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Chapter 1189: A Ma.s.sive Haul

Xiao Tu was very elated after signing a disciple contract with An Lin.

However, he soon began to feel like something was wrong…

“Wait, why was I begging you for a chance to become your disciple?” Xiao Tu was flabbergasted.

“My good disciple, it’s because you saw the truth and made the most intelligent decision,” An Lin replied with a benevolent smile.

Xiao Tu clasped a hand over his chest as ten thousand mythological beasts stampeded over his heart.

He took a few deep breaths to recover his composure.

“M… Master, can you give me some time to calm down?” Xiao Tu almost had a mental breakdown when he uttered the word “Master”.

He was a dragon that had lived for hundreds of thousands of years, but he now had a human in his early twenties as his master! How could he not feel like he was on the verge of a mental breakdown?!

“Alright, my good disciple. Master will give you some time to calm down. If you want to talk, you can tell Master anything. There is no need to keep things bottled up in your heart.” An Lin still had a benevolent smile on his face.

He was making an effort to emphasize their disciple and master relations.h.i.+p through his words. After repet.i.tive reinforcement, Xiao Tu would get used to this relations.h.i.+p, and he wouldn’t feel so bad anymore.

Xiao Tu nodded upon hearing this before sitting down by himself to ponder just where everything had gone wrong.

An Lin returned to his black brick as if nothing had ever happened.

All of the Dragon Tribe mighty figures around him wore incredulous expressions.

He had taken a top-tier Dragon Tribe mighty figure as his disciple in the blink of an eye. Everyone thought they were dreaming upon seeing this.

The Dragon King of the Dragon Court of the Eastern Seas, Ao Meng, was muttering to himself the words “it’s over” over and over again like a broken record.

“Just who is this An Lin? He’s way too terrifying! He just accepted a Primordial Dragon Tribe mighty figure that has lived for countless years, but his expression suggests that this is all just a normal day in the office for him!”

What a terrifying man!

“Perhaps this is the poise of a truly powerful being. We simply cannot compare ourselves to him.”

All of the Dragon Tribe mighty figures were either in shock or extremely envious as they discussed spiritedly with one another.

An Lin turned to Xiao Ze with a nod of approval. “Well done, Little Xiao.”

Xiao Ze had played a significant role during this process.

“Hehe, Master, I was only speaking the truth and trying to help him identify reality,” Xiao Ze replied with a modest expression.

“You are my most excellent disciple.” An Lin was greatly elated.

Xu Xiaolan looked on speechlessly as the master and disciple duo exchanged compliments back and forth.

Time pa.s.sed by slowly.

Normalcy resumed.

An Lin lay on his black brick and tallied up the rewards he had reaped during this trip.

He had five storage rings that had once belonged to Soul Formation Stage Dragon Tribe powerful beings. There wasn’t anything noteworthy in any of the storage rings, only some spirit pills, spirit tools, s.h.i.+ny jewels, and some other miscellaneous items.

What was worthy of note was that there was a total of three million two hundred thousand spirit stones in those storage rings, which was a cause for elation.

Of course, the main course consisted of the storage rings of Frost G.o.d Zhuo Ma and Lightning G.o.d Zeus.

They were Return to Void Final Stage mighty figures, and dragons were all renowned h.o.a.rders, so they had to be very rich!

“Let’s look at Zeus’ storage ring first.”

An Lin was in high spirits as he refined the storage ring.

He projected his consciousness into the storage ring and was almost blinded by the s.h.i.+ny, golden object inside.

“Gasp… What the h.e.l.l is this?”

There was an extremely dazzling golden lightning ball that fluctuated in brightness with a steady rhythm, as if it were breathing. When it was at its brightest, it was even more piercing than the sun, but when it was at its most dim, it practically disappeared from view.

An Lin pulled out the lightning ball, which was only about as big as a hand, and the dazzling light akin to that of the sun gave all of the surrounding Dragon Tribe mighty figures a huge fright.

“Mr. An Lin, you’re going too far! How am I supposed to sleep like this?!” Ao Xiaowu sat bolt upright from her slumber and chided with an enraged expression before putting on her eye mask and lying down again.

An Lin was also given a fright by the light and immediately refined the item before activating his Divine Inspection Technique.

[True Yang Divine Lightning Ball: A ball that contains the power of divine lightning which is intermingled with the power of the sun. One can inject their own lightning technique into the ball in order to drastically enhance the power of their technique. This is a high-rank immortal tool.]

“Holy c.r.a.p, this is a high-rank immortal tool!” An Lin’s eyes lit up as he exclaimed with excitement.

All immortal tools were priceless treasures, and high-rank immortal tools were extraordinarily rare! In particular, this True Yang Divine Lightning Ball was very suitable for him!

This was truly a ma.s.sive haul.

Thinking about it now, Zeus was the epitome of tragedy. Not only did he possess lightning-type power of the divine dao, but even his trump card was also a lightning enhancement ball… After encountering An Lin, it didn’t even have the courage to bring out this ball anymore…

An Lin continued to look through Zeus’ storage ring.

He couldn’t help but draw a sharp intake of breath at the sight of the mountainous piles of vital stones and spirit stones within.

There were a total of twelve million spirit stones in there!

“Rich dragon, this really was a rich dragon…”

He then tallied up all of the other treasures.

Three immortal pills, five immortal fruits, several dozen spirit tools, over a hundred spirit pills…

This dragon was much wealthier than any of the Return to Void Stage mighty figures An Lin had slain in the past!

An Lin then refined Zhuo Ma’s storage ring.

Sure enough, Zhuo Ma did not let him down either.

There was another immortal tool.

[Ice G.o.d Dart: A dart constructed from the core essential fluid of the Pure Yin Immortal Vein. It is imbued with the extremely potent power of yin, and it can travel at an extraordinary speed once unleashed. This is an a.s.sa.s.sination-cla.s.s intermediate-rank immortal tool.]

“An a.s.sa.s.sination-cla.s.s immortal tool… That’s rare.” An Lin nodded with a wide smile on his face.

Zhuo Ma also had a total of nine million spirit stones.

There were also five immortal pills and nine immortal fruits…

What a truly ma.s.sive haul!

“As expected, all dragons really are h.o.a.rders! The contents of their storage rings are simply extraordinary!” An Lin chortled gleefully.

After making a total tally, he managed to work out his net worth.

One hundred and fifty million spirit stones!

An Lin’s body shuddered as an overwhelming sense of elation welled up in his heart.

However, a disconsolate expression then appeared on his face. “I have so much money now. Is it all just going to become a meaningless number? No! It won’t become a meaningless number as it is the source of my happiness!”

He had harvested a ma.s.sive haul during this trip to the Ancient Tai Chu Dragon Realm.

Not just in materialistic terms, but also in terms of combat prowess.

The Evil-Slaying Sword had successfully nurtured a sword spirit, so he had already completed all of the conditions required to progress to the Return to Void Stage!

As soon as the divine tool and the divine pill were refined, he would progress to the Return to Void Stage!

An Lin’s heart surged with excitement.

After a while, heaven and earth surged as the power of summoning suddenly appeared.

Specks of golden light began to appear on everyone’s body.

“Xiao Tu, my good disciple. Come over here, and we’ll go back together!” An Lin called with a benevolent expression.

Xiao Tu: “…”

Xiao Tu made his way over to An Lin and held onto his hand, upon which he too felt the power of summoning.

In the end, all of the living beings disintegrated into specks of golden light before disappearing from this world.


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