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Chapter 1438: The End of the Road

The Ten-Year Sword broke through the golden lightning before puncturing An Lin’s body.

The heavenly time power quickly aged his body. It turned most of his hair white and also caused his organs and musculoskeletal structure to decay and waste away.

An Lin’s body swayed slightly. It was as if he was about to collapse. He then threw up a mouthful of blood.

The Heavenly Time G.o.d slowly floated toward An Lin with a cold expression on her face. “Lightning and Wind will return to heaven and earth once I kill you. Even if they have lost their sentient will, it will still make heaven and earth more complete.”

An Lin panted heavily. His body was in critical condition, and the divine halo above his head began to dim before finally starting to crumble.

He had finally depleted his power of the Heavenly Dao.

He was unable to use his powers of wind and lightning, so he had no chance against the Heavenly Time G.o.d now!

“Little Xie!” An Lin suddenly yelled.


An inky-black domain instantly erupted forth, encompa.s.sing heaven and earth for a radius of over a hundred kilometers.

The Heavenly Time G.o.d suddenly lost all sense of direction and had no sense of s.p.a.ce within the darkness.

“This is…” Her expression s.h.i.+fted again as a hint of confusion appeared in her eyes.

“Evil Sword Technique, Eternal Night!” An Lin launched an invisible, dark sword strike.

The darkness swept toward the Heavenly Time G.o.d with the power to end all things.

The Evil-Slaying Sword possessed a very special power that could influence representatives of the Heavenly Dao, even when An Lin was no longer able to summon the powers of the Heavenly G.o.ds.

As such, Little Xie was An Lin’s final trump card!

Within the divine tool domain, the Heavenly Time G.o.d’s golden glow became especially piercing.

Her expression s.h.i.+fted yet again as she detected the sword strike approaching her, but her expression held no hint of fear.

The Heavenly Time G.o.d stepped forward, and the Heavenly Time Power erupted around her in a halo that spread to infinity and beyond.

“Pa.s.sage of time.”

The Eternal Night sword strike and the divine tool domain were both instantly annihilated into nothingness!

It was as if a light had brutally shattered the darkness.

Heaven and earth reappeared.

The Heavenly Time G.o.d was greeted by the sight of An Lin’s Evil-Slaying Sword, which was still glowing with a peculiar, black light.

Her pupils contracted slightly, and she was just about to raise her hand.


She didn’t have enough time to react.

The Heavenly Time G.o.d’s head exploded!

Everyone was given a fright by this sudden turn of events.

All of the snow maidens let loose cries of surprise before they began to whoop in celebration.

However, An Lin’s brows were furrowed at this moment. He had just used the Vanquish the Heavens and Slay All Evil, Annihilation technique!

Even though the Heavenly Time G.o.d’s head had exploded, he felt like something was missing.

Little Xie’s power could injure or deplete his enemy, but she couldn’t destroy his enemy’s most fundamental core. The Heavenly Time G.o.d was like wild gra.s.s being burned away during a forest fire. Their roots remained, so they could grow again after a while…

Sure enough, even though her head had exploded, a cold, emotionless voice soon sounded again, “Time reversal.”

Time began to reverse.

Specks of light converged.

Her detonated head began to come back together again like a video on rewind.

The snow maidens and the Celestial Thearch were all dumbstruck upon seeing this, following which was a wave of despair. The golden snow maiden had been sliced in half and had her head detonated, but she still wouldn’t die. All she had to do was to reverse time, and she would be back to perfect condition in an instant.

What could they do? What else could they do to defeat her?

An Lin racked his brain, but he was still unable to think of anything.

Was this the end of the road…

Was he going to have to run?

He recalled his promise to Xiaolan. If he couldn’t win, then he had to prioritize his own safety above all else and escape with his life.

He looked at the seemingly invincible golden snow maiden before him, and thoughts of retreat began to well up in his heart.

On the ground below, the Celestial Thearch was dialing a voice transmission.

“Your Majesty, the current situation is extremely dire! An Lin is facing the Heavenly Time G.o.d, and he’s going to die if you don’t come here!” the Celestial Thearch said in an urgent voice.

Nuwa’s forlorn sigh sounded from the other side. “You know that I can’t do anything now. I only have one chance to act against the heavens…”

The Celestial Thearch still wanted to argue, but he knew that Nuwa was right.

If Nuwa were to act now, their plan to mend the heavens would end in failure.

He gritted his teeth with determination. “I won’t let An Lin die here no matter what! An Lin is the Heavenly Court War G.o.d, and I’m the Celestial Thearch. If you won’t save him, then I’ll have to do it!”

Silence ensued from the other side of the voice transmission.

“Celestial Thearch… I hope you can have a bit of self-awareness.” Nuwa spoke in a solemn voice, “You couldn’t even defeat the Heavenly Wind G.o.d, how are you going to defeat the Heavenly Time G.o.d? Our Heaven Mending Sect is not a sect that dabbles in research on how to fight the heavens. We are trying to find a way to mend the heavens…”

The Celestial Thearch smiled. “But I’ve already done research on how to fight the heavens.”

Nuwa: “…”

The Celestial Thearch cut off the voice transmission before looking up into the sky.

The Heavenly Time G.o.d had already used her time-reversal ability to recover from all of her injuries.

Even the snow maidens had realized that An Lin was actually very much on the back foot here.

An Lin had severely wounded his enemy twice, but she had shrugged it off like it was nothing.

In contrast, An Lin had been struck by two Ten-Year Swords, and his body was already starting to give out on him…

In terms of trump cards, An Lin had played all of his and had none left to use. In comparison, the Heavenly Time G.o.d didn’t even appear to have used any of her trump cards, and she didn’t even need to anyway. Just another one of her Ten-Year Swords could probably slay An Lin on the spot!

The Great Empress looked up at the man in the sky before taking a deep breath and issuing a command to all of the snow maidens, “All snow maidens heed my command. Attack the enemy at once and create an opportunity for Sect Leader An Lin!”

Tens of thousands of snow maiden powerful beings let loose war cries and took up battle formations before launching attacks up toward the Heavenly Time G.o.d with all their might!

The enemy was very powerful, much more powerful than they could ever imagine, but they could only place their trust in the man in the sky. Hence, all of them unleashed attacks with no regard for their own safety, striving to buy an opportunity for An Lin, even if it was at the expense of their own lives!

All of a sudden, blades of ice fell like torrential rain as frosty spell techniques shook heaven and earth.

Countless ice and frost spell techniques instantly inundated the Heavenly Time G.o.d like a tidal wave.

An Lin faltered slightly upon seeing the attacking snow maidens down below. He didn’t think that they would provide a.s.sistance to him in such a dire situation.

However, those attacks were clearly ineffective.

A golden light expanded to encompa.s.s a radius of five kilometers, and all spell techniques that entered this range would quickly dissipate without leaving a trace between heaven and earth.

Despite all of the snow maidens’ attacks, the Heavenly Time G.o.d stood at the center of the golden light with an indifferent expression.

An Lin knew that this was the heavenly time power. Not only were normal attacks unable to break through it, but even the power of the Heavenly Dao might not be a match for it.

An Lin was initially planning to run away, but his heart wavered at the sight of all of the snow maidens working so hard to create an opportunity for him.

To run or not to run?


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