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Chapter 275 – What Did I Do Wrong Again?

Xiao Sixteen was extremely dumbfounded.

Before he went unconscious, the last thing he vaguely remembered was Jiao Tangtang’s powerful kick. Once he woke up, he wondered why the person in front of him was of the other gender.

Were the two of them in cahoots?

Did Xu Xiaoshou actually have such strong backup?

No, that couldn’t be it.

Now was not the time to think about it.

Xiao Sixteen tried to look down but felt that his head was very heavy as if it would fall off, so he lifted it immediately.

Scanning his body with his spiritual senses, he was shocked. This young man had handicapped his four limbs to the point that he had almost become a straight pole.


Xiao Sixteen was confused. His mind was filled with questions. He did not understand.

Even if he had been captured by a powerful enemy, fallen into a deep trench, or been lost at sea after a s.h.i.+p had capsized, the torture wouldn’t have been this extreme. Why was he being tortured to this extent even before any interrogations had begun?

Was this guy still a human?

Xiao Sixteen was in so much pain that he was grinding his teeth and could not speak.

The throbbing pain from his body reminded him of the dark times when he was still training to be an a.s.sa.s.sin.

Even the psychopath back then was not this ruthless.

Now, he could not do anything but accept his fate.

Xiao Sixteen was as still as a stone as his heart sank to the bottom.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at his uncertain face and waited until the Information Bar’s swiping slowed before facing him and forcing out a smile.

“Can you move?”


‘I f*cking cannot move even if I wanted to!’ Xiao Sixteen silently screamed.

‘Would you dare move if you were in my shoes?’

Xiao Sixteen cursed frantically on the inside. He really wanted to try moving, but blood kept pouring out of his neck.

‘Spiritual source!’

‘That’s it! Spiritual source can save me!’

Just as this thought came to his mind, he heard Xu Xiaoshou speak very cautiously. “From now on, you must not fiddle around, including your spiritual source! Once you move, I will panic!”

He thought, ‘This is someone at Master Stage!’

‘He’s a Master Stage killer!’

Despite knowing that this man would not be able to cause much trouble, Xu Xiaoshou was still extra careful just in case.

He was afraid.

He was more afraid of the hundreds of array wheels and the nearly Sovereign Stage spirit-gathering arrays than he was of this man who could also be hiding some secret tricks up his sleeves.

The man could not die just yet. There were too many questions left to be answered.

“Whatever I ask, you must reply to me. Okay?” Xu Xiaoshou asked in a gentle tone, allowing both parties to relax.

Xiao Sixteen’s face darkened. He was furious and shaking with anger. He wanted to resist.

Unfortunately, the feeling of helplessness from his body and the finger as sharp and s.h.i.+ny as a knife on his neck made him feel very vulnerable.

He did not even dare to use his spiritual source.


Hearing the slight raspiness in Xiao Sixteen’s voice, Xu Xiaoshou realized he might have been overly cautious.

He looked at the man’s neck, which was almost sliced open. He immediately took out a jar of honey and spread it over his wound. “What is your name?”

Feeling the coolness on his neck, Xiao Sixteen finally regained more consciousness and opened his mouth with difficulty. “Xiao Sixteen.”

“Was the a.s.sa.s.sin in the back alley your partner?”

Xiao Sixteen was shocked. He suddenly realized that Seventh Brother had most likely been killed by this man. His heart instantly sank.


“How old are you?”


Xu Xiaoshou was about to follow up and ask about the Zhang family’s situation, but was shocked. “That old!”

The man looked like a youth barely in his twenties.

Xiao Sixteen mumbled, “Huh…”

Cursed, Pa.s.sive Points +1.

The room was filled with silence. Xu Xiaoshou awkwardly realized that he had interrupted his own interrogation.

Actually, he had not learned much about interrogation techniques.

The effects of Amber Juice were extremely good. Within a few seconds, Xiao Sixteen’s wounds started to heal and rapidly close.

Xu Xiaoshou stopped bothering with using any interrogation techniques and instead decided to freestyle his questions. “Were you guys sent by the Zhang family?”

Xiao Sixteen hesitated a little. Even in such a sticky situation, his a.s.sa.s.sin professionalism and training taught him not to expose such important information.

“Ss… Argh!”

“F*ck! What are you doing?”

Xiao Sixteen had no time to think before he shockingly realized that the wound that had started to heal on his neck had been cut open by Xu Xiaoshou again.

It was a fast, direct cut.


Resented, Pa.s.sive Points +1.

“Don’t move,” Xu Xiaoshou said with his hands shaking. He was not a psychopath. This interrogation was turning a little b.l.o.o.d.y, but for his own safety…

“Let me ask you one last time. Are you guys…”

“Yes, yes, yes. The head of the Zhang family, Zhang Taiying!”

Xiao Sixteen was shaking as he blurted the information out even before this demonic youth finished asking.

“Zhang Taiying placed a wanted poster on Dark Street with a reward of 50,000 spirit crystals for your head. I’m just…”

“50,000?” Xu Xiaoshou’s hands shook a little, which inevitably caused the neck wound to become deeper, and exclaimed, “Am I so cheap that you guys came after me for a measly reward of 50,000?”

Xiao Sixteen took in a deep breath. He had already stopped thinking about the pain in his body.

He felt that if this continued, he would be beheaded.

“Just kill me now! Stop toying with me!” Xiao Sixteen blurted in despair.

He thought, ‘If you want to interrogate, please interrogate properly. Stop shaking your hands. It hurts so much!’

Xu Xiaoshou immediately spread some more honey on him and apologized. “I’m so sorry. Please continue with what you were saying. I did not mean to do that.”

Xiao Sixteen was speechless.

Resented, Pa.s.sive Points +1.

“Continue talking!” Xu Xiaoshou raised his voice slightly.

“All right, all right…” Xiao Sixteen paused for a moment and said, “I am an a.s.sa.s.sin from Dark Street. I didn’t come after you for the spirit crystals but because of the Sovereign Pill.”

“Sovereign Pill?”

“That’s right!”

Xiao Sixteen nodded, afraid that any hesitation would lead to more drastic actions from this lunatic in front of him. He rushed to continue speaking.

“The Sovereign Pill containing the Zhang Family’s Ancestral Bear Spirit is much stronger than all the other Sovereign Pills as it allows cultivators to better understand and study the way of the heavens.”

“This is something that all Masters dream to have, even those from the big organizations.”

“Needless to say, for us small a.s.sa.s.sins, that is the biggest treasure!”

Xu Xiaoshou recalled Zhang Xinxiong’s Ancestral Bear Spirit, as well as Yuan Tou’s abnormal transformation. He roughly figured out what this was all about.

Xiao Sixteen didn’t dare to be hesitant. This guy was too scary. If he hesitated any more, he might be subjected to even more torture.

The wound on his neck had healed slightly, so he felt that he could move a little. He looked down and tried to take out the reward deposit, the Sovereign Pill, from his ring.

When Xu Xiaoshou saw him looking at this ring, he misunderstood and was extremely horrified. Although he panicked, his movements were quick. He immediately struck. His hands went through Xiao Sixteen’s chest.

“Don’t move!”


Xiao Sixteen immediately puked a mouthful of blood onto Xu Xiaoshou as his eyes widened with fear. He lifted his head.


‘What did I do wrong this time?’


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