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Chapter 1704: The Mutated Heavenly G.o.d

The Heavenly G.o.ds possessed the paramount powers of the Heavenly Dao. They were a part of the heavens and were supreme beings. No living beings dared to offend them, let alone eat them!

However, the Chaotic Nightmare Monster had done just that, and it had done so without any hesitation.

Theoretically, no one had the right to eat a representative of the Heavenly Dao.

However, the Chaotic Nightmare Monster was something born from the Heavenly Illusion G.o.d’s imagination. It was a fictional monster that transcended beyond reality. It was something that had been created after exhausting the power of the Heavenly Illusion G.o.d’s imagination, and it could not be judged according to common logic.

In other words, the representative of the Heavenly Dao had created something that went beyond its extreme limits. As such, it was going to suffer a backlash.

That backlash came in the form of the Chaotic Nightmare Monster swallowing the Heavenly Illusion G.o.d.

The madman had created a demon, upon which the demon swallowed the madman. It made so much sense that it was almost poetic justice in a way.

However, those who had to battle the demon found nothing poetic about this.

The Celestial Thearch, the Battling Buddha, and the Chaotic Element Martial Lord’s flesh felt as if there were things crawling on it.

They discovered that the Chaotic Nightmare Monster’s aura was soaring explosively once again after swallowing the Heavenly Illusion G.o.d.

“Had it just converted the Heavenly Illusion G.o.d’s power into its own?”

“How did it do that?”

“I don’t understand. This is like a life form that is not bound by the powers of laws!”

“We appear to be in a slight pickle here…”

They had thought that the Heavenly Illusion G.o.d would be bashed to death by them. They never would have seen something like this coming. The Heavenly Illusion G.o.d seemed to have created something unimaginable before its death.

An Lin, Xu Xiaolan, and the Ancient Dragon Empress also tore through the illusionary domain and arrived on the battlefield. They had also witnessed the Heavenly Illusion G.o.d being swallowed alive by the Chaotic Nightmare Monster, and their expressions had become extremely grave.


The illusionary domain shattered like a pane of gla.s.s, revealing the real world outside.

The Heavenly Illusion G.o.d’s power had truly disappeared.

However, before everyone had a chance to be elated about this, a new domain enshrouded them.

This was a domain filled with insanity and horror. Within the darkness, there seemed to be countless demons attempting to engulf all intruders, drawing them toward depravity. A relentless stream of demonic music reached directly into one’s soul, striking terror into one’s heart.

In that instant, An Lin could even see images of Xu Xiaolan being brutally slain over a hundred times. Those images were extremely realistic, and they imprinted themselves deep into his mind, almost driving him insane.

Everyone immediately unleashed their heaven crus.h.i.+ng true intent to protect themselves, upon which the feeling of horror diminished slightly but could not be alleviated in its entirety.

Everyone felt like a demon had been planted into their heart, and it would slowly eat them from the inside out.

This was an instinctive sense of horror.

There was a shapeless black blob within the domain, but An Lin knew that it was the source of all of this terrifying power.

A braided black divine halo appeared above its head, presenting a bizarre and terrifying sight to behold. At the same time, a paramount aura began to proliferate forth, as if it were the supreme being in this heaven and earth, as if it were the very heavens!

An Lin was astonished upon seeing this. What the h.e.l.l was going on now?

The Chaotic Nightmare Monster had swallowed a Heavenly G.o.d, so it had become a Heavenly G.o.d itself!

At this moment, outside the domain.

Within the Karma Star Protection Formation.

The Demonic Blood Kirin and Little Huang were trembling uncontrollably as they hugged each other for warmth.

Black Spirit Snake looked at them with a disdainful expression. “You are the first deserter from the G.o.d Slaying Team! Coward!”

The Demonic Blood Kirin retorted, “If I didn’t run away, I would have been the first suicidal member of the G.o.d Slaying Team!”

Black Spirit Snake’s lips twitched, and she had no response to this.

“Is Senior An Lin going to be alright in there? Should we go help them?” White Spirit Snake looked at the vast expanse of opaque darkness before her with a concerned expression.

“You’re all too severely wounded. The enemy is extremely terrifying, and you’ll only weigh An Lin down if you go in in your current state.” Dongfang Zhuangs.h.i.+ gave an honest opinion.

He had to bolster his spectator team.

Little Huang also chirped in agreement.

At this moment, within the black domain.

The Chaotic Nightmare Monster unleashed even more terrifying power.

It only had to sing in a gentle voice to shake everyone’s soul.

It slashed a casual hand through the air, and An Lin’s turtle sh.e.l.l cracked.

It could even engulf the vast majority of attacks hurled at it with joy on its face.

This was a true nightmare. It was a nightmare born from chaos and was afraid of no one!

The Chaotic Nightmare Monster had gained the upper hand from the beginning of the battle, and it only grew stronger as time pa.s.sed by. It was like a bottomless pit, dragging An Lin and the others closer and closer into the abyss.

“This monster is even more terrifying than a Heavenly G.o.d!”

“If we allow it to live, it could result in catastrophic consequences!”

“We can’t hesitate any longer! Let’s all attack at once to end this battle as quickly as possible!”

An Lin, the Ancient Dragon Empress, Xu Xiaolan, the Celestial Thearch, the Chaotic Element Martial Lord, and the Battling Buddha knew that this battle could not be settled easily, and they all unleashed their most powerful attacks.

Xu Xiaolan unleashed her dual buff spell techniques to elevate her power to the Dao Integration Pinnacle Stage.

The Celestial Thearch activated his strange jade pestle once again.

The Chaotic Element Martial Lord’s chaotic elemental power rose to a peak, granting him the power to topple mountains and destroy oceans with a single punch.

The Battling Buddha’s Golden-Banded Staff became ma.s.sive, like a gargantuan pillar extending into the heavens, before cras.h.i.+ng down upon the Chaotic Nightmare Monster over and over again as it tried to completely crush it.

An Lin and the Ancient Dragon Empress were also hurling all sorts of paramount Heaven Crus.h.i.+ng Techniques toward the enemy.

The combined powers of all six super mighty figures were extremely terrifying, and their attacks presented devastating might that was comparable even to Heavenly G.o.ddess Wu Ming’s World Creation Sword.

Even though the Chaotic Nightmare Monster was extremely terrifying, its inky-black body was still in tatters after being bombarded by so many attacks.

Boom boom boom…

Within the black domain, earth-shattering energy exploded, as if it was trying to pulverize everything.

The Chaotic Nightmare Monster was beaten slightly senseless by everyone’s attacks, and it was blasted into patches of things that looked like black rags, and its braided divine halo also dimmed significantly as a result.

It was also at this moment that the Ancient Dragon Empress appeared before the Chaotic Nightmare Monster. Her hand transformed into a set of dragon claws, and an extremely peculiar power converged toward her palm as she stabbed her claws into its body.

“Heaven Crus.h.i.+ng Technique, Palm Heaven!” The Ancient Dragon Empress let loose a clear cry as a sense of unparalleled heaven crus.h.i.+ng true intent erupted forth.

This was the attack she had unleashed to kill the Heavenly Soul G.o.d, and she was trying to use the same attack to kill the Chaotic Nightmare Monster!

However, she regretted her decision as soon as she unleashed this attack.

She discovered that her Palm Heaven was completely unable to grasp the Chaotic Nightmare Monster. The Chaotic Nightmare Monster’s structure was simply far too bizarre, and it had transcended beyond her spell technique’s realm of comprehension.

“How could this be…” A dazed expression appeared on the Ancient Dragon Empress’ face.

At this moment, countless dark swords had appeared on the Chaotic Nightmare Monster’s battered body, and they pierced through s.p.a.ce before instantly puncturing the Ancient Dragon Empress’ body!


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