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Chapter 132

Tina ran out of the ruinous building . Her eyes were shaking with uncertainty .




Tina’s emotion manifested as intense confusion .

Tina wished that this was only a cruel joke laid on her by heaven .

The familiar voice calling out to her brought her back into reality .


Noah closed the distance between them in seconds .

“Did you think you can run away just like this? Tina!”


Tina continued running while biting her own lips .

It’s only a matter of time before he catches up to her .

Tina tossed three orbs .

Buzz buzz buzz

The orbs had an eye-like structure embedded in them as they flew away .


He recognized the distinct humming sound

She deployed these things during the sniping incident back then and just now .

These scouting devices appeared to be very technologically advanced, they flew on an automated basis without any apparent input from Tina . She must be controlling them somehow . These objects are probably the reason behind her insane sniping skills .

Noah is very convinced that these objects allowed her to snipe with deadly precision over a kilometer .

“So she used these objects to achieve that level of accuracy, huh?”

Noah’s question will go unanswered for now .

The three scout orbs flew towards Noah at neck-breaking speed .

Noah lifted his pistol, he wanted to gun them down when he saw timer on the orbs . With a few more ticks, the orbs exploded .

Flames and smoke shrouded Noah . The ensuing wind blew the surrounding rubble and stones away .

Tina’s haste slowed down but she charged forward nonetheless .

The game of cat-and-mouse is already over .


Like a meteor streaking across the sky, a figure clad in smoke and flames leaped over Tina .

Her vision blurred and Noah who was a bit charred from the detonation appeared in her vision .

Noah stood there with a firm look .

His look was all it took to inform Tina that she had some explaining to do and no one is going to leave until she fesses up .

Tina who is already trying hard to escape reality hysterically yelled at him .

“Get out of my way!”

Tina took out a knife as she charged at Noah .

He stood there without taking any action .

Tina frantically stabbed at Noah with her knife .

Even when the knife is coming for his head, he continued watching like it’s nothing .

In that instant, the distance between the two closed .


A knife twirled through the air as it landed somewhere in the ruins .


Tina’s hand felt numb after having the knife slapped away from her grip . It was like she tried to attack a rock, she staggered backward .


Before Tina can react, a gun was already pointed at her glabella .

Tina froze up .

With less than 5 centimeters between the barrel of the gun and her head, she was in no position to continue attacking .

Not even a cursed child can dodge a bullet fired at such a close range . This applied to conventional firearms .

Moreover, Noah was holding a modified gun that was custom-made to deal the maximum amount of damage .

This is the end of the line for her .

She slumped down after seeing a gun pointed at her, she lost all her strength . She smiled faintly with a ghastly-white expression .

“As expected, Onii-san is incredible . ”

Her sentence brought out the question in his mind . He sighed and he looked into her eyes .

“Why did you try to kill Seitenshi?”

This is the true question that would determine the relationship between them, the other questions can be left for another time .


Tina gave up, her smile was as bitter as they can get .

“Because it was my master’s order . ”

“Your master’s order?”

Noah tightened on the stock of his gun, he looked at Tina who was limp in front of him .

“Right, I never truly introduced myself to Onii-san . ”

Like a nocturnal hunter, her expression was sharp in contrast with her att.i.tude during the day .

“I am an Owl-type initiator, a mechanized fighter, my IP ranking is 98, Tina Sprout . ”

Her introduction carried a wealth of information within .

An owl-type initiator, a hybrid mechanized soldier, IP ranking of 98 .

These told tales about her past .

Noah reckoned that this fell within estimates for someone who stood in the inhuman top 100 of the ranking .

He is not too sure about what Hybrid meant but he is very aware of the existence of mechanized soldiers, the result of cruel procedures that jammed Varanium into the human body, a gross body modification project envisioned to create soldiers that can fight against Gastrea . Kagetani is an infamous mechanical soldier .

She possessed mechanical soldier ability in addition to her powers as a cursed child .

No wonder she can attain a spot in the top 100 of the IP ranking .

This also told Noah that he might not be able to get the answer he wants .

“Onii-san looks like he understands what I am talking about . I tried to kill Seitenshi because my master told me to do it . I can’t divulge who told my master to do this because I am not aware of the material facts . I am only a tool in this affair . ”

Tina lowered her head and she continued with a hollow voice .

“Please, Onii-san, kill me . ”

The scene became silent .

Speechless, he pulled the trigger after seeing Tina’s vacant look .


The gunshot echoed throughout the sky .


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