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Chapter 7: The G.o.ds Come to Offer Their Congratulations

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio


Not only the visitors in the backyard, but everyone in the entire Divine Firmament Temple heard that.

It was as if there were countless Buddhas reciting scriptures in a low voice.

It was also as if countless immortals were discussing Dao.

Some even heard the harmony of Dragons and Phoenixes, as well as the chirping of a hundred birds.

That was the resonance of Heaven and Earth, as immortal voices lingered.


Suddenly, a girl in the crowd exclaimed as she pointed to the sky.

Everyone turned their gazes to the sky and was immediately stunned.

In the sky, light shone brightly as clouds piled up. They formed the image of gigantic G.o.ds.

These G.o.ds all lowered their brows as they crossed their hands in front of their chests and bowed.

“Congratulations, Immortal Lord!”

A mighty voice spread throughout the entire Divine Firmament Temple.

It caused the mountains where the Divine Firmament Temple was located to tremble.

Everyone heard the G.o.ds in the sky congratulate Lin Qi over and over again.

Furthermore, they called him the Immortal Lord.

Only Lin Qi was qualified to the t.i.tle of the Immortal Lord called by the G.o.ds that were condensed by the clouds in the sky.

At that moment, everyone looked at Lin Qi, who was floating in the void in astonishment. Lin Qi’s appearance was also becoming more and more like an immortal.

His skin was white and crystal clear, and one could vaguely see the blood vessels under his skin. His entire body was emitting a halo, and not a speck of dust could be seen on him.

Lin Qi suddenly opened his eyes, and a bolt of lightning shot out.

At this moment, everyone felt as if a bolt of lightning had struck down in their minds. It shook them so much that they trembled and felt uneasy. They had the thought of kowtowing to Lin Qi.

Some of the older tourists immediately knelt. Their expressions were solemn and pious. Lin Qi was an Immortal G.o.d to them.

In an elegant loft in the Divine Firmament Temple.

An old Daoist with white hair and beard sat in lotus position on a cushion. He closed his eyes and focused.

When he heard the lingering immortal voice, he suddenly opened his eyes.

“This… This is the resonance between Heaven and Earth. The G.o.ds are here to congratulate someone?”

“It has been hundreds of years, and someone broke through the shackles of Heaven and Earth and became an Earth Immortal?”

Daoist Master Qingxu’s voice trembled, and his expression was extremely excited.

Daoist Master Qingxu was already over a hundred years old. Although he was a Precelestial Realm warrior, his Qi and blood were declining, and he looked extremely old.

However, after hearing the resonance between Heaven and Earth and the congrats from the G.o.ds, he stood up shakily and walked towards the backyard where Lin Qi was.

He wanted to see the posture of an Earth Immortal with his own eyes before he ascended.

“Master, you should not move around like this.”

The Daoist Priest waiting outside the door saw Daoist Master Qingxu walking out impatiently. He quickly went forward to support him and stop Daoist Master Qingxu from walking around casually.

“Go away. You don’t have to hold me.”

Daoist Master Qingxu pushed the Daoist Priest away and walked forward without paying any attention to him.

Nothing could stop him.

In the backyard.

The figurine formed by clouds in the sky disappeared and turned into clouds again.

Lightning flashed in Lin Qi’s eyes, and his deep gaze seemed to be able to pierce through the void.

His spiritual energy soared, and he could already sense the situation within a radius of thousands of miles.

He could even see the cicada’s eggs buried deep under the soil.

That was the change brought about by his body after he became an Earth Immortal.

At that moment, a drop of blood on his body could penetrate several meters of the ground. If he was seriously injured and on the verge of death, as long as there was a drop of blood, he would have a chance to come back to life.

However, that was under the situation that someone could hurt him. With his current physical fitness, not to mention bullets, even a missile could not break through his body’s defense.

Moreover, he did not need to breathe or eat or drink. His body was could absorb energy from the void at any time.

In the depths of his mind, the crystal figurine that looked similar to Lin Qi was emitting golden light. Its body was surrounded by the scriptures from the Scripture of the Thunder Monarch.

The Scripture of the Thunder Monarch had already cultivated to the maximum level, but this figurine was still cultivating. However, it did not progress in the cultivation at all.

That made Lin Qi very surprised. Could it be that there were other realms above the Earth Immortals?

The Scripture of the Thunder Monarch could only be cultivated to the Earth Immortals. After all, Master Ling Su, who created the Scripture of the Thunder Monarch, was only an Earth Immortal himself.

The Earth Immortals were indeed extremely powerful. The surging power almost made Lin Qi lose himself.

However, Lin Qi felt that the Earth Immortals were not perfect. He felt that there should be a higher realm above this.

That realm was the true realm of Immortals.

Although the Earth Immortals were strong, they were not immortal. They could live up to 300 years.

After 300 years, their Qi and blood would still decline, and they would die. It was hard to escape death.

They were not immortals.

When the G.o.ds appeared in the sky, they were not real G.o.ds. It was just a Heaven and Earth phenomenon. He had become the Earth Immortals of this world and received the recognition of Heaven and Earth.

If he became a G.o.d, would real G.o.ds come to welcome him? It was just like in the ancient myths and legends of his world. After a person completed his cultivation, he would ascend to the Heavens, and the immortals would welcome him.

“It seems that I should explore this world properly after I finish off Song Tianming.”

A thought appeared in Lin Qi’s mind.

After becoming an Earth Immortal, although Lin Qi’s spiritual perception was only within a radius of a few thousand miles, and it was only within the range of spiritual radiation.

However, his spiritual perception was not affected by s.p.a.ce and time.

He could already vaguely sense Song Tianming’s location.

At the same time, his eyes focused, and killing intent flashed in his heart.

‘Don’t mess with me, and I won’t mess with you. Since Song Tianming tried every means to get rid of me. Then don’t blame me for attacking back.’

After finishing that, he would go and kill Song Tianming.

And his men.

Coincidentally, Song Tianming’s men were all near Song Tianming, which saved Lin Qi’s time to find them.

Lin Qi looked at the Little Daoist Priest not far away. He smirked.

The Little Daoist Priest suddenly stiffened, as if he was locked by a beast. He didn’t dare to move at all. Lin Qi’s gaze seemed to have looked inside and out of his body, and even his thoughts couldn’t hide from the man’s eyes.

Lin Qi could tell at a glance that this young Daoist Priest had a very good body foundation. His talent was very outstanding. It could be said that it was a rare sight in a hundred years.

He was simply a high-quality unpolished jade.

He could see that himself and the Divine Firmament Temple had produced a thin thread that could not be seen by the naked eye.

That was a karmic line. Only warriors who had reached the Earth Immortal Realm could see it.

He had obtained the Scripture of the Thunder Monarch from the Divine Firmament Temple and had received the Karma with the Divine Firmament Temple. That was why the karmic line was produced.

As long as he did not break this karma, the thread would always wrap around him, and it would become a karmic barrier.

To him, the cultivation of martial arts was practically untrainable. Even if the villain in his mind cultivated desperately, he would not gain anything.

However, his realm might regress because the karmic barrier would cause a flaw in his soul. Once there was a flaw in his soul, his realm would regress.

In Buddhism, the Earth Immortals were Bodhisattvas.

The high and mighty Bodhisattvas all had the risk of regressing in their realm, which was karma, and also a flaw in his soul.

Therefore, Lin Qi had to repay the wisp of karma.


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