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Chapter 98: Is He Really Bragging?!

Top floor of the Pentagon.

In an ordinary office.

More than ten gray-haired old men in military uniforms were watching Raymond’s live broadcast.

When Raymond said ‘one year’!

Even these military bigwigs couldn’t hold it in anymore!

Lawrence had just been scolded by Pierre, but now he was the first to jump out!

“How can this kid boast more than me? One year! Even if Einstein were to come back to life, it would be impossible!”

Once he opened his mouth, Pierre could not hold back at all and started to argue out of habit.

“You still know that you can boast? If you can, then go ahead. If you can’t, don’t talk nonsense!”

“Pierre, I’m too lazy to argue with you. I don’t believe that you really think this kid can develop an interstellar s.p.a.ceship in a year?”

At this moment, Lawrence had the upper hand!

He looked at the people around him, and almost everyone looked as if they had seen a ghost!

After all, an interstellar s.p.a.ceship was not some random cat or dog that could be developed just like that!

It could be said that exploring the universe had always been a project that any country was carrying out!

But what about the actual situation?

No country could leave the solar system, not even the world’s most powerful country, the United States!

At most, they had only been to Mars!

There were too many things involved in this!

Energy, speed, materials, ecological circulation…

Almost every link was challenging the limits of all humans!

The current technology on Earth was absolutely impossible to build a s.p.a.ceship that could travel between the stars!

After hearing Lawrence’s words, the corner of Pierre’s mouth twitched.

Of course, he did not believe it either. It was only natural for him to criticize Lawrence!

“Who cares if I believe it or not! I believe it, so what? This kid broke through the red and ultraviolet insulation coating technology in a month. He might really break through the interstellar s.p.a.ceship in a year!”

The others looked at each other, this time they could not remain silent.

An old man with dozens of military medals on his chest stood up and said loudly, “No matter what, Raymond’s ambition is at least good. Whether or not the Raymond Research Inst.i.tute can complete the interstellar s.p.a.ceship project in a year, we should not point fingers at him!”

“Even if it can’t be completed, the technology that has been broken through during this period is enough to pull the country’s technology!”

“From this point, I support Raymond!”

“That’s right, I also support this kid. This kid is very arrogant, very similar to when I was young!”

“Hmph, I don’t think highly of him! He’s just a little punk, yet he dares to boast shamelessly, saying that he can break through to the interstellar universe ship in a year!”

“If this kind of boasting goes out, if he can’t do it, won’t he be making a fool of himself in front of the military?”

“That’s right, we can’t let this kid ruin the reputation of the military!”

“Director, I think we should seal off all the information channels immediately. This kid’s words are too unreliable!”

Everyone was chattering and expressing their thoughts.

After all, Raymond was one of their appearances and signboards. If this signboard was destroyed, then the military would definitely suffer a loss of face!

These military bigwigs, no matter how noisy they were, were all concerned about the military’s face!

In the end, it was the US Secretary of Defense, Dempsey, who knocked on the table to stop the discussion.

“Look, Raymond’s expression. Does it look like he’s joking or talking big?” Dempsey said calmly.

Everyone was stunned and looked at the live broadcast.

In the live broadcast, Raymond was standing in high spirits. His eyes were calm and filled with a calm and composed feeling!

This sense of calmness didn’t feel like he was talking big!

Instead, it felt like he was confident!

Everyone looked at each other, Lawrence said hesitantly, “But… breaking through to the interstellar s.p.a.ceship in a year, how is this possible?”

Pierre also became more serious and said seriously, “Lawrence, you have to admit that there are real geniuses in this world. Just because you can’t do it, doesn’t mean that they can’t do it!”

“To be honest, I can’t believe it either, but I’m still willing to support this kid!”

Lawrence was silent for a few seconds. In the end, for the first time ever, he did not continue arguing with Pierre. Instead, he nodded silently.

“I support him too.”

Dempsey looked at the two old guys who were arguing endlessly in surprise. He felt a little emotional in his heart!

These two men were reckless on the battlefield and during training!

Moreover, their abilities were extremely outstanding. In the past, they were the king of soldiers and similar figures!

Now, the two of them had become big shots in the military, and they were constantly fighting each other!

Today’s peaceful situation was considered to be an exception!

He smiled slightly, stood up, faced the crowd, and said, “No matter what, Raymond is the face of the military. Since Raymond has made such a big promise, we must help him accomplish it at all costs.”

“The military and Raymond will rise and fall together.”

“Therefore, in the next few days, I don’t want to see anyone create trouble for him in the matter of Raymond Research Inst.i.tute.”

“Do you understand?”

Dempsey’s voice had always been calm, but everyone was shocked when they heard it.

Dempsey’s personality was the kind that would easily blow up when he was in trouble, but if he suddenly spoke to others calmly, it meant that he was really serious!

Whoever touched his bad luck at this time would be in big trouble!

Everyone stood up and saluted solemnly.

“Yes, General!”

Naturally, Raymond did not need to personally handle the work of the research inst.i.tute after it officially opened.

Whether it was the Pentagon or Sherry, they could handle it very well.

What Raymond needed to do was only some decision-making matters.

After the opening of the inst.i.tute, there was still a routine c.o.c.ktail party.

Although Raymond was not very keen on such an occasion, he had no choice but to go tonight.

After all, he was now the face of the military.

If he missed the first c.o.c.ktail party after the opening of the research inst.i.tute, he would leave an arrogant impression on everyone.

Although Raymond did not care, there was no need to go to so much trouble.

It would not hurt to go to a c.o.c.ktail party!

At night.

Raymond put on a set of clothes that Sherry had specially matched for him. He walked into a banquet hall that had long been set up in the research inst.i.tute in a suit and tie.

At this moment, the banquet hall was brightly lit.

Many men and women dressed luxuriously were walking back and forth in it.

Raymond sighed. He really didn’t like this kind of occasion.

“General Raymond, you’re here.”

Outside the door, Sherry was dressed in a long dress. She was beautiful and moving. She was already waiting for Raymond.

Raymond nodded and pa.s.sed his arm over.

Sherry took advantage of the situation and held onto his arm. She reported in a low voice beside Raymond’s ear, “There are less than seven families partic.i.p.ating tonight. It’s basically all the big families. The other forces aren’t absent.”


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