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Chapter 1214 Forming The North Division

Pingan Street was the largest settlement in the northern part of the Pan-Asia Cooperation region. Although the degree of infrastructure and industrialization lagged behind the Sixth Street, the population made the place have promising development potential.Thus, this was also the precise reason the candidates for the position of mayor were more important.

The individual must represent the interests of the NAC and must understand the situation of Pingan Street. Jiang Chen certainly considered parachuting someone in from the NAC, but he could not think of a suitable candidate.

Jiang Chen even considered Zhou Guoping who engaged in intelligence work in the Shangjing area. However, the thug-vibe on him meant that he could only play an effective role in the field and was not a suitable candidate for an official position.

Lu Fan knocked on the door and saluted as Jiang Chen thought about this problem while sitting in the office that once belonged to Ding Liwei.

“Report. Ding Liwei and Wan Peng’s a.s.sets have been confiscated. It includes a total of five million crystals, one million crystals worth of luxury goods, 200 power armors, kinetic skeletons and other types of equipment.”

“Bring all the crystals back to w.a.n.ghai. As for the luxury goods,” Jiang Chen touched his chin as he debated before he finally made a decision. “Contact the auction house here and proceeds will be used for post-disaster reconstruction.”

“Yes,” Lu Fan replied. “There is one more thing Advisor Han has asked me to report to you.”

“What is it?” Jiang Chen asked.

“The Russians have withdrawn to the Badaling region and have already withdrawn to outside the Fifth Ring Road.”

Jiang Chen nodded.

After he came up from underground, he already heard people say that Han Junhua ordered the armored forces to penetrate from the north side and follow the Third Ring Road to circ.u.mvent the zombie flood. Then they ignited ten tactical nukes at the Line 27 station and turned the entire station into a deep pit.

The zombies were not only attracted by the living, but were also attacted by nuclear radiation. Driven by the instinct formed through the X1 bacterial, the zombies rushed into the tunnel through the deep pit and flanked the Russians from behind. While zombies were no threats to tanks, they were deadly to personnel.

Compounded by the fact that Yegor and Sminov both died in the battle, the Uelen Border Guards was in a state of distress, and the slightly more senior officers began to feel restless. Internal problems spurred out one after another, and now they could not focus on the war with the NAC.

Retreating was their only choice.

“The Russian problems aside,” Jiang Chen looked at Lu Fan and smiled, “Let’s talk about you.”

“About me?” Lu Fan was confused.

“What do you think of the expeditionary force?”

“It’s combat power is…”

“Shangjing is the political center of the Pan-Asia Cooperation, and it was once a population center. There are countless fallout shelters that have not yet been opened, and there are countless heritages waiting for us to discover. So,” Jiang Chen paused, “I am going to set up the Northern Division as the fourth division of the NAC. And the leader of this division…”

Jiang Chen’s fingers knocked on the table as he looked at the shocked Lu Fan with a smile.

“It’s you.”

The strategic significance of Pingan Street did not require further explanation. If the NAC managed to develop this region, the possibility of this place becoming the second Sixth Street certainly existed. This place would serve as the strategic fulcrum of the NAC in the north and radiate the glory of civilization to the surrounding wasteland…

And it would be impossible to achieve this without a sufficient military presence.

Jiang Chen decided to form the Northern Division for this very reason. Now that the NAC has established itself for two years, it has managed to regain some vitality. The number of soldiers could easily support the establishment of another division.

Counting the 5,000 soldiers in the expeditionary force, NAC would recruit 5,000 more from Shangjing to form a divison with 10,000 soldiers.

The ideal leader of the fourth division would be his guard captain, Lu Fan.

Although Lu Fan may not be clever, he acted with responsibility and loyalty. He was not ambitious either. To the north of Badaling was simply wilderness. Jiang Chen did not need someone who could expand the territory of NAC for him; he just wanted someone to protect the fruits of this expedition’s victory.

Lu Fan was the best candidate.

When Lu Fan left Jiang Chen’s office, he felt dizzy.

While his ranking was not low, as the captain of the General Guards, even Cheng Weiguo, w.a.n.g Zhaowu, and Zhao Gang acted politely around him. However, he understood they respected the person he protected, not him.

Based on the military ranking system of the NAC, the General Guards’ captain was two ranks below the head of a division! It was not unprecedented to have someone rise two ranks at once. The last person was still on AS Order – The Captain of Order and the Head of the Expeditionary Force, Li w.a.n.g. He was only half a rank below the leader of a division!

However, Li w.a.n.g was ranked as captain of AS Order because of his merit in Hongcheng, but he did not do much in this expedition… at least from his perspective.

His fists clenched tightly and he took took a few deep breaths. He then touched the medal on his chest before determination appeared in his eyes.

In order not to disappoint the trust of the general, he made up his mind that he would use 200% of his energy to protect the territory of NAC. If anyone dared to cause chaos on his land, he swore to personally bring them down!

After Lu Fan left, Jiang Chen met the deputy captain of his guards in his office, or simply put the next captain, Zheng Shanhe. Because of the injury he sustained in Line 0, he had bandages on his arm. He was called to accept this duty.

Jiang Chen smiled and patted the uninjured shoulder. Then he said with encouragement.

“You can do it! I’ll have to count on you for my safety.”

Zheng Shanhe’s back was straight as he saluted to Jiang Chen with full of excitement.

“Guaranteed to complete the mission!”

There was not much nonsense. Jiang Chen personally put the medal on him, and gave some more words of encouragement. For the newly appointed General Guards’ captain, the first task for him was to supervise the development of Line 0.

The task was for him to get used to this role. Since Han Junhua was overlooking this project, his role was just to a.s.sist.

The reason why Jiang Chen gave this task to him was to familiarize him with the work of the captain. Although the main responsibility of the guards was to protect the safety of the general, but as the captain, his work also included representing the General at certain places inappropriate for the general to show up at.

After Zheng Shanghe left, Jiang Chen went to the floor-to-ceiling windows in the office and continued to internalize the problem that continued to trouble him—the mayor of Pingan Street.

Outside the windows, below the Pan-Asia Cooperation Building, the troops that had withdrawn from the Dongcheng Hospital gathered in the military base and waited for dispatch.

Looking at the military base from above, he suddenly felt a glimpse of inspiration, and a suitable candidate appeared in his mind.


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