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Chapter 685: The Earth-Shattering Finger

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The red-robed man was none other than the Blood Tribe Return to Void Intermediate Stage mighty figure, Morton.

Morton’s concealment abilities were extremely powerful, and even Xiao Ze’s divine sense was unable to detect his presence after he subdued his aura. The sacrifice of the Blood Tribe army wasn’t really even a concern to him, especially when he considered the fact that he had managed to attract all the powerful Heavenly Court cultivators here.

Now, all he needed to do was to report the situation here to Emperor Yi Deng, and Emperor Yi Deng would either send powerful reinforcements or even come here himself to slaughter everyone who was gathered here!

“Hehehe… just you wait, your blood is all going to be mine!”

Morton chuckled coldly as he looked at the city in the distance, and he was just about to leave when he saw a figure beside him out of the corner of his eye.

This discovery was simply too abrupt and jarring, and his heart jolted in shock.

“Who are you?!” Morton instantly appeared over a hundred meters away as he stared at the figure that had just been standing beside him with a cautious expression.

He wasn’t an idiot, and he knew that this man who was able to appear beside him without any warning was definitely unfathomably powerful.

It was exactly because of this that he was considering retreat.

The youth in the brownish-yellow linen garments smiled lightly as he asked in a crisp yet frosty voice, “Were you the one responsible for the downfall of Cang Lan City?”

“It wasn’t me,” Morton answered with an honest expression, but cold sweat was already flowing from his palms.

“I already know the answer from your reply.” The youth made his way toward Morton as his expression turned cold, and the s.p.a.ce around them began to congeal as he said, “Did you know that a heavy price must be paid for killing Heavenly Court teachers and students? It would be ok if I hadn’t encountered something like this, but now that I have, I certainly can’t just sit by like an idle bystander.”

Morton was starting to panic a little. He felt like an extremely fearsome and ferocious beast was slowly making its way toward him while baring its sharp fangs.

This was not someone he could mess with; he had to run!

He wanted to tear a spatial rift in the air, only to find that the s.p.a.ce around him had already been sealed.

What a terrifying spatial sealing ability!

He was a Return to Void Intermediate Stage mighty figure; even a Return to Void Final Stage mighty figure would not have been able to seal the s.p.a.ce around him without any warning like this!

Morton immediately tried to flee into the distance!


His body had been immobilized by a mysterious sealing power…

“You… Who the h.e.l.l are you?!”

Morton stared with shock and horror at the delicate youth making his way toward him.

He was completely spooked. How could he not be terrified by an insanely powerful being who was even able to completely immobilize his body through spatial sealing?

“Why is a dead person asking so many questions?”

The youth walked toward Morton and heaved a light sigh at the sight of Morton’s body trembling from fear. “Sigh, I really didn’t want to waste energy, but you kept skipping around!”

Morton’s body completely stiffened like a statue.

His entire body had been sealed, and he wasn’t even able to speak now. However, he was roaring with horror in his heart!

The youth extended a finger toward Morton, and his crisp voice sounded again.

“I will try my best to control the power. Finger of the Heavenly Dao at 0.001% power.”

Heaven and earth suddenly fell silent as an indescribable sense of terror gripped Morton’s body. The youth’s finger seemed to be imbued with the might of the Heavenly Dao as it expanded in his field of vision.

Morton’s eyes widened in horror as a certain liquid trickled from his lower body.

How could this be? How could a single finger be so monstrous?

This had to be an illusion! It was just a trick to scare him!

He roared internally with all his might to try and dispel the overwhelming fear in his heart, but the fear only continued to exacerbate.

Heaven and earth began to collapse, and within a vast expanse of chaos, the youth’s finger became the only thing left in this world!

The youth’s finger finally fell, and heaven and earth was colored gold in that instant…

Within Qing Yu City, An Lin and the others were just discussing how to deal with Morton and many of the students and soldiers were cleaning up the city in the aftermath of the battle when both heaven and earth was suddenly overwhelmed by a golden light.

Everyone, including Xiao Ze and Tina, turned to stare in the direction the golden light was coming from, only to find that there seemed to be a sense of paramount might originating from that direction, which caused them to have an urge to bow and kneel!


The golden light parted the earth before extending to infinity and beyond.

Everyone stared blankly at the golden light that had seemingly sliced the world in half and forgot how to speak.

The golden light faded, and an abyssal gash was revealed on the ground below.

“Big Brother An… why does this power feel so familiar? Woof!” Da Bai muttered with his eyes wide open.

An Lin took a deep breath. “It’s not just familiar; that was the Finger of The Heavenly Dao!”

This familiar power that he had used in the past was already ingrained deeply into his memory, and there was no way he could forget it!

Even the system’s evaluation of the spell technique was extremely bad*ss; reaching the initial success stage would allow the wielder to annihilate all things within this world, and the phenomenal success stage would allow one to pierce through s.p.a.ce, puncture time, and pulverize the great dao…

He had used the same technique a long time ago to scare w.a.n.g Xuanzhan sh*tless.

But he also self-detonated as a result!

The system had once told him that he didn’t have the jurisdictive power to use the Finger of the Heavenly Dao, and it was exactly because of this that he wouldn’t attempt to use such a suicidal technique unless he actually wanted to die.

But now, there was someone using this technique right under his nose! How could he not be shocked?

“Let’s go have a look!” An Lin immediately made up his mind.

However, he didn’t have a chance to set off because a youth in brownish-yellow linen garments suddenly appeared before him. The youth then extended a greeting with a smile on his face. “Junior Student An Lin, long time no see!”

Everyone was instantly rooted to the spot as they stared blankly at the youth that had suddenly appeared before them.

“That… that’s Morton’s head!”

Jin Hu exclaimed in shock as he noticed the slightly charred human head the youth was carrying in his hand.

“Oh, I’ve heard of him. He destroyed Cang Lan City and killed many of our school’s teachers and students, so I killed him,” the youth said nonchalantly before placing Morton’s head on the ground. “His head is pretty solid though. His body has already been reduced to dust, but his head is still intact.”

Everyone: “…”

“Chen… Senior Student Chen Chen, what are you doing here?” An Lin finally asked after taking a deep breath.

That’s right, the linen-garbed youth before him was Chen Chen, who had once cultivated at the Heavenly Court! He was also the person from whom An Lin had obtained the Finger of the Heavenly Dao from!

Senior student?


All the Heavenly Court executive department members heaved a collective sharp intake of breath.

“Are all the students from our school this horrifying nowadays?” Chen Yu was unable to keep calm anymore.

Xu Xiaolan and all the other students were also in complete disbelief. They had all seen Chen Chen during the free-for-all battles, and Xu Xiaolan had even attacked Chen Chen once.

However, this student who never fought and was labeled as a coward by countless people had just insta-killed a Blood Tribe Return to Void Intermediate Stage mighty figure right before their eyes!

His strength had completely turned their image of him upside-down!

Even An Lin had been won over by his strength.

He had thought that he was a master of using hacks, but it looked like Chen Chen was even more proficient at using hacks than he was.

Not only was Chen Chen able to detect Morton’s presence, but he was also even able to kill Morton with a single finger. And from his expression, it looked like the whole thing was not any more difficult to him than eating and drinking. This… this was absolutely insane!

A smile appeared on Chen Chen’s face. “What am I doing here? I’m here to look for you!”


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