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Chapter 722: The Phoenix Egg Crisis

An Lin experienced the pain of being torn apart for the first time. This was an excruciating pain that permeated throughout his entire body.

A black saber exited his body from the left side of his chest, having broken through his near-indestructible divine body!

Thankfully Bai Ling’s warning allowed him to react just in time. Otherwise, his heart would have been punctured by that attack.

The enemy had not unleashed a sneak attack from behind. Instead, this was a direct frontal attack.

Even so, An Lin still found it extremely difficult to detect the trajectory of the attack and was caught off guard.

“Wah, wah, wah…”

This was a huge baby with a sinister smile on its face and was about half the size of a grown man. Its skin was deathly pale, with a pair of pitch-black holes for eyes, a red undergarment over its body, and a pair of fleshy wings.

Its sinister smile appeared especially eerie and malicious under the glow of the green light.

Within its hand was a sharp, pitch-black spear, the other end of which was planted in An Lin’s body.

“Big Brother An, woof!” Da Bai roared with rage upon seeing An Lin being injured, and he slashed his claws through the air to send a sharp blue claw projection hurtling toward the huge baby.


The huge baby pulled out the spear, upon which a fountain of blood gushed forth before it dodged to the side to easily evade Da Bai’s attack.

In the next instant, Dong Guo slashed a peerlessly powerful sword projection through the air while aiming directly for the huge baby’s head. Not only was the power imbued in his attack extremely fearsome, but its speed was also a spectacle to behold.

The huge baby’s movements were also unfathomably fast, and it pressed its arms down as its spear swept through the air, leaving a series of black afterimages in its wake. This was just a simple strike, but the attack was imbued with the true intent of the great dao, and it was able to easily reduce Dong Guo’s sword projection into particles of light.

Dong Guo was a little befuddled. Why was it that all of his most powerful attacks were able to be so easily countered by his opponents. It was as if his Return to Void Stage cultivation base were fake…

An Lin had been wounded by the first spear strike, and his Evergreen Technique immediately activated of its own accord to regenerate his injury.

However, he didn’t have time to wait until he was fully recovered. He quickly pulled out his Evil-Slaying Sword to join the battle.

However, an indescribably powerful gravitational force suddenly acted upon his body, causing his bones to creak from the excessive strain!

What’s going on?

An Lin’s heart jolted in shock as his movements faltered.

He was just about to unleash his Origin Energy of the Netherworld when a series of metallic green chains bound his body tightly, which included all four of his limbs.

“It was you, Gundam?” An Lin turned with incredulity toward the silver Gundam behind him.

The silver Gundam unleashed gravitational manipulation powers with one hand as it held chains imbued with an extremely powerful sealing force with the other.

“Let Big Brother An go, woof!”

Da Bai charged toward the silver Gundam, only for the Gundam to open its mouth to unleash a powerful blast of air toward Da Bai. The blast of air immediately knocked him to the ground as blood gushed from his mouth.

Dong Guo almost p.i.s.sed himself from fear, and he retreated back to An Lin’s side without hesitation.

The sudden turn of events had plunged all three of them into dire straits.

None of them had expected that the silver Gundam would suddenly betray them.

Dong Guo let loose a torrent of abuse. “F*ck! Is this mechanical puppet r.e.t.a.r.ded? First, it wanted to kill us, then it wanted to save us, and now it’s trying to screw us over! What the f*ck is wrong with it?!”

“Perhaps it wasn’t trying to save us in the first place, but instead, it wanted to lure us here,” An Lin gritted his teeth as he spoke.

He unleashed all his strength to try and struggle free from the chains, but the chains did not budge in the slightest. It was as if they were indestructible.

Clap clap clap…

At this moment, the crisp sound of clapping suddenly erupted.

“That’s right. The first time this Purple Star mechanical bloodline contraption fought you was just a prank. As for why it helped you after that, it was all to chase away those pesky flies…”

A woman who was the epitome of perfection made her way slowly toward An Lin.

Her long, black hair danced behind her, and her beautiful, dark eyes exuded a peculiar charm. A faint smile lingered on her flawless features in a perfect combination of the might and prestige of a queen and the cheekiness of a little girl.

“In any case, everything I did was to get you to this point. After all, I am the true master of everything here!”

The woman made her way toward An Lin with a faint smile as she placed a finger under An Lin’s chin. “Long time no see, An Lin.”

An Lin took a deep breath. “Black… Black Spirit Snake? What are you doing here?”

That’s right, the woman standing before him was the exquisitely beautiful Black Spirit Snake, whom he had met once on Earth.

At that time, they were discussing the childish question of how to maintain world peace. What was she doing now as the main antagonist of this world?!

“What am I doing here?” Black Spirit Snake chuckled and said, “This world is my mansion. Can’t I come here for a holiday?”

An Lin: “…”

What the f*ck kind of mansion was this? Whose mansion consisted of an entire world?!

Oh… Tina’s mansion was indeed an entire world…

“Then why have you abducted me? I don’t recall there being a vendetta between the two of us,” An Lin said with a resigned expression.

“Hehe, I have nothing against you.” Black Spirit Snake chuckled before turning her eyes on the box on An Lin’s back. “But that phoenix egg… belongs to Her Majesty. Many thanks for bringing it here. You’ve saved me the trouble looking for it.”

An Lin’s body trembled upon hearing this. So this phoenix egg was what she was after?

That made sense though. If this world was her mansion, then she would obviously be aware of the fact that a phoenix had appeared in the Realm of the Fallen Phoenix.

It looked like this Black Spirit Snake really was a bad*ss character!

No wonder the Heavenly Court didn’t send anyone to fight for the egg. Was it because there wasn’t much chance of them actually being able to keep the egg, so they abandoned all hopes of securing it in the first place?

“Then I’ll be taking this. As for everything after that, I wish you luck, hehehe…” A pure smile appeared on Black Spirit Snake’s face as her hand slowly reached around to the box on An Lin’s back.

It was over. He was going to lose the egg…

Not only that, but how was he going to defend himself against that weird baby and the Gundam?

An expression of despair appeared on An Lin’s face.

Dong Guo had been completely restricted by the Gundam and the giant baby, so he couldn’t do anything.


A bolt of white lightning pierced through the air before puncturing Black Spirit Snake’s head at a phenomenal speed.

Black Spirit Snake’s eyes widened as she turned toward Bai Ling with incredulity on her face. “You would sacrifice your control for this man?”

Bai Ling harrumphed coldly as her body swayed and her features paled.

She paused for a moment before a faint smile appeared on her face. “I think anything that can thwart your plans is worth doing. I won’t allow a mere clone to be so rude and unbridled here!”

As countless bolts of lightning fell, Black Spirit Snake’s body imploded into a cloud of black mist before disappearing from heaven and earth.

Bai Ling then turned to An Lin as a white line imbued with peerless sharpness sliced through heaven and earth and severed the chains around An Lin’s body.

“Get out of here, An Lin!” Bai Ling yelled. The silver Gundam seemed to have been affected by some sort of electronic interference as its eyes dimmed, and it fell completely motionless.

Meanwhile, the giant baby seemed to have been provoked somehow as it flew toward Bai Ling in a frenzied rage before unleas.h.i.+ng a series of spear strikes against the blue barrier, making it tremor violently in the process.

Everything had happened in the blink of an eye.

Upon regaining freedom, An Lin looked at the scenes unfolding before him as he pulled out his Evil-Slaying Sword with a determined expression.


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