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Chapter 1598: An Lin’s Disciples

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Lan Xiaoni began to organize the defensive line for the West Sea, a.s.signing all mighty figures to important locations.

After awakening her power of water, one of her abilities was to be able to sense everything happening in the ocean within a radius of over a million kilometers. It was exactly because of this ability that the West Sea had been such a good battleground for her.

No Heavenly Human Tribe activity could escape her detection.

Now that Lan Xiaoni’s authority was even firmer than it had been, no West Sea mighty figures would go against her orders, and all of them executed her orders to the best of their abilities.

In the oncoming battles, Lan Xiaoni was not going to let down her guard. Instead, she was going to be even more cautious.

The extermination team had shown just what the Heavenly Human Tribe had among their ranks.

Just the Southern Heavenly Gate alone had nine Heaven Pioneer Stage Great Generals, two Divine Heaven Stage Heavenly Humans, two Heavenly G.o.d, and one paramount Heavenly G.o.d as its guardians…

If that was the case for the Southern Heavenly Gate, then what about their Western Heavenly Gate…

The reason why they had managed to persevere for over half a century was that no Heavenly G.o.ds had appeared in a battle against them!

However, speculating that there were no Heavenly G.o.ds stationed at the Western Heavenly Gate would be extremely foolish. Lan Xiaoni knew that there was at least the Heavenly Sea G.o.d who was situated within a certain tomb at the depths of the West Sea…

The Heavenly G.o.ds hadn’t attacked perhaps because they were wary of the backlash from the Heavenly Dao, or perhaps because the timing was not right.

In any case, Lan Xiaoni couldn’t just treat them as if they didn’t exist. She had to make preparations for the worst-case scenario!

The conference came to a conclusion.

Lan Xiaoni continued to sunbathe atop her colorful bubble.

She wore a short, blue blouse on her upper body, revealing her fair, slender waist that appeared particularly enticing under the light of the sun, and her fishtail was still flopping around with boredom.

She supported her chin with her hands and fell into deep thought.

What was the worst-case scenario?

Lan Xiaoni’s eyes lit up slightly. “In the worst-case scenario, I would be dead… In that case, shouldn’t I make a will in advance?”

Let’s do it!

She pulled out ink and paper from her storage ring and stuck out her dainty little tongue. Her sapphire eyes were glowing with excitement and a hint of embarra.s.sment as she wrote a few words on the upper left corner of the sheet of paper positioned before her—Big Boss An Lin.

She had written those words almost instinctively.

Even she didn’t think that the first person she thought of when writing her will would be him.

Lan Xiaoni’s brush suddenly faltered.

She didn’t know what to write.

Her cheeks had become flushed, and her eyes were rippling with emotion. The two pearl earrings attached to her ears were wobbling up and down, and from side to side, just like her uneasy, thumping heart.

Alliance Leader Lan’s enticing yet conflicted voice sounded from the Immortal Land Above Water.

“Ahhhh… I’m going to die!”


An Lin was lying under the warm light of the sun, but he suddenly sneezed.

Ye Ling was just feeding him some fruit when she bent down with a hint of concern and curiosity in her bright eyes. “Master, did you catch a cold?”

“Hmm, perhaps a beauty is thinking about me.” An Lin chuckled.

Ye Ling rolled her eyes.

Xu Xiaolan glared at An Lin.

An Lin’s entire body shuddered, and he immediately amended, “It could be that something else other than a human is thinking about me, like a cat, or dog, or bug, or fish. I’m a celebrity now, after all…”

Xu Xiaolan couldn’t be bothered to talk to him, and she also rolled her eyes before continuing to eat spirit fruits.

These days, she couldn’t really help it if other people liked An Lin.

After all, her An Lin was so exceptional, how could she keep other female cultivators from liking him?

Now that An Lin’s popularity had risen significantly, he was starting to become the most sought after husband on the entire continent. However, she was no insane demon, so it wasn’t like she was going to go out there and beat up every female cultivator who had their eyes on her An Lin.

Xu Xiaolan was quite confident, and it would be fine as long as her An Lin didn’t like other women.

She was quite exceptional too, and there were many male cultivators who admired her. However, all of them had great self-awareness and knew that they didn’t deserve her, so they didn’t fantasize about impossible things.

As for other female cultivators, who could compare to her? If they wanted to steal An Lin from her, they had to at least be able to beat her in battle, right? She was the most powerful female cultivator in the human race, so she was super confident.


All of a sudden, dark clouds blanketed the entire sky.

An Lin’s expression faltered.

However, Ye Ling was quite elated. “My Brothers are back!”

Two black dragons obscured the entire sky as their glistening black scales s.h.i.+mmered from the lightning crackling within the clouds. A paramount dragon might surged through the air. These were the auras belonging to Dao Integration Stage True Dragons!

An Lin continued to recline on his lounge chair, but a smile had already appeared on his face as he sensed those terrifying auras.

The two black dragons were clearly showing off to him, and their mindsets were most likely identical to Ye Ling’s back when she had challenged him to a battle.

All disciples wanted to prove themselves to their masters in order to gain his acknowledgment.

Soon, the dark clouds dissipated.

Two Dragon Tribe men in black daoist robes appeared above the Four Nine Immortal Sect.

One of them was a youth with dragon horns and golden eyes, while the other was a middle-aged man with dragon horns and crimson eyes. The two of them had vastly different dispositions and wore different expressions upon seeing An Lin.

“Master! You really are still alive!” Xiao Ze had tears s.h.i.+mmering in his eyes as he hurried over to An Lin, looking as if he wanted to hug An Lin. However, he was concerned that it would be inappropriate and was thus a little hesitant.

A faint smile appeared on An Lin’s face, and he opened his arms as an invitation.

Xiao Ze immediately hurried over with an excited expression. “This is great, Master! I always thought you had already died… You’re real, you really are a living Master!”

Xiao Ze enveloped him in a tight hug as he spoke.

An Lin’s lips twitched slightly. Why was it that the term “living Master” sounded a bit weird?

Xiao Tu also made his way over to An Lin with a smile as warm as a spring breeze before extending a calm and collected bow. “Your disciple pays his respects to Master! Welcome back, Master!”

“There’s no need for such formalities.” An Lin waved a nonchalant hand.

He looked at the two dragons standing before him, and he clicked his tongue in wonder. “Who would have thought that both of you would be so powerful now? Two Dao Integration Stage True Dragons, just thinking about it is bad*ss! You two are probably the main calling cards of our Four Nine Immortal Sect!”

“No, no, Master, you are the true calling card of our sect!” Xiao Tu spoke with a reverent expression.

He was truly in awe and veneration toward his master. Back in the day, he had been won over by An Lin’s heaven mending feat and rapidly improving cultivation bases. But now, he had been won over by An Lin’s feats in leading the extermination team to destroy the entire Southern Heavenly Human Tribe United Army.

His master was the one who had achieved such a monumental feat. He felt proud to be able to boast about this.

Xiao Ze was even more straightforward. “How would we have achieved all of this without Master’s teachings?”

An Lin was a little embarra.s.sed. “What have I taught you?”

Xiao Ze looked at An Lin with a scorching light in his eyes. “Master, you used your power to show me that only with more power can I become a figure revered by countless living beings. You led the way by example, and I’m willing to do anything I can to follow your example!”

An Lin’s mouth gaped open. Was he serious?


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