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That thing was definitely not human.

Its limbs were cut off, but it didn’t scream or feel any pain, and its blood was black. This world was really vast, even that kind of creature existed.

w.a.n.g Village

The servants told the guards about Lin Fan and Zhou Zhongmao’s situations.

He has been working hard to protect his Young Master.

But unfortunately, he was not talented in martial art.

“Young Master…” shouted the servant. He felt relieved because Lin Fan was already back.

Zhou Zhongmao threw the mysterious creature to the ground, and the guards were shocked because they never saw a creature like that.

“Don’t do anything stupid with this thing.” Zhou Zhongmao told the guards.

Zhou Zhongmao sealed that thing with a mystic art technique, Tianzhang Huazhang’s palm, channeling his spiritual power into that thing’s body, to ensure that it would not die and escaped.

The villagers ran away when they saw that creature.

The villagers thought that thing was surely not a human, but a demon.

“The killer has been caught. You can rest a.s.sured and bury the victim. If you encounter such a thing in the future, feel free to report it to me.” Lin Fan shouted to all villagers.

Lin Fan couldn’t wait to go back and play with that thing.

“Thank you, Young Master Lin.”

The villagers were grateful. There could more casualties if Lin Fan didn’t come and solved this matter.

“Let’s go back.”

Lin Fan left with a group of guards escorting him.

Lin Family’s Residence.

Wu Lao returned faster than Lin Fan.

When the servant came back to inform what happened, Wu Lao had a bad feeling and hurriedly came to w.a.n.g Village. He knew what the servant talked about, and that thing was definitely not something Lin Fan could handle.

But when Wu Lao arrived, Lin Fan and Zhou Zhongmao already captured that thing.

Wu Lao knocked on the door while Master Lin was reading a book. Master Lin looked up and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Master…” Wu Lao was hesitating, he didn’t know the right words to explain.

Master Lin put down the book and wondered, “What’s the matter?” There was a bad feeling in his heart.

“Someone died in w.a.n.g Village this morning.” Wu Lao said.

He said that as the way to begin his report, and he said, “A couple died, and Young Master with Zhou Zhongmao heading there, but then they encountered the demon.”

Master Lin frowned.

“I already warned him not to go out for the time being, why didn’t he listen to my words, and now he encounter a demon, I would rather lose my wealth instead of letting my son encounter the demon.”

“Master, that …” Wu Lao tried to explain the situation to Master Lin. “Young Master is fine. He is able to beat the demon and capture it.”


Master Lin was shocked. “Are you saying that brat and Zhongmao beat the demon?”

Master Lin believed it because Wu Lao was the one who told him the story, he knew full well to beat demon one must have a certain technique.

Even though demons had a weakness, and that was the sunlight.

But that was not the issue. Master Lin couldn’t believe his lazy son could beat the demon and capture it. That was the real question right now.

“Let’s go!” Master Lin wanted to see it with his own eyes.

Lin Family’s Residence, Backyard.

Lin Fan teased the demon, and he poked its face with the spatula in his hand.

“Are you not angry? I ask you, are you not angry?”

He wanted to use this opportunity to farm the rage points.

‘Rage point +111′

Lin Fan thought everyone had the limiter on their mind, but if he succeeded to make someone break that limiter, he could farm a crazy amount of rage points.

“Cousin, be careful.” Zhou Zhongmao kept his eyes close on that thing, in case that thing escaped and tried to hurt his cousin.

Lin Fan sat on the chair while teasing the demon, and laughed, “It’s okay, this thing is so interesting. Did you know this thing’s weakness? It is sunlight!”

The sunlight was indeed demons enemy.

Lin Fan kept teasing the demon with a spatula in his hand.

‘Rage point +123′

But Lin Fan was dissatisfied with the amount of rage points he got from the demon.

“Young Master, Master Lin is here.” Zhou Guangyi whispered.

“Father, why are you here?” Lin Fan got up and greeted Master Lin.

Master Lin was speechless when he saw that demon was in a cage and the fact that Lin Fan was the one who beat it.

Even though Zhou Zhongmao was with him, he couldn’t believe his son could defeat it and even capture it.

Lin Fan asked, “Father, what the h.e.l.l is this thing? It dares to kill our villagers in w.a.n.g Village. Those villagers were proud of our Lin Family. But I capture it, and you can rest a.s.sured.”

There was nothing wrong with what Lin Fan said, but that was not the issue.

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