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Chapter 1481: A Long-Planned Murder

In contrast to NA which was shrouded in darkness, the small island in the South Pacific Ocean was bathed in sunlight.

The indigenous people that lived here led a monotonous life day after day. Apart from dancing around the campfire and mating, they also fished on rafts, or picked coconuts and dried them into something like cheese. However, it was a lot sweeter and greasier than cheese.

Trump gradually became accustomed to life on the island.

Although Twitter did not exist here, the pleasant scenery was not bad. The plane crash made him realize many things, not only about life, but also about power, wealth, and family… things that he didn’t understand before but now he understood completely.

He had an idea why this crash happened, why he encountered this crash, and why those people dared to do such a thing. Right now, he couldn’t care less, he could only hope that those people would spare his daughter and his Trump Group…

As well as his social media account.

Just like his usual routine, Trump, who had completely become accustomed to his new life, wore palm leaves and left his big belly exposed. He patrolled his territory with a spear. However, at this moment, a series of white bubbles suddenly appeared on the originally calm ocean.

A droplet-shaped submarine slowly floated to the surface.

When Trump saw this strangely shaped submarine, his tanned face suddenly turned pale, and he stood there motionlessly.

Although he had a hunch, he didn’t expect it to happen so fast.

What should have come, after all, did come…

On a small island near French Polynesia, Jiang Chen saw Trump, who wore palm leaves and almost burst out laughing. Perhaps it was because of his laughter or he did not like Jiang Chen very much, Trump had a stern expression and did not look very welcoming.


A few arrows flew to him from the darkness.

Jiang Chen, inside the N-100 power armor, slapped down the arrows like waving away mosquitoes. He gently pressed down Ayesha’s rifle that was pointed at the indigenous people, jumped on the beach, and walked to Trump.

Trump let out a sigh, then said wryly.

“Can’t you just let me go?”

“You know that’s impossible.” Jiang Chen shrugged, looked at Brien who stood next to him, raised his eyebrows, and said with interest, “It seems that there is an uninvited guest? It’s your Rainbow Mansion a.s.sistant? Or the flight attendant on Air Force One?”

“…” Trump spread his hands and said emotionlessly, “General of Trump Kingdom, the next heir to the throne.”

There was a hint of pleading in that voice.

Brien walked to Trump’s side, then stared at Jiang Chen viciously, the stone spear in his hand swayed dangerously. Although he knew that the weapon was useless, and did not bring him the slightest sense of security, he still tightly grasped it in his hands.

Although the Pacific Fleet was destroyed by the hurricane, his instinct told him the cause of death to the more than 100,000 naval officers and soldiers that ended up in fishes’ bellies were inseparable from the man in front of him.

After he recalled the continuous rainstorm in Colombia, a word that only existed in legends, came to his mind.

Weather weapon…

It was like a sci-fi movie.

But after he thought about the Holy s.h.i.+eld that defended the twelve Trident missiles, the weather weapon did not seem to be too far off from reality.

Regardless of what Brien, who was dressed like the indigenous, thought, Jiang Chen looked at Trump thoughtfully.

He understood the meaning behind his words.

It was nothing more than “I’m over seventy years old, and I fortunately survived. I don’t think I can live for many years. I have no other pursuits. I just want to spend the rest of my life on this island, and so does the person next to me; he is the next king. Can you spare our lives…”

However, since Jiang Chen already found him here, he could not make the promise to him.

No one could guarantee that this small island will never be discovered.

It would be a hidden danger for Celestial Trade’s next plan if they kept a president that should have died here. It was why Ayesha asked Jiang Chen if Trump should be dealt with.

“Even if you think someone will take your place, it doesn’t matter?” Jiang Chen asked thoughtfully.

“Take it, take everything, don’t bother me anymore, I know I messed up, they are respectful in front of me, but they act differently behind me,” Trump said in an almost self-deprecating tone, then said nonchalantly, “I know you want to laugh at me for being used as the scapegoat. Just laugh at me. Now Mike Pence is the president. Go find him. I have nothing so you don’t have to care about a n.o.body…”

“Are you sure?” Jiang Chen interrupted Trump’s self-deprecating speech, then said with a smile, “You still have your Trump Group, the most beautiful first lady, and your amazing daughter. Career, family, and your social media account…Do you really think you have nothing but the position of the President?”

“What do you mean.” Trump frowned.

“Literally,” Jiang Chen said emotionlessly when he walked to Trump, “If I tell you now, once you give up everything, then everything you have will be replaced by another person… Even so, are you still willing?”

“Oh, G.o.d… You care about my meager inheritance?” Trump couldn’t believe it, but he was uncertain as he said with a trembling voice, “My a.s.sets are less than a fraction of yours, why do you just refuse to let me be here quietly…”

“Because we need the name Trump,” As Jiang Chen interrupted Trump once again, a subtle smile formed as the corners of his mouth turned up. He slowly confessed his original plan, “So we will create an identical person, for the time being, call it Trump No. 2. Believe me, our technology is more than enough to do this.”

“You demon.” Brien squeezed those words from his teeth as he continued to stare at Jiang Chen with horror and disbelief flas.h.i.+ng in his pupils.

From Jiang Chen’s words, he had already guessed what Celestial Trade was going to do.

“Well, if I am a demon, then what are you guys?”

Jiang Chen did not look at Brien and just said emotionlessly, “Twelve Tridents missiles and 96 nuclear warheads. If you succeed, one million citizens of Xin and even the 7,600 from the UA stranded in Xin will be the victims of your hegemony. You have never seen an international order as something you have to follow, nor have you cared about humanitarianism at all, so why do you pretend to accuse me now? I just did what you have done to me, back to you. If I’m a demon, then please tell me, Mr. Brien, what are you again?”

Brien was speechless, and after a moment of silence, he reluctantly argued.

“Neither did we think that…”

Jiang Chen smiled and interrupted Brien.

“Don’t tell me that you never thought that the twelve Tridents could hit all the targets. Eleven of them were aimed at the city center of Coro, Ange, and Penglai. You were just planning to contain our air defense forces, then use strategic nuclear strikes on industrial bases and military bases on New Moon Island… Am I right? But you know, this excuse is meaningless. The war has already begun. Let your President Pence go to the International Court of Justice to explain it. ”

“Isn’t the Pacific Fleet not enough…” Brien squeezed out the words.

“Not enough. Let alone the Pacific Fleet, even if you added the Lincoln Memorial and the Statue of Freedom, it is still not enough. Speaking of which you may not know but we have landed in Capital and Nouveau York, and are now pus.h.i.+ng towards the Great Lakes.” Jiang Chen smiled, “It won’t be long before this war will end.”

Brien and Trump were both stunned, with shock and disbelief written all over their face. They couldn’t digest the amount of information in Jiang Chen’s words for a while.

Even though he made the most pessimistic plan, Brien never thought that Celestial Trade would have landed on UA soil. And Trump had been in a disconnected state since the crash of the Air Force One, so he was unaware of any news. Even the news of the resumption of the Colombian Civil War and the collapse of the Pacific Fleet were all told to him by Brien.

“Let’s not talk about this anymore.” Jiang Chen shook his head, finally looked at Brien, and smiled, “Mr. Brien.”

“What’s the matter?” Brien responded subconsciously as he was still shocked by the news.

With a serious tone, Jiang Chen looked into his eyes and said, “You are a patriot, right?”

“Of course.” Brien raised his head slightly, proud of his answer.

“Very well. For the future of the 300 million people of UA.” Jiang Chen nodded, then suddenly raised his pistol without warning, pointed it at Brien’s head, and whispered, “Please go to h.e.l.l.”


A stream of blood spurted from his forehead, and Brien collapsed onto the beach.

The pungent sulfur smell dissipated, and the deafened gunshot terrified the indigenous people who were gathered around. They shouted “G.o.d”, “fire”, “curse” and other incomprehensible words in their language as they threw away the spears, bows, and arrows and fled.

“G.o.d! FU*K! YOU ACTUALLY KILLED HIM.” Trump took a few steps back in horror. “You killed him… Do you know who he is?”

“I don’t know and I don’t want to know. Most likely an officer from the Pacific Fleet that managed to survive. I have killed too many people, and I don’t have the time to get to know everyone,” Jiang Chen said this sentence nonchalantly, then tucked the pistol still smoking back on his waist, “Also, you only have the chance to survive if I kill him, am I right?”

Trump stared at Jiang Chen. His fat and loose chest undulated, and he didn’t speak.

“Let’s continue to talk about the topic just now,” Jiang Chen smiled slightly to ease the tense atmosphere, then he said, “We had a very pleasant negotiation last time, so it was me who came today, not a cruise missile.”

“What do you want to talk to me about?” Trump trembled.

“First of all, I can give you an enviable lifespan,” Jiang Chen said in a soft bewitching voice, “You will serve as President for two full terms, including the time of the interim government after the war and your term of office may be more than twenty years. In addition, your daughter will inherit the Trump Group, and we will let you have wealth beyond the Morgan and Rockefeller families, and the Trump family name will be given more meaning; it will be remembered by future generations. In the end, you will become the hero who saved your people from peril…just like what happens in Hollywood blockbusters.”


Wealth beyond Morgan and Rockefeller?

The…hero who saved his people?

Trump was not overwhelmed by the series of sugar-coated promises, he swallowed down, then cautiously looked at Jiang Chen.

“It’s the first time you can become a hero by betraying national interests.”

“Betraying national interests? No, no, no, you won’t be the scapegoat,” Jiang Chen shook his finger, then laughed emotionlessly. He paused for a moment before he continued, “In fact, we already have enough evidence to prove it. Air Force One was not an accident, but…”

“A long-planned murder.”


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