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Chapter 58: Preparations Are In Place! The Test Flight Has Begun!

“General Rocky, about this… Let me think about it!”

Raymond thought for a moment and replied.

General Rocky nodded. “Of course, you must think about such a big matter. Just come to me directly!”


After saying goodbye to General Rocky, Raymond returned to his lounge.

In his mind, the automatic research on the ‘anti-gravity arc drive device’ had already achieved some results!

Raymond finally understood what this was!

This was a device that directly skipped the essential research on dark energy and directly entered the application stage!

But at present, the requirements on the material and precision of the device were very high!

With the current technological strength of the countries in the world, it was extremely difficult to create such a device. It could even be said to be completely impossible!

If he wanted to create it, then at the very least, Raymond would have to establish a project related to aeros.p.a.ce.

Otherwise, even if he were to create it, there wouldn’t be much use for it!

Although he didn’t have any use for it at the moment, Raymond was still actively researching it.

After all, researching this type of device brought him a lot of course points!

As it was an automated research, even if the technology was very advanced, the course points given weren’t as high as when he checked the XU-45.

It was only about one point every ten minutes.

But the problem was, it could be obtained all the time!

So far, but from this ‘anti-gravity arc drive device’, Raymond had obtained more than 4,000 course points!

‘The country will definitely let me start my own project or let me join some high-end scientific research projects. At this time, it’s definitely not a problem to obtain more course points.’

With this in mind, Raymond flipped through the information and automatically studied the blueprint of the anti-gravity arc drive in his mind.

The next day.

A soldier sent by General Rocky knocked on the door of Raymond’s lounge.

“Professor Raymond, the test flight of the fighter jet is about to begin. General Rocky asked me to come over and invite you over!”

“Okay! I’ll be right there!”

Fifteen minutes later, Raymond’s figure appeared in the test field!

Naturally, the military bases in District 11 weren’t just underground.

The underground part was just the research area of the military bases in District 11.

The truly complete District 11 included the research area, the training area, the armament area, and the flight field area!

And at this moment, they had arrived at the flight field!

As far as the eye could see, a straight runway that was about five kilometers long was actually built directly into the mountain range!

The military had actually directly opened up this mountain range and built this airstrip!

Even Raymond couldn’t help but be shocked when he saw the mountain range on both sides of the airstrip and deduced that this was a big deal!

Only a country could do such a thing!

General Rocky and more than twenty other experts and professors were already waiting for him.

“Raymond, I heard from General Rocky that you’re going to partic.i.p.ate in the test flight?!”

Professor Hansen came up to him anxiously and questioned him loudly!

In Hansen’s heart, Raymond was the hope of West Point, a top-notch scientific research talent that the country must not lose!

How could such a talent partic.i.p.ate in such a dangerous thing like the flight test of a fighter jet?

If it was an ordinary fighter jet, then forget it!

But this XU-45 was the latest model. In other words, before this flight test, even if there were no problems with the data, no one could guarantee its safety!

No one could guarantee its safety!

Under such circ.u.mstances, flying into the sky was tantamount to playing with one’s own life!

That was why Hansen was so anxious. He didn’t even have time to greet Raymond before he directly questioned him.

Raymond smiled and said calmly, “Don’t worry, Professor Hansen. The XU-45 will not have any problems. My physical fitness is also very strong! Didn’t you see it yesterday?”

He was talking about avoiding countless tennis b.a.l.l.s!

Speaking of this, Hansen’s expression eased up a little.

He suddenly thought that with Raymond’s body, he seemed to be able to adapt to the flight of a fighter plane.

But then, anger appeared on his face again!

Because, what Hansen was worried about was not whether Raymond could withstand the flight of a fighter plane, but that this fighter plane had never been tested in actual flight!

In other words, although this thing looked good, no one knew if it was safe after it was in the sky!

If there was a slight mistake, at 10,000 meters high in the sky, the survival rate was 0!

There were no survivors at all!

In these years, there were quite a number of soldiers who lost their lives because of the fighter jet’s flight test!

It could be said that the fighter jet’s flight test was the one with the highest mortality rate in the entire District 11!

“No! Raymond, you can’t joke about your own life! Your life now is not only your own, it’s also West Point’s, it’s the country’s!”

“As the Professor of West Point, you’re a student of West Point! You must listen to me!”

Facing Hansen’s tantrum that was like a child, Raymond felt a faint warmth in his heart.

He understood that Professor Hansen was just concerned about him!

However, he had already checked that fighter plane in detail!

With his knowledge of almost all subjects, he could completely judge whether this fighter plane was safe or not!

It could be said that this was the most perfect work of art with modern technology!

There would definitely not be any problems!

Raymond was still very confident in his judgment!

Moreover, even if there were any problems, with his physical fitness, there was a very high chance that he could survive!

Even if it was 10,000 meters in the air, in an extremely cold and oxygen-deprived environment, Raymond was confident that he could persist until the parachute landed!

This was his confidence in his own body and in the system!

“Professor Hansen, don’t worry! I really won’t have any problems!”

“Besides, we a.s.sembled this fighter plane ourselves. Don’t you have confidence in it?”

“I really want to sit on it and soar in the sky during the first test flight!”

“You don’t have to persuade me. I’ve made up my mind!”

Raymond’s expression was extremely serious as he said this.

Professor Hansen hesitated for a moment, but in the end, he could only sigh deeply!

He glared at General Rocky!

It was as if he was blaming him for agreeing to Raymond’s partic.i.p.ation in the first test flight!

General Rocky could only pretend that he didn’t see the old professor’s gaze!

He couldn’t help but curse in his heart.

He thought to himself.

‘You didn’t see how abnormal Raymond’s physical fitness was!’

‘I have no doubt that even if the fighter plane has problems, he will definitely be able to survive!’

‘That kind of physical fitness was simply not a level that humans could reach!’

This Raymond was definitely a Super Saiyan!

Even though he was joking in his heart, General Rocky’s expression remained serious!

Finally, after everything was ready, he gave an order.

“Everyone, get ready. Begin the test flight!”


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