotions before focusing on her pill refinement.

That’s right, so what if their flames crushed everyone else’s? As long as she crushed them in the pill refinement technique, there was no reason why she couldn’t beat them!

She did not look at the two of them any longer. Instead, she turned to look at her own pill refinement cauldron. She waved a hand through the air, and flames erupted forth as she tossed her medicinal ingredients into the cauldron.

An Lin and Xu Xiaolan also wasted no time and began their respective pill refinements.

There was no need for more words. They knew that they would be the champion as long as they beat f.a.n.n.y. As for whether An Lin or Xu Xiaolan became the champion, was there a difference?

An Lin stroked his chin with a thoughtful expression.

f.a.n.n.y didn’t use her Divine Flames in the previous round of the compet.i.tion, and yet she still managed to secure third place. This time, there was a very good chance that she would refine a spirit pill at the pinnacle of fourth-grade or even at the third-grade.

If he wanted to beat f.a.n.n.y, then he should refine…

A first-grade spirit pill!

That’s right, he wanted to completely crush f.a.n.n.y!

He didn’t want to play it safe, only to have f.a.n.n.y come from behind and beat him. He was going to give her no chance at all!

That would be true despair.

The white vermilion bird flashed past An Lin’s eyes. Pill refinement techniques and skills began to fuse into his body, as if he had just installed a hack.

Is it feasible? An Lin asked in his mind.

The vermilion bird’s consciousness replied, “It is, but after the event, your energy will be completely depleted, and your consciousness will also be severely diminished, so you’ll require some time to recuperate.”

An Lin looked at f.a.n.n.y, who was busy with her own pill refinement, and he gritted his teeth in determination. He was going to give it his all for his disciple’s happiness!


The Holy Vermilion Flame appeared in his pill refinement cauldron.

Higher-level flames would give him more of an advantage when refining higher grade pills.

An Lin’s hands flew through the air, and each and every one of his actions was extremely precise, yet graceful, thus entrancing all the onlookers present.

Many of the spectators weren’t actually pill refinement experts, but they could tell that he was an extraordinary pill refinement master just from his smooth, ch.o.r.eographed movements! All the experts present, such as Meimei and the ten Pill Tower elders, were all completely entranced, as if they were surveying an exquisite work of art.

It was too perfect, it was too beautiful!

It could be said that An Lin attracted the attention of over half of the spectators, the rest of which had their eyes fixed on Xu Xiaolan and f.a.n.n.y. As for Julia and Ban Yue…

Are you kidding me? They can get f*cked!

Even Grey was staring intently at An Lin with an anxious expression.

He recalled back to when he flexed to An Lin, he had felt that An Lin’s response was also a flex. Something about “the strong don’t understand the world of the weak”, what a joke! But now… It looked like he was flexing; An Lin had been telling the truth the entire time!

Atop the Pill Tower, the golden figure stood and stared down at the figure below as its expression s.h.i.+fted drastically.

“That’s strange. Just what level pill refinement master is An Lin?

“He possesses many qualities that suggest he is only at the Flame Mastery Stage, but his flame control and refinement technique are extremely advanced, and it looks like he has been restricted somehow, thereby preventing him from performing to the extent of his abilities…

“How unfathomable… The rumors about the sect leader of the Four Nine Immortal Sect sure aren’t exaggerations!”

The compet.i.tion on the dao plaza had reached a climax.

Five different flames lit up the entire night sky.

Julia and Ban Yue were both pill refinement masters at the pinnacle of the Spirit Gathering Stage, and both of them chose to try and refine third-grade spirit pills! After all, refining a fourth-grade spirit pill was not going to make them the champion, but since there was no punishment for losing, they might as well shoot for the moon!

And then, both their pills exploded.



Energy exploded, and the essence from their ingredients were reduced to ashes.

Expressions of pain and disappointment appeared on their faces.

Anyone would be disappointed after having so much of their effort go to waste.

Julia and Ban Yue both heaved heavy sighs. They really were inferior to those three freaks. Perhaps this was the reality all along…

When the two of them turned toward the other three compet.i.tors, they were both given a ma.s.sive fright, and expressions of incredulity appeared on their faces.

“It’s all fake… This can’t be real! How could they…” Ban Yue was completely shocked.

Julia drew a sharp intake of breath. “They’re all…”

“Refining first-grade spirit pills?!”

That’s right, not only was An Lin refining a first-grade spirit pill…

Even Xu Xiaolan and f.a.n.n.y were also refining first-grade spirit pills!

An Lin was truly under pressure this time.

f.a.n.n.y was even more ambitious than he had thought she would be.

Terrifying energy fluctuations erupted from f.a.n.n.y’s body as Golden Soul Crystal Flames engulfed her entire body, allowing her to become one with her flames to maximize her control of the flames!

This was the signature mystical technique of the Pill Sage, Body Refinement Flame Technique!

This technique burned away the user’s energy at an alarming rate in order to combine the user and their flames for a period of time, thereby allowing the user to become one with their flames!

At that moment, f.a.n.n.y was the Golden Soul Crystal Flame and the Golden Soul Crystal Flame was her.

Golden flames burned around f.a.n.n.y’s entire body, as if they were countless golden crystals s.h.i.+mmering in the night in a magnificent display, making her appear as if she were a dazzling flame queen descending upon this world.

“An Lin… I’m not losing to you this time.

“No one is taking the champions.h.i.+p t.i.tle away from me!”


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