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Chapter 1669: The Red Dress Dancer

“Swallow a sun? What’s that all about?”

Xu Xiaolan faltered slightly upon hearing An Lin’s random outburst before coming to a realization.

“Unable to progress in cultivation base, swallowing a sun… Could it be that the condition for you to progress to the Return to Void Final Stage is to swallow a sun?!” Xu Xiaolan was astonished.

An Lin nodded with a pitiful expression.

Xu Xiaolan’s lips twitched, and she was quite sympathetic toward him. “An Lin, I have to say that your cultivation method is very unique…”

An Lin heaved a forlorn sigh. He didn’t want to be unique; it was all the system’s fault!

“However, swallowing a sun is not impossible,” Xu Xiaolan suddenly added.

An Lin’s eyes lit up as he grasped tightly onto Xu Xiaolan’s hand. “How? How do I swallow a sun?!”

An awkward expression appeared on Xu Xiaolan’s face. “Well… a G.o.d of Creation is omnipotent and indestructible in their world, so swallowing a sun there should be possible…”

An Lin: “… I’m just an ordinary Return to Void Stage cultivator. Am I supposed to create a world just so that I can have a sun to swallow?”

He had to do something only a G.o.d of Creation was capable when he was only a Return to Void Stage cultivator?

That was impossible!

A thought suddenly occurred to An Lin, and he called Tina over.

An Lin asked the beautiful fairy with a smile, “Little Na, can you create a sun in your Divine Mirror World for me to eat?”

Tina stared blankly at An Lin for a long while before laying a tiny hand on An Lin’s forehead. “Divine technique, Mental Disability Verification Technique!”

An Lin: “…”

Divine light flashed, and a confused expression appeared on Tina’s face. “That’s strange. There are no signs of mental disability…”

An Lin almost threw up a mouthful of blood.

What kind of bullsh*t divine technique was this?

He was dead serious about discussing the feasibility of swallowing a sun, but Tina was suspecting him of mental disability!?

Tina finally realized that An Lin was serious upon seeing his dark expression, and an expression of shock appeared on her face. “Giant An Lin, why would you want to eat a sun? What’s wrong with staying alive?”

“I just want to ask if you can create a situation where I can swallow a sun and live to tell the tale,” An Lin snapped.

Tina heaved a forlorn sigh. “The sun is not just some ball of fire; it is the epitome of light and heat. It is something that is tied in with the origin of a world and holds a supreme position in the world.”

“I know what you’re thinking. You want to try and swallow a sun in the Divine Mirror World. However, to be honest, even if I create the most docile and mild sun that I’m capable of, you might still be unable to swallow it…”

An Lin was not deterred by this. “You said might? So there’s still a chance?!”

“I don’t know…” Tina shrugged.

“Then we can give it a try. We’ll try it after I absorb Heavenly Venerate Yu Qiong’s dao intent!” An Lin did not want to leave any stone unturned in his pursuit to progress in cultivation base.

Thus, An Lin made an agreement with Tina and was feeling a lot better.

An Lin continued to survey the festivities taking place around him.

He was genuinely elated at the sight of all his sect disciples, his friends, and his beast pets deriving joy from all the activities.

At this moment, a burst of cheering erupted on a nearby stage.

Over a thousand disciples looked at the stage with scorching antic.i.p.ation in their eyes.

Enticing music began to play.

A woman in a red dress with a veil over her face appeared on the stage. She wore a pair of golden bells on her ankles, and her bare feet tapped onto the stage as she danced to the rhythm of the music. Her long sleeves danced through the air like dragons, and her lithe and graceful body twisted in an extremely elegant and enticing manner.

This was quite an exceptional dancer even to the eyes of An Lin.

The veil had obscured her features, but her bright, beautiful eyes seemed to be capable of speech, and they seemed to be saying, “I’m a beauty, I’m a beauty, I’m an exceptional beauty!”

Many of the disciples on the dao plaza had their eyes fixed on her.

Not only was her dance extremely beautiful, but her figure was also exceptionally curvaceous and soft, as if she had no bones in her body.

Everyone fell silent as the dance came to an end.

Only after a short while did someone come to their senses before leading the way by bursting into applause.

Everyone immediately followed suit as thunderous applause and raucous cheers erupted.

The dancer in red had won over countless people with just one dance.

Even An Lin couldn’t help but burst into applause.

This woman’s dancing was among the best in the entire Kingdom of the Nine States!

The dancer in red stepped off the stage before making her way over to a man before shyly waving her hand in complete contrast to the confident and a.s.sured demeanor she exhibited on stage.

An Lin’s mouth gaped open in shock upon seeing this.

Xu Xiaolan seemed to have antic.i.p.ated this reaction from An Lin, and she chuckled with amus.e.m.e.nt.

The man standing before the dancer in red was not just some random person.

This was the pavilion lord of the Four Nine Immortal Sect’s Spirit Pavilion, Xuanyuan Cheng!

“D… did you like my dance?” the woman in red asked in a quiet voice.

Xuanyuan Cheng replied with a warm smile, “I did. Your movements and the emotions in your eyes were both perfect.”

The woman in red was still staring at Xuanyuan Cheng with rippling eyes, and the special emotions in her eyes were quite apparent for everyone to see.

Xuanyuan Cheng thought to himself for a moment before adding, “You danced very well, and I really liked it.”

The dancer averted her gaze upon hearing this, but she couldn’t hide the smile in her eyes.

She took off her veil and revealed her exceptionally gorgeous smiling features.

Everyone was entranced by her beauty.

This dancer’s looks were on par with her dancing skills!

She looked at the man standing before her with a vibrant smile on her face. “How about now? Do you like me even more now?”

“Er… Yeah…”

Xuanyuan Cheng was a little embarra.s.sed, and he nodded before averting his gaze.

The dancer’s smile widened, and she twirled gracefully on the spot.

All of the surrounding disciples were erupting into “oohs” and “ahhs”.

“Big Brother Cheng is embarra.s.sed?” An Lin was shocked.

After a while, An Lin came to his senses and glowered at the dancer in red. “Who is this female disciple, and how dare she seduce my Big Brother Cheng?”

“Hehe, are you jealous?” Xu Xiaolan chuckled with amus.e.m.e.nt.

An Lin calmed himself down before continuing to a.s.sess the situation.

It was quite clear that not only was this dancer interested in Xuanyuan Cheng, but this also seemed to be a mutual interest, and both of them clearly shared quite a good relations.h.i.+p.

“So what’s going on here?” An Lin grabbed Xu Xiaolan’s hand with a curious expression on his face.

“Look at her again, and tell me what you see.” Xu Xiaolan smiled.

An Lin turned toward the woman in red, and for some reason, he felt like she looked a little familiar, but he couldn’t recall who this was.

He was even more curious now.

“Xiaolan, don’t leave me hanging like this. Just tell me!”

An Lin urged as he swung Xu Xiaolan’s arm from side to side.

Xu Xiaolan smiled. “This is a long story. Let me summarize it for you.”


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