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Chapter 294: To Charm Thousands of Girls

Am I being played by a four-year-old girl?!

This little girl looks soft, cute, and harmless. Who would have thought that she is so sharp? Sometimes, she acts like an adult. She is really… not to be underestimated.

As a father, Su Shengjing felt that the little girl had already vented all his frustrations for him and given this woman a tight slap in the face!

In the end, Xue Zhen could not stand it and angrily left. She banished the matter of recruiting Su Jiu to the back of her mind. Even if she really wanted to sign Su Jiu, she could not accept being fooled by the little girl!

It’s all my fault for underestimating this girl and thinking that she’s innocent and easy to deal with. She really turned out to be such a rotten child!

An Yuan stood some distance away and watched the entire scene.

Even when she saw that the little girl had tricked her manager, she did not feel anything. Instead, she wanted to laugh.

Unexpectedly, Su Shengjing, who used to be a childish and immature kid in school, was not bad after becoming a father. At least, he had taught his daughter well.

She was really smart and likable.

An Yuan realized that she liked that little girl more and more. It was as if she could not get enough of her.

Moreover, she had overheard two staff members whispering to each other that Little Jiu looked a little similar to her and that she acted the younger version of An Yuan’s character extremely well.

Is it true that Little Jiu looks like me?

An Yuan could not help but look at Su Jiu with more curiosity.


The filming process went very smoothly. Over the past two to three days, the director had praised Su Jiu so much that Su Jiu got tired of it. The little girl was a genius in acting. After filming her scenes, the director was still unsatisfied and kept asking Su Shengjing to let the little girl act in his next film. They could negotiate the pay.

Indeed, he had to pay the little girl more. After all, she was very popular and comparable to those A-list celebrities.

Su Shengjing had perfunctorily replied, but in his heart, he thought: It’s enough for me to earn money. I can’t let my baby suffer anymore. She just needs to live happily and freely and spend as much money as she wants!

After that, Su Shengjing had to stay on set to film. Although he couldn’t bear to part with his daughter, he still let Sheng Tianci take her away.

Sheng Tianci drove the little girl back to the apartment and took out the key Su Shengjing had given him. Then, he put Su Jiu down and patted her little head. “Uncle will pack some things for you, then you’ll stay at Uncle’s place for a few days, okay?”

Afraid that the little girl would be sad if she left him, he quickly added, “Your daddy will finish filming soon and will come to pick you up.”

The little girl obediently nodded and softly said, “Okay. I’ll go stay at Uncle’s house and wait for Daddy to come back.”

Sheng Tianci was struck by her cuteness again. He couldn’t wait to bring her home, so he quickly packed some clothes and daily necessities.

The moment he turned around, Su Jiu ran out of the house. She wanted to ring the little villain’s doorbell, but she was too small. Even if she jumped up, she could not reach the doorbell. She could only reach out to knock on the door.

It had been a few days since she had seen the little villain. She missed him and wondered how he was.

During filming, she had thought about how great it would be if the little villain could act as the younger version of the male lead. With his little face, he would charm thousands of young ladies.

He was really, really good-looking!

As she thought about it, a familiar voice came from the staircase. “Little Jiu?”

Su Jiu turned around, and her eyes lit up.

It was the little villain!


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