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Chapter Ch196 – The Ultimate Victor

When Qi Lin heard this, his face revealed an astonished expression: “How did Pharmacist Gu know?”

After he blurted this out, he realized that he had asked without thinking. How did this pharmacist know? Naturally it was diagnosed after taking his pulse. This was also proof that this person had some skill.

But despite this diagnosis, it wasn’t certain that Gu Zuo was capable of curing him. Qi Lin still didn’t have hopes that were too high.

Gu Zuo wasn’t concerned about what Qi Lin was thinking. Through his confirmation, he started pondering.

It could be said that Qi Lin’s injuries were both simple and complicated.

The simple cause of those symptoms wasn’t unexpected. It was due to his battle with that very same person. Through the opponent’s martial skills and long saber, saber qi had entered his body and collided with his flesh and internal organs. At the same time, it was also due to the opponent’s saber qi and strength that Qi Lin’s meridians and bones were broken, causing the saber qi to roam freely even faster, which led to the current outcome — However, all these symptoms originated from a single person, which was easier than had it come from very many people.

As for the complicated parts, during the treatment process, Gu Zuo had to expel the saber qi, heal the internal injuries, mend the meridians and reconnect the bones, and finally nurse the guy’s health so he could recover back to normal.

While this plan shouldn’t have been very challenging, it was mired in minor details. It would leave a novice worn out and exhausted.

Qi Lin look on at Gu Zuo who hadn’t spoken for a while, and thought that this Pharmacist Gu really had no way to help. However, he still maintained proper etiquette and asked: “Would Pharmacist Gu be able to treat my symptoms?”

Gu Zuo thought it over, and nodded: “I can.”

Qi Lin was startled.

…He could?

But he soon calmed down and said: “Then, I’ll have to trouble Pharmacist Gu.”

Gu Zuo saying that he could cure him wasn’t a lie. Perhaps it could also be said to be good luck. There were many things that Qi Lin’s injuries required, and as it just so happened, Gu Zuo had everything. Merely, since it was a pill battle compet.i.tion, it’d be better for him to refine on the spot.

After formulating a clear treatment program, Gu Zuo immediately had Qi Lin sit across from him. Meanwhile, he instructed the medicine runner to promptly fetch the medicinal herbs.

There were many pharmacists who were just as fast in diagnosing their patients’ symptoms and getting their herbs as Gu Zuo. In particular were the high-level pharmacists on that side. Because of their abundant experience, their speeds were even faster.

Within a short period of time, almost all the pharmacists were in action.

Gu Zuo settled himself and concentrated. The pill cauldron was quickly warmed up, and the herbs for the first type of medicinal pill were thrown in.

This was the Meridian Replenishing Pill, which was one of the prescribed medicines.

The Meridian Replenishing Pill was cla.s.sified as a pill that Gu Zuo frequently refined, and he was very skilled at refining it. Not a moment later, the Meridian Replenishing Pill was already produced. Only, in order to protect his secret, the number of formed pills was controlled to two or three, and the product grades of each pill was between mid grade and a mid grade that approached high grade.

After he finished refining it, he quickly received the medicinal pills and started refining the second type of pill.

The second type was the Bone Replenishing Pill. It was similarly a pill that Gu Zuo had refined before and was in great demand at Medicine of Life. One could see from Qi Lin’s case that breaking bones and rupturing meridians were an all too common fact of battles between martial artists. As a result, it was a matter of course for the medicinal pills to sell so well.

After the Bone Replenishing Pill was finished, there were two completely new types of medicinal pills.

Gu Zuo hadn’t refined these two types before. They were picked out from previous recollections. However, he needed to be careful when refining them because the cauldron would explode if he lowered his guard.

The first type was called the Life Resurgence Pill. It was a medicinal pill that specifically treated internal injuries. In this aspect, it was better than the Revitalization Pill’s effects. However, its range of focus was internal injuries, unlike the Revitalization Pill, which could basically treat almost all wounds.

Gu Zuo refined carefully until he produced four mid grade Life Resurgence Pills, which were attentively received by him.

Next was the medicinal pill that had to be used first in the treatment plan, but was also the most complex. It was the Evil Dispelling Pill.

This type of medicinal pill specialized in expelling heterogenous energies. Saber qi, sword qi, and other types of qi — All of them were within this categorical scope. It was just that, if the product grade was inadequate, then it would be very painful during the expulsion process and final results might also be relatively tragic.

Gu Zuo was cautious and prudent, and only obtained two mid grade pills.

This signified…that Qi Lin would have to properly suffer in a while.

While working hard and bustling about, Gu Zuo intentionally slowed his speed, and spent a little more than two hours to finally finish refining the four types of pills. The refining of other pharmacists weren’t necessarily as troublesome as his, so his speed could only be said to be neither fast nor slow. He just happened to keep up with most of the group.

Gu Zuo himself didn’t think about it, but those pharmacists who’d been paying attention to him the entire time all showed very different expressions.

“Ah, that teenager’s level of mastery is indeed impressive…”

“Look at that. Just now, his diagnosis was extremely fast and all of the medicinal pills being utilized are all unexpectedly being personally refined. It goes to show that his foundations are robust and he’s rather experienced.”

“In the inheritance he gained, there are probably many discourses about his master’s experiences.”

“If these pills turn out to be the correct treatment, perhaps he’ll rank among the best for this round of pill battles, took2026;”

“Look at how fast he refines. Truly capable!”

It was at this time that a veteran high-level pharmacist twirled his mustache and said: “This old man has previously examined the symptoms of that Qi Lin. From what I saw, if he’s to be treated, it will be divided into four steps. Although I don’t know the functions of the medicinal pills that Junior Gu Zuo has refined, the total number of pills being used isn’t too shabby.”

Another person muttered: “If Elder He says this, perhaps that Junior Gu Zuo also has a plan in advance. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have refined as such.”

The others also said: “It should be like this.”

Qi Lin, who sat across from Gu Zuo and waited to be treated, was already dazzled.

Because he had been backstage the entire time, he didn’t know that Gu Zuo had set off waves with his top grade pill. Right now, it was only natural to be shocked by the speed of Gu Zuo’s diagnosis and pill refining efficiency.

Could it be that he really had underestimated the other party?

Qi Lin only thought that, even if this young pharmacist couldn’t cure his illness, he was worthy of attention based solely on his ability to refine quite a few medicinal pills so quickly.

Hence, his att.i.tude immediately straightened out from the bottom of his heart.

Gu Zuo didn’t discover the change in Qi Lin. After deliberating again for a bit, he said: “Young Master Qi, I’ll ask that you take this pill first.” As he spoke, he handed over the Evil Dispelling Pill, “This pill is called the Evil Dispelling Pill. It can expel the saber qi within Young Master Qi’s body. Only, there may be some pain. I hope that Young Master Qi will properly endure it. You mustn’t lose consciousness. Otherwise, not all of the effects of this pill can be brought out. We’ll only be able to stop the treatment halfway, and start from the beginning again.”

Qi Lin heard this, and his heart trembled.

He didn’t dare neglect anything, and immediately took the offered Evil Dispelling Pill. After taking a deep breath, he swallowed it.

In the blink of an eye, a gout of blade-twisting pain spread throughout his whole body as if there were many steel knives probing into him. Inch by inch, he was engulfed by this pain as it stirred through his flesh and organs. He almost wanted to curl up like a shrimp, and shout out wordlessly.

He didn’t know how much time had pa.s.sed. After the pain “sc.r.a.ped” through him, he sweated profusely, drenching his clothes. At the same time, the pain slightly alleviated. Subsequently, there was an unexpected, relaxed kind of feeling — The former feeling of his entire body being destroyed, where saber qi rampantly crumbled his bones and ruptured every inch of his meridians, had actually vanished at this point!

Qi Lin gasped huge mouthfuls of air, and barely managed to stand up.

At this time, he believed in the words of this Pharmacist Gu. Sure enough, after taking that Evil Dispelling Pill, there was some pain, but the saber qi within his body had already been expelled. His body naturally still had wounds and his true qi also wasn’t operating well, but he was doing far better compared to before, when it felt like his body was carrying a heavy burden at all times.

After that, Qi Lin found another medicinal pill appearing in front of him, making him stare blankly: “Pharmacist Gu, this is?”

He then discovered that his voice had weakened a little.

Gu Zuo said: “A Life Resurgence Pill. After eating it, your internal injuries will be much improved.”

Without the slightest hesitation, Qi Lin took the offered pill.

Suddenly, a warm current roved throughout his body. Wherever it pa.s.sed, the internal organs and flesh were soothed, and the feeling of wounds everywhere had also instantly disappeared.

He realized that he really had improved greatly. Although he still had some discomfort, those places weren’t located in his organs or flesh.

Again, Gu Zuo handed over a Bone Replenishing Pill: “Bear with it, and accept this Bone Replenishing Pill.”

Qi Lin swallowed it, and his fractured bones soon began to itch. The ones that originally had cracks healed automatically. While he had many broken bones, there weren’t any that were completely snapped among them. Thus, the bones didn’t need to be joined back together by hand, and the bones were smoothly regenerated.

Following which, Gu Zuo gave him the Meridian Replenishing Pill.

Once Qi Lin took it, it felt as if his ruptured meridians had spiritual awareness. An attractive force was promptly generated at the openings of the ruptures, reconnecting the originally separated meridians. The nearly withered ruptures, which originally hadn’t received any succor, were rapidly moistened, becoming plump, tenacious, and vigorous.

With just these four medicinal pills, Qi Lin felt that his body’s ailments had completely disappeared. Aside from the fact that being ill for several months had led to deficiencies in true qi and qi and blood, he unexpectedly didn’t have any places that felt uncomfortable.

His grave illness had gone away…just like that.

Qi Lin gave a relaxing sigh. Facing Gu Zuo, he saluted Gu Zuo with one hundred and twenty percent sincerity. He said: “Many thanks for your miraculous skills and for completely healing me, Pharmacist Gu.”

Gu Zuo smiled: “Are there any other places where you feel uncomfortable?”

Qi Lin shook his head, his expression was unclouded: “No. Pharmacist Gu’s medical expertise is exceptional. There aren’t any places that are out of sorts.”

Gu Zuo thought things over. He flipped his hand, and gave two medicinal pills: “I won’t leave my work half-finished. Here is a high grade Qi Linking Pill and a high grade Snowy Ginseng Pill. Both are pills that I’ve refined previously, and have nothing to do with the treatment. However, they can improve your complexion somewhat. You’re naturally aware of the Qi Linking Pill’s usefulness, which can replenish your long dried-up bone pearls. The Snowy Ginseng Pill is a blood replenisher. After you take these two medicinal pills, you’ll be able to immediately regain the true qi and qi and blood you haven’t been able to replenish during this period. There’s no need to do anything else.”

Qi Lin naturally thanked him again and took those two medicinal pills.

Following that, he sat in meditation. At once, his wan expression, which was initially healing a bit from the serious illness, had become rosy. It seemed that his qi and blood was now exuberant and energetic. He was practically one hundred percent healthy!

Gu Zuo was very satisfied with his own treatment plan.

His luck also wasn’t bad to have encountered a patient who didn’t require any long-term treatment. As a result, he directly eliminated the root cause of the illness. When it was time to commentate on his performance, this would be very advantageous.

Amid the process of Qi Lin’s treatment, those high-level pharmacists watched on and inwardly nodded.

Gu Zuo’s treatment method was very suitable for the illness. Wasn’t it as if Qi Lin hadn’t received any injuries at all? This showed that none of those medicinal pills were used incorrectly. Moreover, the “judges” could also easily determine that the last two pills Gu Zuo had given were simply adding flowers to a brocade. The four preceding pills were the real treatment, and these four pills were ones that Gu Zuo had refined on the spot. It could be said that he had gone above and beyond in completing his task. From start to finish, it was on-site treatment… Such judgments, such responses, and such speeds were all certainly worth high marks.

After Qi Lin was cured, Gu Zuo looked at the others’ treatments.

Xu Lingxiu and Xin Bailin were also quick to make their diagnoses. However, in the end, Xin Bailin had richer experience. The speed of his treatment was faster, and he was even more sensitive when refining medicaments. Xu Lingxiu was just a bit inferior, but he was the same as Xin Bailin and had mostly cured his patient. All that was left was the slow recovery process, where on-site treatment wouldn’t be able to eliminate the root causes.

Gu Zuo’s treatment was considered fast among this group. One after another, the remaining pharmacists also completed their treatments.

Besides a small number of pharmacists who weren’t able to make definitive diagnoses, most of the pharmacists knew what the symptoms of their patients were. However, despite knowing what it was, while a portion was able to completely cure their patients, another portion could only mostly cure them. Reaching the end, the disparities between their performances were also very large.

From the previous pill battles to the current treatments, Gu Zuo had done fabulously for both segments. At last, when it was time to announce the results, City Lord Xin wore a smiling expression as he read aloud:

“Tenth place… Seventh place…”

“Fifth place…”

“Third place, Qingyun Sect’s Xu Lingxiu.”

“Second place, Danyun City’s Xin Bailin.”

“First place, Qingyun Sect’s Gu Zuo!”

Because Xu Lingxiu had a slight upper-hand during the first segment and Xin Bailin had a slight upper-hand during the second segment, it caused the rankings between them to become somewhat indeterminate. But after the numerous high-level pharmacists discussed it, the Grand Elder made the final decision, allowing the more experienced Xin Bailin to take second place.

On the contrary, there wasn’t the slightest bit of dissent for Gu Zuo taking first place.

Because each segment’s victory had its rewards, especially during the finals, the awarded materials were also particularly generous.

For the time being, low-level pharmacists and high-level pharmacists won’t be discussed. Let’s talk about the mid-level pharmacists. Of the top ten people in the final ranking, tenth place to fourth place would get one stalk to seven stalks of precious medicinal herbs, respectively — They could go and choose them arbitrarily inside the Myriad Medicine Tower. Third place could get eight stalks of precious herbs and a silver limited purchasing slip. Second place could get nine stalks of precious herbs and a silver limited purchasing slip. And what the leader in first place could get was ten stalks of precious herbs as well as a gold limited purchasing slip!

It was absolutely rare for a mid-level pharmacist to obtain a gold limited purchasing slip. After so many years, whenever it was time for the Pill Battling a.s.sembly, those in first place who could obtain such slips were usually the same few people. One could imagine that basically no dispatched gold slips were grasped in the hands of mid-level pharmacists!

In everyone’s sights, Gu Zuo took the gold limited purchasing slip from City Lord Xin’s hand. He felt the heavy weight in his hand, and many notions appeared deep in his heart.

If it was like this, then he shouldn’t face the slightest obstructions inside the Myriad Medicine Tower, right?

…He needed to spend lots and lots of money! He needed to do his best to buy lots of necessary medicinal herbs for when he returned!

Now, let’s talk about Gongyi Tianheng and Gongyi Tianyang, who were tasked with eliminating bandits. After saving the Ling Clan siblings, they seemed like ordinary people who were sightseeing. During the day, they went out to stroll around, and in the evening, they returned to the tavern. They basically didn’t reveal anything off about them.

The Ling Clan siblings also knew their place. At the present time, they acted as a coachman and a maid. They both acted in accordance with their ident.i.ties. It was probably due to them knowing that they temporarily had no way to leave, and the two siblings didn’t deliberately raise any issues. Merely, the looks they occasional exchanged allowed people to see that their hearts still had a hint of apprehension.

Originally, Tianyang didn’t know why his family’s big brother wanted to waste so much time, but when he asked Tianheng, Tianheng only smiled and said: “Wait.”

Hence, Tianyang simply restrained the thoughts in his mind, and accompanied his family’s big brother in waiting.

And when the two brothers went out in the daytime, they weren’t only taking strolls.

Tianheng quickly ascertained some gray areas in this Clear River City that weren’t fit to see the light of day. In addition, he also scouted out some information — For matters like this, so long as one found the right place, it was easy to reach one’s objectives with the help of golden banknotes.

At the same time, indications appeared within this city of secret searches for the Ling Clan siblings.

Although the other party’s ident.i.ty wasn’t exposed, Tianheng had already discovered their tracks by chance. From what could be seen from their performance, those people weren’t walking along the righteous path.

Apart from the Mount An Bandit Gang, who else could have a feud with the Ling Clan siblings at this time?

Tianheng automatically inquired for information, and it was done even more seamlessly.

Otherwise, if even the tiniest trace was discovered by the other party, it would be the same as beating the gra.s.s and scaring the snake.

Meanwhile, in accordance with Tianheng’s instructions, when Tianyang occasionally chatted with his brother, he’d mention the present restlessness of the Mount An Bandit Gang. He would remind the Ling Clan siblings to properly conceal themselves, that they had to prepare a disguise at all times. When going out, they needed to be careful in order to avoid being taken advantage of by the bandit gang.

Under the ceaseless erosion of such information, the Ling Clan siblings became ever more fearful and apprehensive as time pa.s.sed. It was to the point where they were like birds startled by the mere tw.a.n.g of a bow.

At last, there came a day when the brother and sister pair were unable to endure it any longer. When it was night, there was a knocking at the entrance of Tianheng’s room.

Presently, Tianyang was in the room receiving Tianheng’s pointers. After Tianheng heard the knocks on the door, the corner of his mouth faintly curled up, revealing a smiling expression.

The Ling Clan siblings entered.

Ling Ziqi and Ling Ziwei exchanged glances. The two seemed to carry a type of mentality where there was no turning back. They opened their mouths: “Seniors… No, benefactors.”

Gongyi Tianheng lightly lifted his hand: “If there’s something on Young Master Ling’s mind, just speak it.”

Ling Ziqi took a deep breath: “Would this benefactor…be interested in the Mount An Bandit Gang?” He carefully scrutinized Tianheng’s facial expression, “May it be a.s.sumed that this benefactor is enemies and not friends with the Mount An Bandit Gang?”

Tianheng looked at Ling Ziqi. His gaze was serene and deep. At this moment, that handsome young man, who was normally graceful and good-natured, had suddenly become unfathomable. No one could see through his state of mind.

Ling Ziqi’s words were caught in his throat. Immediately following which, he slightly lowered his eyes: “Benefactor… Has this younger generation guessed…” He raised his head with a bit of difficulty, “Have I guess correctly?”

Tianheng smiled, but his smile couldn’t be seen through: “Correct. I am indeed enemies and not friends with the Mount An Bandit Gang.”

Ling Ziqi’s heart was gladdened, and his face carried such an expression.

Ling Ziwei watched her dear elder brother acting in such a way, and she similarly carried an extremely beautiful smile.

Ling Ziqi had his mind put at ease, and his words were also smooth and unhindered: “Benefactor, me and my younger sister are irreconcilable enemies with that Mount An Bandit Gang. If this benefactor also can’t get along with them, don’t overlook the skills of me and my sister. We two are ready to offer our humblest strengths to avenge our clansmen!”

Tianheng heard this, and faintly raised an eyebrow: “With the strengths of you two, how could you possibly help me?”

Embarra.s.sment flashed across Ling Ziqi’s face.

He was also aware that the strength of him and his younger sister was of no use. If such standards really encountered the members of the Mount An Bandit Gang, let alone helping their saviors, they would basically be two huge burdens.

Yet, on the contrary, Ling Ziqi seemed to make up his mind, and he opened his mouth: “The two of us can do nothing else, but that Mount An Bandit Gang will chase us relentlessly. If this benefactor is interested, we can act as…bait.”

Tianheng smiled: “Oh? Bait?”

His gaze suddenly fell onto Ling Ziqi’s face, whose heart trembled: “Since you two want to partic.i.p.ate, shouldn’t you tell me about that matter you’ve been concealing?”

Ling Ziqi was alarmed.

His mind promptly thought of something. After thinking it over, he immediately clenched his fists.

He was momentarily filled with regret. But then, he had second thoughts, and seemed to understand that the thing he’d been hiding should’ve been long known to the other party… Presently, his mind was in a disarray. At one moment, his mind flashed with being entrusted by his father prior to his death. The next moment, he remembered the ocean of blood and deep enmity resting on his shoulders. For a time, his mind was overgrown with distracting thoughts. He didn’t know what the right thing to do was.

To talk or not?

If he did talk about it, would it save the lives of this brother and sister pair?

But if he didn’t talk about it, would other things happen that would make it even harder for him to protect his sister?

He wavered back and forth, hesitant and indecisive.

Tianheng wasn’t worried. He simply sat down, and took out a cup of tea to sip.

He wasn’t in any rush…

The Ling Clan siblings would make the most correct choice.

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