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HSSB1033: The focal point of the battlefield

If the Dim Radiant Emperor’s relic was an already complete Immortal Artifact and Yan Zhaoge was able to wield it, even though winning would still be very tough then, they might still have a chance.

It would not spell complete despair, at the very least.

Actually, most people still did not think well of the chances that this was really true.

After their initial excitement upon hearing of the news back then, they had gradually calmed down over the years thereafter.

The news spread by the Radiant Light Sect at the start was very possibly erroneous.

Perhaps Yan Zhaoge had indeed obtained a relic of the Dim Radiant Emperor, but that might not be an Immortal Artifact.

At least, the possibility that it was a complete Immortal Artifact was not high.

On one hand, the Dim Radiant Emperor had never forged and used an Immortal Artifact when alive.

On the other, it was also because no trace of that Immortal Artifact had ever been seen in all these years when Yan Zhaoge and Broad Creed Mountain had been around.

If it was said that Broad Creed Mountain’s martial pract.i.tioners had previously had insufficient cultivation bases despite their great strength, in the battle today thus far, if they truly did have an Immortal Artifact and Yan Zhaoge could wield it, the battle could have ended long before this before the Heaven Emperor had even shown up.

Thinking of this, those atop Broad Creed Mountain all had heavy hearts as they vaguely felt despair.

Despite having become the focal point of the entire battlefield, Yan Zhaoge’s expression was as per usual.

He released his suppression towards the Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen and made an upward motion with his hand.

The Myriad Dragon Palace appeared, its large doors opening as streams of dim, gloomy qi emerged from within.

A ma.s.sive black metal wheel silently rotated amidst the boundless s.p.a.ce within the great hall.

As the black metal wheel flew out of the Myriad Dragon Palace, everyone’s gazes immediately focused on it.

The Dim Radiant Wheel!

This supreme treasure that originated from the late Dim Radiant Emperor, Yin Tianxia, finally reappeared in this world.

As the Dim Radiant Wheel rose slowly, the world around it which had already been dim originally due to the great earth having replaced the sky turned completely pitch black, its radiance being extinguished.

Yet, amidst that boundless primordial darkness, a pure, brilliant speck of light suddenly lit up.

The Dim Radiant Wheel existed between light and darkness at this moment.

The black metal wheel slowly rotated, seemingly having been divided in two by a formless boundary.

One side was illuminated by brilliant light and shone gloriously while the other was merged with the dim darkness, being difficult to distinguish.

Still, as people gazed over, it was also like the entirety of the Dim Radiant Wheel was covered by a layer of dim radiance which was neither bright nor dazzling as it was simply blurry.

The opposing brightness and darkness were clearly distinct from each other.

It was chaotic and blurry, all indistinct within.

These two seemingly contrasting phenomena were simultaneously manifested on the Dim Radiant Wheel, causing people to doubt themselves and wonder if they had hallucinated one of them.

Yet, they had achieved perfect unity and coexistence at this moment, manifesting a profound concept.

Of the twelve slots of the black metal wheel, nine of them currently flickered with an inexplicable radiance.

The rotating Dim Radiant Wheel suddenly fell still before radiance was emitted from one of them, falling onto Broad Creed Mountain down below.

A force of reversal was exerted which prevented Broad Creed Mountain from sinking into the sea.

At the same time, Yan Zhaoge struck downwards with a Cyclic Heavenly Seal.

Beneath these two forces, the momentum of uprooting a mountain was created as the numerous mountains of Broad Creed Mountain no longer descended, instead beginning to slowly rise.

Countless people thought to themselves as they gazed at the Dim Radiant Wheel, “That is the relic left behind by the Dim Radiant Emperor…”

Even as their minds were shaken, seeing how only nine of the twelve slots of the Dim Radiant Wheel were aglow with radiance, many people sighed to themselves, “Ultimately, this is still not a complete Immortal Artifact!”

As its name suggested, Immortal Artifacts were weapons forged by experts who had already pushed open the door to Immortality.

If the Dim Radiant Emperor had not completely refined it, it would naturally have been impossible for Yan Zhaoge, a Martial Saint, to bring it to completion after having obtained it.

Yet, the gap between mortals and Immortals was like a virtually insurmountable heavenly gulf.

Without an Immortal Artifact, how could he stand against an Emperor who had already pushed open the door to Immortality many years ago?

“Dim Radiant Twelve Arts, second art, Reflection.”

A pleasant-sounding voice resounded amidst s.p.a.ce, resembling the tolling of a bell and the sonorous voice of the great dao.

“It has been many years since I last saw such orthodox Dim Radiant Twelve Arts,” The ma.s.sive tree that towered upside-down from the great earth up above vanished as a Daoist appeared in mid-air.

He wore a yellow robe as there was a golden crown on his head and a cloak of crane feathers about his body. He had a short beard and authoritative features as he still appeared ephemeral and out of this world despite not being as handsome as the Brocade Emperor Fu Yunchi.

This was none other than the Heaven Emperor of the World beyond Worlds’ Five Emperors!

While this was his first time seeing him in person, Yan Zhaoge had already long familiarised himself with the appearances of the major bigwigs of the World beyond Worlds.

Everyone else recognised this Emperor too.

As the Heaven Emperor appeared, the terrifying pressure that enveloped the entire area instead strangely disappeared.

Whether it was Yan Zhaoge, Cao Jie and the others in mid-air or those atop Broad Creed Mountain down below, their bodies all relaxed simultaneously.

Still, everyone grew even more nervous.

As the Heaven Emperor showed himself, Lang Qing, Zhuang Shen, Daoist Oneheaven and Lian Zulin ceased to battle all at once.

They paid their greetings to the Heaven Emperor in unison, “Heaven Emperor.”

The Heaven Emperor nodded, saying, “This humble Daoist feels the urge to test his skills. Let me have a go.”

Lang Qing replied, “Of course.”

Zhuang Shen sat in the meditative position amidst s.p.a.ce, silently circulating his breathing as he recuperated from the wounds that had been inflicted on him by Yan Zhaoge and the Extreme Yang Seal earlier.

Still, his gaze was still tightly fixated on Yan Zhaoge and the Dim Radiant Wheel. Though there was pain and hatred in his gaze, there was a rather complex look within it as well.

While the Dim Radiant Wheel was indeed still not an actual Immortal Artifact, it still possessed shocking might.

Yan Zhaoge’s strength was far from comparable to that of typical Immortal Bridge Martial Saints.

With him possessing the Extreme Yang Seal and Dim Radiant Wheel too, however unwilling to admit defeat Zhuang Shen was, he still had to acknowledge that he alone would probably be unable to take revenge.

More importantly, with the strength and potential that Yan Zhaoge had displayed, there would be even less of a chance for Zhuang Shen to personally exact vengeance the more time that pa.s.sed!

It was just that since the Dim Radiant Wheel was still incomplete, there was really no way of reversing the battle situation today.

“The Brocade Emperor is destined to be unable to rush here in time,” Zhuang Shen looked coldly at Yan Zhaoge and the others.

The Heaven Emperor strode atop s.p.a.ce, walking over to Yan Zhaoge and the others neither hurriedly nor slowly.

The Southeastern Exalt Cao Jie indifferently remained where he was.

The Northeastern Exalt Liu Zhenggu calmly greeted the Heaven Emperor respectfully, “This old man Liu Zhenggu greets the Heaven Emperor.”

“You are polite, Fellow Daoist Liu,” The Heaven Emperor nodded slightly before saying, “You can leave now, Fellow Daoist, or you can spectate too. This humble Daoist does not mind either one.”

Liu Zhenggu’s expression did not change as he said, “This Liu has come to provide his a.s.sistance this time, and this will not chance whoever the opponent is. I answer only to my conscience, heedless of what may come. Please understand if I appear to overestimate myself, Heaven Emperor.”

“It is fine,” The Heaven Emperor shook his head, “Since that is so, I will speak with Fellow Daoist Liu later on.”

With that, he raised a hand, the wide sleeve of his Daoist robe opening up.

Time and s.p.a.ce circulated and s.h.i.+fted as Liu Zhenggu suddenly shrank and was pulled straight into that sleeve of the Heaven Emperor’s!

A Human Exalt soundlessly vanished without a trace just like that, as if he had never been at Broad Creed Mountain in the first place.


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