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Chapter 2112: Release Her

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Shangguan Yi struggled with all her might to escape as she looked at the falling icicles. However, the Holy Ice Sword that was stabbed through her heart had already frozen her entire body. She was completely unable to move, and she could only stare wide-eyed as the icicles rapidly pierced down toward her.

Right at this moment, however, the blood-riddled Great Empress suddenly appeared in front of her and spread her arms apart.

Countless icicles rained down, yet the Great Empress stood unmoving, like a boulder that blocked all the las.h.i.+ng wind and rain.

Shard after shard of icicles was blocked by the Great Empress, yet there were also numerous shards that penetrated through her divine dao defenses and stabbed into her body. Before long, blood had already soaked every inch of the Great Empress’ robe.

“No!” Shangguan Yi’s eyes instantly became bloodshot when she saw this sight.

“Ice Matriarch… hurry up and leave…” the Great Empress said through gritted teeth. As she faced the relentless attacks, she even separated a wisp of her divine dao of ice to melt the Holy Ice Sword that was stabbed through Shangguan Yi’s heart..

However, before the Great Empress could completely melt the sword, a purple-red ice spear suddenly shot over from the distance and shattered her divine dao defenses. Like Shangguan Yi, her body was also pinned into the snow-blanketed ground.

The Snow Ghoul’s sinister face appeared before their eyes once more.

“So, you actually cared about her this much? I’ve managed to hit two birds with one stone, huh…” Its sharp claws started to radiate with a red glow as it slowly walked toward the Great Empress.

As it spoke, it also turned its eyes toward Shangguan Yi. The smile on its face grew even wider. “Do you know? You’re an individual who’s despised by the heavens. Your life is destined to be filled with incredible misfortune. Not only that, but those around you are also destined to be ruined along with you…”

Shangguan Yi opened her dainty mouth when she heard this, and her expression suddenly became conflicted and pained.

“No… Ice Matriarch, don’t listen to it… It’s merely spouting nonsense… Ahhh!”

Before the Great Empress could finish speaking, a blood-red claw suddenly stabbed through her abdomen and protruded out from her back. The Great Empress trembled violently as she groaned in pain.

“Do you see? The Great Empress of the Snow Tribe is also suffering because of you.” The Snow Ghoul grinned as it relished the agonized and remorseful expression of Shangguan Yi.

For some reason—perhaps it was its instinct—it really wanted to torture Shangguan Yi for a little longer.

“Think about it. What has happened ever since you’ve joined the snow maidens? They’ve lost their homes, they’ve become dest.i.tute, and they’ve even been forced to seek refuge with their past enemies and fight to the death for humans…”

“No, it’s not like this…” The Great Empress continuously shook her head.

“Did I allow you to speak?!” The Snow Ghoul flicked a finger, and a crimson light ripped through the Great Empress’ throat. Blood sprayed across the snow-white land.

Shangguan Yi’s pupils contracted, and she frantically tried to break free from her restraints. However, how could the Snow Ghoul afford her such a chance? It continued to strengthen the power of her restraints.

“Now, think about the Four Nine Immortal Sect that you joined. Right now, it’s being attacked by three powerful Heavenly G.o.ds. After killing you, I can join in on the slaughter! None of them will survive! And all this is because of you. It was your arrival that brought them this great misfortune…

“People like you continuously bring disastrous calamities upon others. If one stays by your side, they’ll never be able to escape the cycles of misfortune. How selfish are you to live until now?”

The Snow Ghoul’s words were like sharp blades that continuously stabbed into Shangguan Yi’s chest.

Shangguan Yi’s expression faltered slightly. She looked at the two frozen black dragons, and she looked at the struggling Dongfang Zhuangs.h.i.+ and Little Huang. Then, she looked at the barely alive Great Empress who was lying in front of her. Guilt ate away at her heart.

It’s right… I’m clearly a beacon of misfortune, so why am I still hanging on to that thread of hope? Why am I still trying to fit in with everyone else? Someone like me should never have come here…

The Snow Ghoul became even happier upon seeing Shangguan Yi’s agonized expression. It was as if the Heavenly Dao were subtly supporting its actions. It pulled its razor-sharp claws out from the Great Empress’ abdomen before slas.h.i.+ng them downward and severing her legs!

The Great Empress clenched her jaws as an acute pain shot through her entire body. Her punctured throat was already unable to produce any noise. However, she still fought to transmit her thoughts to Shangguan Yi. “Ice Matriarch, don’t listen to its nonsense. We’re all following you out of our own volition. I trust that the members of the Four Nine Immortal Sect truly like you as well. They don’t view you as an outsider or loathe you at all…”

Shangguan Yi trembled uncontrollably as she watched the Great Empress being subjected to such inhumane torture. She was biting her lips so hard that they had already split. “You guys might not loathe me, but I… I loathe myself…

“I yearn to have friends, and I also wish to live happily with everyone else. I’m also trying my best. I’m trying harder than countless, countless other people…”

The female spoke softly, and tear stains were clearly visible on her face as she raised her head. “But… what good is all this? Such is the reality. The only thing that befalls those around me is misfortune. The friends who surround me will also be struck down by misfortune. Meanwhile, I’ve never been able to bring them peace or happiness. Is someone like me truly deserving of staying by their sides?

“Take now for example. You guys have already become like this, yet I’m completely unable to do anything. I detest the current me… I don’t want to live on like this…”

Shangguan Yi’s voice was extremely soft, yet every word that she spoke seemed to drip with sadness and guilt.

The Great Empress couldn’t think of any way to console Shangguan Yi.

Shangguan Yi had already proved her catastrophic misfortune through her own abilities.

This was a fact that no one could dispute.

Thus, the Great Empress knew that ordinary words of comfort would only have the opposite effect.

Right at this moment, severe pain traveled over from her shoulders. The Snow Ghoul had already severed her arms, and only her limbless body was still pinned onto the ground. Even her vision started to become blurry.

Hah… I’m almost about to die, yet I’m still trying to think of how to console Shangguan Yi… the Great Empress mused to herself. She turned to gaze at the female behind her with a look of reluctance and attachment.

Ice Matriarch… Little Ying is going to leave first…

At this moment, the Snow Ghoul also detected that the Great Empress was about to die. After torturing her for so long, it was now time to give her some closure.

“Release her.”

A faint mumble traveled into the Snow Ghoul’s ears.

“Hmm?” The Snow Ghoul paused its sharp claws in mid-air and c.o.c.ked its head to look at the trapped female nearby.

“Release her…” the female continued to murmur.

“Oi, oi… I’m not hearing wrong, am I?” The Snow Ghoul chuckled. “What on earth are you thinking? Release her? What right do you have to command me?

“You’re suffering immensely, am I right? Rest a.s.sured, I’ll relieve you from your agony after killing her.”

The Snow Ghoul was in a delightful mood, and it chuckled happily as it spoke.

Then, it stabbed its claws toward the Great Empress’ body.

“I said…

“Release her!!!”

Like the roar of ice and snow, an angry howl suddenly erupted from the ground.

A burst of blue air current exploded outward and instantly froze the wide-eyed Snow Ghoul’s body. Like a gigantic blue snow-lotus, the devastating explosion blanketed the entire expanse of heaven and earth. Meanwhile, a frosty aura soared into the sky and instantly froze the entire heaven and earth!


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