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Chapter 2243: Life and Hope

Every single being in the first region was sacrificed to feed the Damaged Sword of the Heavenly Dao.

In fact, some of the more reasonable beings had understood what was going on. The scenes of destruction as well as An Lin’s words had transformed into an indescribable power that encouraged them to resist.

“No, we can’t die just like this!”

“That’s right! Dying like this is completely meaningless!”

“Our culture and knowledge need to be pa.s.sed down!”

The fury and hot-blooded pa.s.sion of these powerful beings had been completely aroused.

As talented main drawcards, most of them already possessed a powerful cultivation base at the Dao Integration Stage. They started to transform into streaks of light that soared out from the gaping hole that the Heavenly Light G.o.ddess had smashed in the light barrier. They soared out from the Holy Land before unleas.h.i.+ng torrents of earth-shattering spell techniques at the Heavenly Light G.o.ddess!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Deafening explosions reverberated through the sky!


“We don’t need you to decide our future!”

The powerful main drawcards furiously attacked the Heavenly Light G.o.ddess’ protective light barrier.

An Lin was extremely moved upon seeing this.

The attacks of one or two Dao Integration Stage cultivators would be useless. But what about the attacks of several dozen Dao Integration Stage cultivators? If they coordinated their attacks with An Lin’s attacks, they could double the rate of destruction of the Heavenly Light G.o.ddess’ protective light barrier!

At this moment, the five G.o.d of Creation Stage divine beings also started to attack the light barrier. Their power was even more formidable, causing the light barrier to dim and dissipate at an even more rapid rate.

The Heavenly Light G.o.ddess was still activating the Damaged Sword of the Heavenly Dao, so she didn’t have any time or remaining effort to repair this light barrier. Thus, this light barrier that was composed of hundreds of millions of layers of light started to become thinner and thinner!

“Why bother? Why do you people bother…?” the White Emperor said with a sigh. His appearance had already become extremely old, and he continued to shake his head as he gazed at the beings who were angrily fighting for their lives. The guidance of light was so brilliant, so why were they so h.e.l.lbent on resisting it?

His mind had initially been calm, yet upon seeing the annihilated first region and upon seeing the countless powerful beings furiously attacking the Heavenly Light G.o.ddess and fighting for their lives, some mysterious emotions started to rise.

At this moment, some power was rapidly stripped from his body.

This was the power of the Library of Heavenly Books’ restrictions.

This power completely severed its relations.h.i.+p with him as it started to circulate and enter the Damaged Sword of the Heavenly Dao.

“This… My life…

“It’s flowing away…?”

The White Emperor could sense that his undying power had already vanished. Moreover, his body was also transforming into particles of life as it disappeared from the world.

This was his ultimate aspiration—to transform into light.

He had finally realized his dream.

However, as he gazed at his disappearing existence…

Although he didn’t feel any pain, why wasn’t he feeling any sense of joy either?

He turned his hazy eyes toward the beings who had soared into the sky to battle against the Heavenly Light G.o.ddess. He wanted to ridicule their stupidity and foolishness, yet he couldn’t say anything at all.

Death had already enveloped his entire body.

He was genuinely going to vanish from this world.

An emotion that he had never experienced before started to well up in his mind.

His lack of resistance had formed a complete juxtaposition with the powerful beings who were struggling and fighting for their lives. What was the true meaning of life?

Light had never represented hope.

Only life represented hope.

An Lin’s words suddenly echoed in his mind.

Indeed, only with life could one perform a miracle.

Only with life could one find hope in situations of despair.

So, why had he abandoned life?

Was this a sign of wisdom and transcendence?

No, he was nothing but a coward…

The White Emperor’s eyes suddenly became red.

He wanted to roar and charge into battle alongside the other powerful beings, yet he discovered that his body was already transforming into specks of light.

“Ah… ah…”

The White Emperor’s voice was extremely hoa.r.s.e. He wanted to speak, yet in the end, he could only transform into specks of light that ultimately vanished from the world.

Just like that, a supremely powerful being from the Holy Land silently pa.s.sed away.

Meanwhile, the remaining Regional Leaders all charged over to attack the Heavenly Light G.o.ddess.

Right now, the Heavenly Light G.o.ddess was battling against almost one hundred Dao Integration Stage cultivators, several G.o.d of Creation Stage divine beings, and a fellow Supreme Heavenly G.o.d by herself.

Everyone was her enemy.

The Damaged Sword of the Heavenly Dao in her hands had already transformed from a column of golden light into a rough sword that had a hilt and a blade.

This was a double-edged blade, with one edge representing light and one edge representing darkness. The body of the blade was an undulating sea-blue color, while the hilt of the sword was as tough and heavy as the earth. The tip of the blade represented the boundless sky, and it was as if it could pierce through all heavens and dimensions. The body of the sword more so seemed as if it contained all matter and life.

This sword possessed the unique powers of all six Supreme Heavenly G.o.d Powers!

“Shatter!” An Lin condensed his Heavenly Darkness Power into the most supreme burst of Heaven Crus.h.i.+ng True Intent and furiously launched it at the weakest point of the Heavenly Light G.o.ddess’ light barrier.

A dark sword projection soared through heaven and earth, flattening mountains, engulfing s.p.a.ce, and obliterating countless matters along the way. In fact, even the nomological laws of heaven and earth were severed by this sword projection!

The light barrier was finally sliced into two.

However, the blade of darkness continued to surge forward, aiming to also slash the Heavenly Light G.o.ddess into two halves!

The Heavenly Light G.o.ddess was astounded. It was as if she hadn’t imagined that An Lin could actually shatter her light barrier. She instinctively used her Damaged Sword of the Heavenly Dao to parry.


There was a dull collision.

An Lin discovered that his darkness was surprisingly being pushed aside by the sword before him.

His darkness wasn’t colliding with her light.

Rather, it felt as if he were fighting against the entire world. Moreover, this was a top-level world!

Rip! There was a flash of supreme brilliance.

Immediately afterward, the Heavenly Light G.o.ddess slashed her Damaged Sword of the Heavenly Dao at An Lin.

An Lin’s immensely profound darkness was ripped apart by a razor-shaped blade whose beginning and end couldn’t be seen. This blade then slashed into his body.

An acute tearing pain ripped through his entire body.

“Giant An Lin!” Tina exclaimed in shock.

An Lin could see a sea of colors before him. Not only was there light and darkness, but there were also all kinds of colors and powers of the Heavenly Dao. There were many colors, yet they all appeared to be flawless and paramount.

This is the Damaged Sword of the Heavenly Dao?

Why doesn’t it seem damaged at all?

The sword continued to slash down, pus.h.i.+ng An Lin into the ground. In fact, it seemed as if this boundlessly powerful blade wanted to slice the entire outside universe into two halves.

Everyone was stunned by this attack.

Was the Heavenly Light G.o.ddess going to obliterate the entire heaven and earth with this strike?

“The Damaged Sword of the Heavenly Dao has already been forged,” the Heavenly Light G.o.ddess said as she gripped the hilt of the sword. A faint smile spread across her face as she pointed the sword at the sky and gazed at the remaining Libraries of Heavenly Books. “Now, there’s only one step left to increase the might of this Damaged Sword of the Heavenly Dao by ninefold!

“Light is boundless, and the Heavenly Sword rests here. Return, Heavenly Dao!” The Heavenly Light G.o.ddess suddenly raised the Damaged Sword of the Heavenly Dao in the air. Immediately afterward, numerous rays of brilliant light erupted from the Libraries of Heavenly Books in the different regions of the Holy Land. These rays of light resonated with the Damaged Sword of the Heavenly Dao.

The expressions of the Regional Leaders changed drastically.

“d.a.m.n it! She’s trying to absorb the Heavenly Books from our Library of Heavenly Books!”

“We have to stop her! Otherwise, our fate will be identical to that of the first region!”

“Attack her together!”

They understood what the Heavenly Light G.o.ddess was trying to do, so they became even more courageous and selfless as they charged over to attack her!

The entire Tai Chu Holy Land was facing a critical moment of life and death!


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