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Chapter 219: Decisive Battle

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Five figures hid in the darkness of night and looked coldly toward the ‘crown’ on the mountaintop.

Dong Yan, Augus, s.h.i.+rley, Qing Zhi, and Qing Xin had already gathered together.

At this moment, these three powers had already joined forces. In fact, they had no choice but to do so. It would be wishful thinking for any one team to try to go after the golden holy grail themselves.

Right now, their only hope was to combine their strengths.

Augus had witnessed first hand the devastating nature of the little girl’s powers. Thus, he didn’t hold much hope for this alliance formed by their three powers.

The golden holy grail’s war demon was already terrifying enough in itself. Now, they even had to deal with Liu Qianhuan and An Lin as well…

Thinking of this, Augus let out a long sigh. If it wasn’t for the fact that Qing Zhi had an ace in the hole, perhaps he would have lost all hope already.

Qing Zhi’s ace in the hole was something that could defeat even the silver holy grail’s war demon. They had used a fortune to activate and repair it, and now it could finally be used again. When used in harmony with Augus’ Five Elements Angel Formation, it could give rise to some extraordinary effects. Right now, this was also the only thing that they could count on…

Dong Yan pinched out a small s…o…b..rd which flew toward the mountaintop and started hovering about.

“I can’t detect any spell formation auras on the mountaintop. Even the concealment spell formation has been removed. By the looks of it, they’re also waiting for us to head over.” Dong Yan used the s…o…b..rd to scout out the mountaintop, then reported the findings to the team.

Augus smiled bitterly. “Well, this just goes to show that they have no fear. With that kind of power, they don’t even need to use any strategies or tricks anymore. They can just crush us by using their strength.”

“In the short amount of time during which that thing is active, our power mightn’t necessarily be weaker than hers. If we can take advantage of this and catch her off guard, then we’ll still have a winning chance,” Qing Zhi put his palms together and said calmly. His expression remained calm the entire way through, but his tone clearly conveyed his sense of conviction.

Augus had never seen Qing Zhi’s trump card before. However, his confidence and calm demeanor could in itself boost their allied team’s morale.

After discussing their battle strategy, the five of them slowly approached the mountaintop.

The mountaintop was very quiet. A chilly air silently swept by, yet it also felt a little gentle and soft.

Upon landing, the five of them saw the small and exquisitely built palace. A blue spell formation appeared under their feet.

They each stood in a different corner, and a five-colored light radiated with vigor and vitality. White feathers drifted in mid-air without falling, and a vast aura of holiness started to sweep into the surroundings.

“The Five Elements Angel Formation has been activated. When we’re battling, be careful of your positions.” A holy radiance suddenly dazzled in Augus’ eyes, and his aura changed completely.

A powerful aura started emanating from his body. He held his hands across the void from each other, and a white cyclone combined with the power of the five elements. His aura became even more terrifying.

Divine Punishment·White Swirling Heavenly Pillars!

Bringing with it a boundless might, a spiraling column of light descended from the sky toward the white palace!


A fist projection burst upwards and shattered that boundless and powerful column of light.

At some point in time, the little girl had already appeared at the entrance of the palace. She regarded Augus and the others with a chilly expression.

“You guys want to destroy This Queen’s home right after arriving?” the little girl asked coldly.

Seeing the little girl casually shatter his powerful move which he had charged up for a long time, Augus’ expression changed slightly.

He didn’t reply and instead charged toward the little girl. As if in tactic understanding, the remaining four members also charged with him. Their intention was extremely evident. They weren’t here to speak nonsense; they were here to fight!

Dong Yan was standing upon the water element position. As Dong Yan flapped her wings forward, a towering wave blotted out the skies and surged violently toward the little girl.

If it was before, Dong Yan definitely wouldn’t be able to wield such powerful immortal spell. However, thanks to the elemental buffs provided by the Five Elements Angel Formation, Dong Yan could wield such powers temporarily!

Standing in the fire element position, Qing Xin cast a Vajra Palm toward the little girl. This golden palm projection continuously grew in size. Containing the ultimate wisdom of Buddhism, its power was further magnified by the fiery aura that it possessed.

s.h.i.+rley took out a white harp and her slender fingers plucked at the harp strings like a b.u.t.terfly fluttering through flowers. The melody and acoustic waves materialized into thousands of white arrows which rained down upon the little girl like a shower of stars.

Looking at the descending immortal spells which blotted out heaven and earth, the little girl’s expression didn’t change a single bit. Instead, she stepped into an adorable bow stance and threw a simple yet stern punch.

The air in front of the fist was slightly distorted by the devastating pressure that the fist exuded.

Boom! As heaven and earth shook, a crus.h.i.+ng fist projection rocketed forward.

The power of this fist tore a hole into the towering wave, shattered the Vajra Palm, and caused the thousands of white arrows to splinter and vanish. After all this, it still moved toward Augus.

There was a solemn expression on Augus’ face, and he let out a deep roar. Then, he also threw a fist forward!

An ear-splitting boom exploded out into the distance, and the collision of energy caused the ground to fracture and split. Blood sprayed from Augus’ fist, and he spat out a mouthful of blood as he stumbled back in retreat.

Without truly facing this little girl, one would never be able to comprehend just how terrifying her power really was.

Now, however, they had finally experienced first-hand this crus.h.i.+ng power.

With a single punch, she shattered Dong Yan, Qing Xin, and s.h.i.+rley’s joint attack and even managed to wound Augus…

Even though they were mentally prepared, this power still had them overwhelmed with shock.

An Lin and Liu Qianhuan also walked out of the palace. Seeing their queen’s earth-shattering punch, they stood to the side and exclaimed in marvel.

If all went according to plan, they would only need to stand by the side and cheer the little girl on.

s.h.i.+rley continued to pluck at her harp, and a pure green light started to surge toward Augus’ body. This extremely powerful burst of life force repaired and healed his wounds.

However, the little girl clearly wouldn’t give them time to take a breather. Stamping her feet, she burst through the sound barrier and zoomed toward the nearby Augus.


Augus roared loudly, and his other four teammates all came to their senses. Power coursed through the spell formation and converged toward Augus’ body.

The white feathers surrounding the spell formation suddenly quivered. Then, they quickly converged together and radiated a brilliant light.

The little girl was already upon Augus, and her small and nimble fist punched toward him.

At almost exactly the same moment, a divine glow suddenly shone magnificently from behind Augus’ back.

Its radiant rays were alike the dazzling sun as they lit up the entire night sky. Amidst this endless stretch of divine glow, the projection of an archangel suddenly appeared. It raised its fist and also punched toward the little girl.

As the two fists collided, heaven and earth suddenly fell silent.

With the exception of the little girl and Augus, everyone else felt an indescribable sense of suffocation.

The colliding energies exploded, and the shockwaves that it generated surged out thousands of meters, uprooting all the trees and vegetation on the mountaintop.

The little girl stumbled back a few steps. Looking up toward the archangel behind Augus’ back, a look of surprise emerged on her face. This was the first time that she had been forced backward by someone.

Augus wore a cold expression and his aura became even more ethereal and profound. The archangel behind his back also became increasingly solid. An even more terrifying aura swept out into the surroundings.

“Make haste.”

Augus spoke calmly as his body lunged toward the little girl.

Golden symbols danced around Qing Zhi’s body as an overwhelming Buddhist halo burst forth. “I’m ready,” he nodded and said. “Let’s begin.”

Only now did the battle for the golden holy grail truly begin!


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