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Chapter 2175: The Heavenly Life G.o.ddess Has Been Angered to Tears

Everything in this world was created by the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess.

Numerous bizarre and terrifying creatures lived here, and these creatures would definitely cause an unimaginable catastrophe if they were to ever enter the Tai Chu Continent. Of course, there were also some incredibly adorable and harmless creatures here. These creatures were a.s.sumedly here to satisfy some certain interests and tastes of the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess.

However, before the burst of golden light that was tearing through the sky and the boundless expanse of darkness that was obliterating the land and the void, the only fate of these creatures would be destruction and death.

The power of destruction had already emanated throughout this entire world.

Meanwhile, the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess was still battling against the Battling Buddha, Demon Lord Ling Gu, and the other members of the G.o.d Slaying Team. In fact, she was absolutely pummeling them. The Battling Buddha’s Golden-Banded Staff had been obliterated, and one of his arms had also been severed. Michael had also been killed three times, and his Holy Light Indestructible Body was already on the verge of collapse. As for Yun Mengying, her pair of wings had been ruthlessly plucked out. Meanwhile, Demon Lord Ling Gu had already been beaten into recluse…

If it weren’t for Demon Emperor Si Yu forcefully unleas.h.i.+ng an enhancement technique and wildly downing alcohol, enabling him to wield a G.o.d of Creation Stage power, it was extremely likely that these members of the G.o.d Slaying Team would have been killed already.

However, Demon Emperor Si Yu was unable to defeat the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess even though he had unleashed an enhancement technique. He was merely able to delay the inevitable outcome of the G.o.d Slaying Team being destroyed.


A sanguine red blade projection ripped a glaring gash into Demon Emperor Si Yu’s chest. His blood was instantly drained, and his vitality was also being rapidly stripped away.

The Heavenly Life G.o.ddess wore an apathetic expression as she stood gracefully in the sky with her sanguine red scythe in hand.

“Accept your death; you people don’t deserve to live.”

The Heavenly Life G.o.ddess raised her sanguine red scythe.

Right at this moment, however, a razor-sharp burst of golden light that contained a paramount sword intent and an absolute will to crush the heavens surged over from the distance. As it soared through the sky, the sky behind it shattered and the earth behind it fractured. Darkness engulfed everything in its wake!

Life, matter, energy, s.p.a.ce, nomological laws, and even the Dao of Heaven and Earth… At this moment, everything suddenly started to tend toward destruction. This destruction had come so suddenly, and this destruction instilled fear and apprehension into everyone’s mind.

This world was collapsing!

The Heavenly Life G.o.ddess shuddered slightly, and it was as if her body had been frozen in place.

She wore an expression of utter disbelief as she gazed at the scenes of destruction around her and murmured, “How is this possible… This was a world that was created by me! How could it disappear just like that…

“This isn’t only a Heaven Crus.h.i.+ng Power, but it also contains… the power of darkness…

“An Lin… it’s you again… It’s you again, An Lin!


The Heavenly Life G.o.ddess suddenly started to roar in fury. A vast and boundless life force erupted from her body, spreading hundreds, thousands, and then millions of kilometers into the surroundings!

It was as if this life force were trying to repair the world.

However, it was all too late. Not only was all life and matter destroyed, but even the nomological laws and Heavenly Dao of the world were severely damaged and heading toward destruction.

The actions and efforts of the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess were to no avail. If she were in possession of the G.o.d of Creation authority, perhaps she could have detected the destruction right from the very beginning. That being the case, she could have immediately acted to remedy the situation.

However, the problem was that she had handed this authority to her two guardian G.o.ds.

Perhaps she could take back the authority? Not only would this not save the world, but it would even cause her to suffer a backlash due to the rife destruction currently ripping through the world. In other words, only a fool would do such a thing!

Thus, at this moment, even the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess—the creator of this world—could only watch on in helplessness as her world descended into oblivion.


“Why has it come to this…

“How much blood, sweat, and tears have I poured into creating this world…

“An Lin, why are you always targeting me…”

Tears glistened in the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess’ tangerine-colored eyes as she gazed at the collapsing world before her. She was overcome by a feeling of torment and helplessness, and this even caused her to question herself and question this reality.

Why was everything precious to her always comprehensively destroyed by An Lin?

Regardless of whether it was Xian Yu, the World Tree, the Three Forms Reincarnation True Heaven Formation, or the world that she had created, nothing could escape from An Lin’s destructive grasp…

The other members of the G.o.d Slaying Team were astounded.

Their leader was far too bada*s!

They had initially thought that ruining the plan of the three Supreme Heavenly G.o.ds was already a spectacular outcome. To their disbelief, however, even the world created by the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess was about to be destroyed… In fact, the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess had already been bullied to tears by An Lin!

How powerful did one need to be to bully a Supreme Heavenly G.o.d to tears?

In the past, they wouldn’t have dared to even dream of such things. Even though they were personally witnessing it now, they still felt that it was incredible and unreal.

Of course, Michael, Demon Lord Ling Gu, and the others didn’t dare to step forward to mock the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess at this moment. Doing so would be akin to sacrificing their life to mock their enemy.

It would be asking for death.

“Brother An Lin is truly impressive. He’s perfectly demonstrated to us the true meaning of crus.h.i.+ng the heavens!” the Battling Buddha remarked in admiration.

“What do you mean Brother An Lin? You should refer to him as Heavenly Disciple,” Yun Mengying said. Her face was flushed red, and she used her hands to cup her cheeks as she gazed at the darkness in the distance. “A Heavenly Disciple like this is so enchanting… He’s completely irresistible…”

“I feel like my act of crus.h.i.+ng a Small World in the past was like playing house compared to this.” Michael sighed with emotion. “This is far too impressive and far too incredible. Such a high-level world was actually destroyed with the Heaven Crus.h.i.+ng Techniques. After today, my comprehension of the Heaven Crus.h.i.+ng Techniques will definitely rise to a new height!”

The Heavenly Disciple Candidates of the Heaven Crus.h.i.+ng Sect were all extremely proud and powerful beings. However, before An Lin, all they could do was express admiration and reverence from the bottom of their hearts.

This was a mightily impressive being! They had no option but to feel respect and admiration toward him!

At this moment, Demon Emperor Si Yu seized the opportunity of the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess’ daze to transmit a message to the other members of the G.o.d Slaying Team. “We should immediately activate the Void Body Mantra and escape from this world. The collapse of this world is imminent!”

The Void Body Mantra could help them avoid being detected by Heavenly G.o.ds to the greatest degree.

Playing cat and mouse with the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess was naturally unrealistic.

However, the attention of the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess was completely captured by the collapsing world at this moment. Thus, it was a different matter altogether. After activating the Void Body Mantra to largely erase their presence, they started to flee toward the exit of the collapsing world.

They knew that they had completed their most important task already, so staying in this world would merely be acting as baggage for An Lin. Thus, it was better for them to leave now.

They fled into the distance.

Sure enough, the Heavenly Life G.o.ddess didn’t give chase.

At this moment, at the center of the destruction.

This place had already transformed into an expanse of darkness. This was the most primal and most fundamental darkness. Nothing existed within it, and it was like the origin of all matter and the destiny of eternity.

An Lin stood in the center of this darkness. He “existed”, yet his “existence” was in perfect harmony with the “non-existence” surrounding him. It was as if he were the ruler of all matter.

“This world is done for. The crus.h.i.+ng of the heavens is already ninety-nine percent complete…

“There’s still the final one percent…”

As he said this, An Lin turned his gaze to the trembling and petrified Flower G.o.ddess. He cracked a grin and said, “Didn’t you ask me to kill you?


“I’m about to fulfill your death wish now.”


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