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Chapter 2026: An Invincible G.o.d

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“What’s that sound?” He Shen’s expression changed drastically as he looked up into the sky.

Before they knew it, the entire heavens had transformed into a golden color.

Golden energy swept through the sky, bringing with it unimaginably scorching temperatures, as if it were threatening to reduce this entire world to ashes.

Immediately afterward, a golden figure emerged from the boundless energy and slowly descended while looking down upon the fleeing immortals.

Terrifying might crashed down, striking all of the immortals with a sense of crus.h.i.+ng asphyxiation.

Expressions of confusion and horror began to appear on the faces of the Divine Source Continent immortals.

What kind of enemy was this? How could such a formidable being exist?

They could sense just from its aura alone that this enemy was far more terrifying than the Immortal King Stage winged living beings.

This time, horror even appeared on the faces of the three Immortal Kings He Shen, Yan Ji, and w.a.n.g Chen. They were the most powerful among all the immortals, and it was exactly because of this that they were more able to sense just how formidable this enemy was. They felt like they were being confronted by the heavens, as if the entire sky and this entire world were trying to kill them.

Their enemy was so supreme and insurmountable…

“What kind of enemy have we provoked?” He Shen’s voice was already trembling slightly.

w.a.n.g Chen was flexing as if his life depended on it not long ago, but he was now gripping onto his sword with trembling hands like a s.h.i.+vering coward. He had never been struck by such an oppressive sense of horror. At this moment, he felt like he was just as insignificant as the ants on the ground.

“Senior, this is all a misunderstanding. Can we have a good chat?” Yan Ji forced a smile onto her gorgeous face and began to refer to this being with a respectful honorific. Ever since she reached the Immortal King Stage, she had become one of the most powerful beings on the entire Divine Source Continent, and as such, it had been a long time since she had been reduced to such a pitiful display.

However, that high and mighty G.o.d-like being looked down coldly at all of the immortals and gave no response. Instead, he drew closer and closer, and the divine halo above his head also became more and more dazzling.

“Is… is he a G.o.d?” s.h.i.+ Zhen had turned completely pale with fright.

All of the other Exalted Immortals were also filled with shock and horror. They had thought that the Immortal King Stage was the highest cultivation base, but they now knew after seeing this G.o.d-like being that there was a level beyond that.

So this world was at such a high level?

The most tragic thing was that they had done nothing, but they were now being hunted down by such terrifying beings.

They had envisioned themselves conquering this world as representatives of the Divine Source Continent, but they now realized that that was nothing more than a farcical joke…


The golden G.o.d-like being tore through s.p.a.ce and quickly arrived at the forefront of the Hundred Immortal Formation. Brilliant light erupted from the divine halo above his head, and he threw a vicious punch!


His fist struck the formation.

Unfathomably monstrous power came cras.h.i.+ng down along with it.

Countless cracks instantly appeared on the formation, which had been created by over a hundred Exalted Immortal and three Immortal Kings. All of the immortals within the formation were struck by a backlash and threw up mouthfuls of blood.

At the same time, an extremely scorching burst of power erupted from the G.o.d-like being’s fist, making all of the immortals feel as if they were being scorched in an infernal pit of lava.

All of the immortals were in despair. The enemy had just destroyed their most powerful trump card with a single punch. How were they going to stand up against such a fearsome being?

“Immortal Reversal, Complete Cycle!” He Shen roared.

An enormous power began to revolve within the black and white formation, and the scorching power unleashed by the G.o.d-like being’s fist swirled in a lap around the formation before being redirected back to himself.

The G.o.d-like being was blasted back a few steps by this reversal of power.

“Run!” He Shen roared.

All of the immortals immediately continued to flee while trying their best to maintain the formation.

They were escaping very quickly, but the G.o.d-like being was much faster.

He soon appeared in the sky above the formation with a scorching golden energy surging from his hand. The s.p.a.ce within a radius of several hundred kilometers around him s.h.i.+mmered and twisted from the insane temperatures as he pressed his palm mercilessly down upon the formation.

“Heavenly G.o.d Technique, High Energy Heavenly Palm.”

The ma.s.sive golden palm fell from the sky, and all of the immortals were struck by a sense of inevitability and despair.

The ma.s.sive palm was imbued with unimaginably high temperatures, and those temperatures, in turn, contained the paramount power of laws to melt all things. The surface of the formation was completely melted away, and boundless power crashed down. Countless immortals threw up mouthfuls of blood as they fell into the sea like birds with broken wings.

There were about a dozen or so unlucky immortals who just so happened to be situated at the center of the palm, and they were instantly evaporated into wisps of smoke.

Yang Lingqian was also struck by the backlash from the shattered formation, and blood gushed from her mouth as she fell into the ocean.

The White Nectar Sea was then transformed into a boiling cauldron, and many immortals flew out from the ocean again amid cries of anguish. However, the Heavenly G.o.d was awaiting them in the air, and he was also exuding an extremely terrifying level of temperature.

What a horrifying being.

All of the immortals stared at the G.o.d-like figure, and despair began to set in.

Their Hundred Immortal Formation had been broken, what else could they rely on?

“Senior, we are from the Divine Source Continent. If you do not welcome us, then we will immediately go back,” He Shen yelled as he looked up at the high and mighty G.o.d-like being.

All of the Exalted Immortals were struck by a sense of sorrow upon hearing this.

They were full of confidence prior to coming here, but they were now going to scurry back to their original world before they even had a chance to take a good look at this world. Just how terrifying was this world…

All of them were quite depressed, but none of them said anything. They knew that in this current situation, it would be very fortunate for them just to be able to escape alive. This was not the time to let their pride get the better of them.

The G.o.d-like being suddenly laughed as he looked down at the immortals below him. “The Divine Source Continent? All of the humans there will die as well. Don’t worry, they’ll come to find you soon…”

He Shen’s eyes widened with shock. He didn’t antic.i.p.ate that their enemy would be so intent on killing them even after hearing this.

At this moment, the six Immortal King Stage winged beings and millions of winged powerful beings surrounded the immortals, plunging them into even more despair.

They turned to the three Immortal Kings, only to find that they were also at a loss for what to do.

However, a thought suddenly occurred to Yang Lingqian at this moment, and she decided to take a risk. “Senior, do you know An Lin? We are from the Four Nine Immortal Palace, which is under his rule!”

Everyone’s expression stirred upon hearing this. Indeed, if this terrifying being was on friendly terms with An Lin, then perhaps there would be a chance for negotiation to take place.

They were all holding on to one final shred of hope as they turned toward that G.o.d-like being.

The G.o.d-like being’s cold expression stiffened upon hearing this, and even his paramount aura seemed to have weakened slightly. The other winged living beings surrounding them were also in an uproar.

The immortals were given renewed hope upon seeing this.

Was there a chance?

“So you’re all part of An Lin’s forces…” The G.o.d-like being’s cold expression was replaced by one of insanity and ruthlessness. “This is great! I’ll feel even better about killing all of you now!”

Before he had even issued an order, all of the other winged living beings swarmed the immortals in a frenzy


“Kill all of the Four Nine Immortal Palace sc.u.m!”


These high and mighty beings were cold and indifferent just a moment ago, but all of them seemed to have gone berserk all of a sudden. They were now attacking with an insane ferocity, as if they wanted nothing more than to kill these immortals.

All of the immortals were stunned. What the f*ck?! Bringing up An Lin did produce an effect, but it was the complete opposite of the desired effect!

Yang Lingqian’s features were extremely pale as she looked at the oncoming swarms of enemies. The final straw in her heart finally crushed her last shred of hope.


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