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Chapter 553: Battling the Black Dragon

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

When An Lin descended upon the island, he was surprised to see all the colorful fluorescent plants. He then immediately whipped out his phone to take a commemorative photo.

“The dragon’s habitat is just ahead, and it’s guarding a white cave. I’m quite sensitive to energy fluctuations, so I can detect the energy fluctuations of the Realm Essence Crystals from the cave,” Mi Ya said as she pointed to a white spot in the distance.

“Oh, so that’s the black dragon? It looks pretty strong.” An Lin nodded as he detected the vital energy violently surging around the gargantuan dragon.

Mi Ya nodded. “I don’t know whether it has had a cultivation base restriction placed upon it, but it is currently at the pinnacle of the Return to Void Intermediate Stage. Its dragon bloodline further enhances its power, and even most Return to Void Intermediate Stage mighty figures will find it difficult to survive in a battle against it. If you really want to defeat this black dragon, I can a.s.sist you by using a spell formation to trap it.”

An Lin wasn’t really all that scared of the black dragon. As long as it was a proper life form and not some wandering soul again, its cultivation base would definitely be below Return to Void Final Stage. Otherwise, it would suffer a backlash from the laws of this world. Seeing as the dragon was only at the pinnacle of the Return to Void Intermediate Stage, An Lin’s personal army of two Return to Void Initial Stage and two Return to Void Intermediate Stage cultivators certainly wasn’t going to be scared of it!

“Let’s go and show it the might of our team!” An Lin said while smiling.

Five figures flew through the air at an alarming speed toward the black dragon.

The black dragon stirred slightly upon detecting the five auras flying toward itself. Its black scales began to ripple like water as a cold light emanated from its crimson eyes.

“Hehe… who would have thought there would still be people so eager to die that they would provoke me, the mighty Xiao Ze.” A scornful smile appeared on the black dragon’s face as it opened its cavernous mouth.


An earth-shattering dragon roar instantly burst forth, which was audible from even over ten kilometers away. The resulting monstrous sound waves swept outward in all directions like huge waves, pulverizing the ground and shoveling surrounding plants into the air as the s.p.a.ce itself began to compress and tremor.

The three Blood Tribe cultivators leading the charge were completely unfazed as Ca.s.sidy unleashed the first attack. She slashed a crimson sword projection through the air, which dispelled the monstrous sound waves. Tobias leaped through the incision in the sound waves to appear before the black dragon in the blink of an eye. A sinister ghoul face appeared on each of his gloves as he threw a heavy punch into the black dragon’s head!

His fist tore through the air before cras.h.i.+ng into the black dragon’s head with tremendous force, causing the ground below to tremor violently.

The black dragon’s gargantuan head was bashed into the ground by the monstrous power behind Tobias’ fist.

Right at this moment, a blood demon projection over ten thousand feet tall had already materialized.

Merlin manipulated the blood demon projection to rain down punch after punch upon the body of the black dragon. Each of the projection’s attacks was imbued with monstrous force, and the black dragon was soon almost completely submerged in the ma.s.sive crater that had appeared beneath its body.

Mi Ya stood off to the side in preparation to unleash a spell formation that could ensnare the dragon, but she fell into a daze upon seeing the exemplary teamwork displayed by the three Blood Tribe cultivators. Such a fearsome combination attack was practically invincible against any cultivator under Return to Void Final Stage.

Dao Ye was also observing the battle from nearby, and his face was pale. If that combination attack had been aimed at him instead, he would probably be nothing more than a cold, dead corpse by now…

He looked up, both in shock and horror, at An Lin, who was spectating the battle from above while standing on his black brick. Just how unfathomable powerful would he have to be to command such a frightening army?!

“Howl!” The black dragon finally realized that his opponents were not the small fry that he was used to, and he let loose an enraged roar. Dark clouds immediately obscured the sky overhead.

A huge bolt of black lighting over a hundred feet in diameter tore through the air before instantly piercing through the blood demon projection’s head.

All the soul warriors seemed to be extremely fearful of the monstrous bolt of lightning. After the blood demon projection was struck, countless soul warriors were also blasted into nothingness, and all the remaining soul warriors fled in different directions while the blood demon projection began to show signs of crumbling.

The black dragon twisted its body as it whipped its tail toward Tobias, leaving a series of afterimages in its wake with its alarming speed.

Tobias’ heart trembled as he immediately aimed both his fists at the dragon’s tail.


The collision between fists and tail made the entire heaven and earth fall silent for a split second, and immediately following which was an extremely violent explosion of energy that pulverized everything within a radius of close to ten kilometers!

Dao Ye’s heart jolted in shock as he stumbled back in retreat to prevent himself from being swept by the shockwaves exploding forth from the battle. He had initially planned to lie in wait to strike when the time was right, but he was starting to consider retreat as the wiser option now.

In the end, Tobias was no match in a contest of brute strength against the black dragon, and his arms sustained severe injuries as his body flew through the air like a cannonball.

Right at this moment, a few dozen pillars of water soared into the air before forming a series of water ropes that instantly entangled themselves around the black dragon’s body.

Mi Ya recited a mantra in a foreign language as countless symbols appeared on the pillars of water, fortifying them to an extreme extent. The formidable restrictive power imbued within the pillars of water was even able to immobilize the ma.s.sive black dragon for a split second.

It was exactly during this split second that a mighty crimson sword projection descended upon the black dragon.

The sword projection parted the clouds in the sky, and as Ca.s.sidy’s sword fell, the entire heaven and earth was stained crimson.


The sword projection struck the neck of the black dragon before slicing its gargantuan body in half!

“Did we do it?” Mi Ya stared down at the dragon’s head with excitement on her face.

That sword projection was one that Ca.s.sidy had been charging for a long time, and it could be said that it was the most powerful technique she had unleashed up to this point in her life. The black dragon was unable to dodge or defend itself with any spell techniques, and on top of that, it had been struck on the neck, so even if it wasn’t dead, it should at least have been severely wounded.

The crimson light dissipated to reveal the black scales on the dragon’s body, which were completely unscathed.

Ca.s.sidy was dumbstruck and even Mi Ya was looking down at the black dragon with incredulity etched onto her face.

That last sword strike was extremely fearsome, to the extent that even a Return to Void Final Stage mighty figure would be injured if they were struck by it before formulating any defense. However, the black dragon was able to endure the attack without so much as a scratch on its gargantuan body!

“Are you shocked?” A taunting sneer appeared on the black dragon’s face as it said, “My defensive prowess is something I take great pride in, and it is exactly because of my impregnable defense that I was able to live for so long! Do you think you can defeat me with your pitiful attacks? Stop dreaming!”

Its body rotated at extreme speed as it spoke, creating a black tornado that vanquished the pillars of water.

Ca.s.sidy was just about to fly back in retreat when an extremely monstrous energy blast burst forth from the black dragon’s mouth before sweeping toward her body with devastating destructive force.

This was the full-power strike of the black dragon, and Ca.s.sidy had no chance of dodging it, so she could only grit her teeth and endure the attack head-on.


A white figure suddenly appeared before her as he extended a single hand in front of his body.

The black energy blast was suddenly absorbed by a peculiar ripple before bursting forth again, but this time, it was moving in the opposite direction. The black energy tore through the black tornado before striking the black dragon’s body, and the resulting explosion pulverized the ground below once again.

“Master…” Ca.s.sidy’s eyes widened as she stared at the figure standing before her, seemingly in a daze.

“Call me the Holy Leader!” An Lin commanded before turning to Tina, who was sitting on his shoulder, and patting her tiny little legs.

A white light flashed, and An Lin’s body disappeared.

The black dragon let loose an enraged roar upon being struck by its own attack.

Right at this moment, a white light flashed as An Lin appeared within a hundred meters away from the black dragon.

Golden-veined patterns began to appear on his forehead to form the image of a golden eye as ripples emanated forth before sweeping toward the black dragon.

Divine Plunder Technique!

Among the eighteen different types of spell techniques and abilities, An Lin plundered the black dragon’s ability of impenetrable defense!

The black dragon suddenly felt as if it had lost something in that moment, and its s.h.i.+ny metallic scales suddenly lost their l.u.s.ter…


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