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Chapter 2352: The Mighty Heavenly Life G.o.ddess

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

An Lin was furiously swinging his Evil-Slaying Sword and hacking at the woman before him.

The Heavenly Life G.o.ddess could rule over life and death, yet at this moment, she was unable to truly rule over An Lin’s life and death. Instead, she was being suppressed and pushed back by An Lin.

“Heavenly Life G.o.ddess, stop fleeing! You’ve almost lost all of your wings now, so isn’t it tiring to keep fleeing? Hurry up and exchange three hundred strikes with me!” An Lin continued to trash-talk the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess as he attacked her.

Generally speaking, Supreme Heavenly G.o.ds could all control their emotions extremely well. However, it was as if the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess had become a woman who was much more inclined to show the emotions of mortal women. She would often display emotions of delight, anger, grief, and joy. Thus, An Lin’s trash-talk was slightly useful against her.

Right now, the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess felt a strong urge to kill An Lin.

At this moment, however, a colossal projection of yin and yang suddenly shrouded heaven and earth and enveloped the entire White Nectar Sea. Even the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess was astounded by this profound power.

An Lin was delighted upon seeing this, and he exclaimed, “This is… the power of the Heavenly Lord of Dao and Virtue!”

An Lin was extremely familiar with this power, and it could be said that he would never forget it for as long as he lived. Thus, he recognized it the instant that it appeared.

Isn’t the Heavenly Lord of Dao and Virtue in Nuwa’s camp? Why is he suddenly helping us now?

An Lin didn’t understand, yet this didn’t stop him from feeling overjoyed.

The scales of victory were currently tipped toward him. This was a product of the current situation!

Sure enough, he saw the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess’ final pair of wings self-combusting before he could even sigh with emotion. The flickering flames illuminated her stunned and aggrieved expression.

“Why… why has another G.o.d of Creation Stage divine being appeared…”

The Heavenly Life G.o.ddess felt as aggrieved as could be. In fact, she was feeling so aggrieved and depressed that she couldn’t even feel the pain from her burning wings anymore.

An Lin and Tina naturally wouldn’t allow such a great opportunity to slip by. They immediately unleashed their full power to furiously pummel the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess.

It wasn’t long before the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess’ slender and beautiful body became covered in b.l.o.o.d.y and ghastly wounds.

“Heavenly Life G.o.ddess! Pull yourself together! We still haven’t lost yet!” the Heavenly Heaven G.o.d shouted in a frantic voice. His voice was imbued with a heavenly might, and it was powerful enough to awaken all beings.

However, it was as if the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess had been beaten into a recluse. She was devoid of any fighting spirit, and she was only blocking the attacks of An Lin and Tina by reflex.

“Heavenly Life G.o.ddess! It’s all the fault of An Lin! Everything is because of An Lin! Don’t you want to exact revenge? Kill him!” the Heavenly Sea G.o.d also screamed.

His words finally caused a glimmer of light to reappear in the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess’ dull eyes. She shuddered slightly, and she murmured, “That’s right… Even if my chance at victory is slim, it matters not if I lose. However, An Lin must die!”

An Lin: “???”

An Lin hadn’t imagined that Brother Sea would be so “caring” of him. In fact, he had even blamed everything on him right before his very face! He was completely trampling on their previous relations.h.i.+p as brothers!

More importantly, his tactic had worked!

The flames returned to the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess’ tangerine-colored eyes, and her aura underwent a complete transformation. A fatal aura of death surged forth, causing a cold chill to run down An Lin’s spine.

“Forget about it… How much of my essence will it consume…?” the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess said softly. She withdrew her jade hairpin that was placing An Lin and Tina under immense pressure before squeezing it in her hands.


As if she were squeezing too hard, fractures suddenly started to spread across the jade hairpin.


There was an explosive shattering sound.

The jade hairpin had been crushed into oblivion by the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess.

An Lin and Tina were stumped upon seeing this. What was the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess playing at? Was she using her weapon to vent her fury?

In the next instant, however, a thick red energy suddenly started to flow out from the jade hairpin.

At the same time, the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess’ green Divine Halo started to transform into a shade of crimson red. The power of death transformed into a red halo of light that instantly enveloped her entire domain.

After being aroused by some kind of top-notch mystic technique, the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess’ power rose to an even more petrifying level.

However, the Heavenly Sea G.o.d and the Heavenly Heaven G.o.d started to panic before An Lin and Tina.

“Heavenly Life G.o.ddess, stop what you’re doing! I told you to pull yourself together! Not furiously consume your essence and fight as if your life depends on it!” the Heavenly Heaven G.o.d roared in panic.

“I told you to target An Lin! Not use your life to kill him!” the Heavenly Sea G.o.d also shouted in panic. In fact, he even felt an urge to cry in desperation. “If you fight like this, how can we maintain our power to partic.i.p.ate in the ultimate deciding battle?

“Even if we manage to kill An Lin, what will we do after that? At that time, we will have lost our life essences, our True Forms of Dao, and everything else…”

The two Supreme Heavenly G.o.ds had wanted the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess to pull herself together. Unexpectedly, however, it seemed as if their words had ended up causing a negative effect instead.

Things were progressing in the most undesirable direction possible.

Of course, An Lin and Tina didn’t want to see this progression either…

It seemed as if the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess wanted to kill An Lin at all costs.

The woman in the floral dress stood in the center of the red halo of death.

White bones and mountains of corpses lay behind her. Eerie black b.u.t.terflies of destruction fluttered and danced around her. Crimson red chains were wrapped around her left arm. There was also a b.l.o.o.d.y spear in her right hand.

At this moment, it was as if she had become a G.o.ddess of Death. Her eyes were locked onto An Lin.

“Death!” the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess said as she made a grabbing motion at An Lin.


An Lin felt his heart thump in reply.

A peculiar and supreme nomological law pierced through his Five Elements Power and directly flowed into his heart and his life essence. His life force was then manipulated and rapidly extracted by some kind of mysterious power.

It was this power again! It was the power that the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess had used to absorb his vitality before!

Tina’s reaction was extremely quick, and she immediately swung her Divine Mirror World Sword, using a barrier that contained the might of the Divine Mirror World’s Heavenly Dao to envelop An Lin. She was using the power of her top-notch world to block the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess’ power of death. Tina was extremely familiar with this kind of technique.

“Don’t waste your energy. If you want to take Giant An Lin’s life, you have to first ask whether I agree or not!” Tina said with a cold expression.

The Heavenly Life G.o.ddess’ expression remained unchanging. However, the black b.u.t.terflies of destruction had already fluttered next to Tina at some unknown time. They sprinkled pitch-black power around her.

This powder then formed a unique domain that suppressed and blocked the small fairy’s power.

Tina’s reaction was extremely quick, and she immediately slashed at the b.u.t.terflies of destruction with her Divine Mirror World Sword.

However, the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess had already raised her b.l.o.o.d.y spear in preparation to attack. At this critical moment, she acted first to hurl the b.l.o.o.d.y spear at An Lin’s heart.

“Paramount Heavenly G.o.d Technique—Eternal Desolation!”

A streak of sanguine red sliced through the void, instantly slamming into the barrier that Tina had summoned around An Lin. The tip of the b.l.o.o.d.y spear was engraved with symbols of death, and each of these symbols was powerful enough to suppress and kill an extremely powerful being. Right now, there were hundreds of millions of these symbols on the tip of the b.l.o.o.d.y spear!

Upon striking the barrier, there wasn’t any explosion of divine light or energy. Instead, there was only darkness, death, and desolation. Like a pure particle of darkness, the spear easily pierced through Tina’s barrier.

An Lin was prepared for this, and he had already dashed aside the moment the b.l.o.o.d.y spear was thrown.

However, he hadn’t imagined that the b.l.o.o.d.y spear would lock onto him and also change paths according to his movements! Moreover, it did so without any delay at all!

It was as if the b.l.o.o.d.y spear were intricately tied together with him, and it was as if he couldn’t change his fate at all!


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