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HSSB1024: Some things can and cannot be done

Above the sky, the Northeastern Exalt Liu Zhenggu was in a standoff with the Eastern Exalt Daoist Oneheaven.

Over by the side, the Western Exalt Lian Zulin and the Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen stood side by side as they gazed down upon Broad Creed Mountain in the region of sea of the Spirit Inheritance Region together.

The Western Exalt Lang Qing had suddenly appeared above the sea surface as he was locking gazes with the Southeastern Exalt Cao Jie who was standing atop Broad Creed Mountain’s Heaven Rising Peak.

The pressure exerted by these six Exalts caused not just the Spirit Inheritance Region that Broad Creed Mountain was in but even the entire Royal Reed Sea to seemingly solidify.

The ripples subsided on the surface of the sea as it was like the surface of a mirror.

These usual tides had completely fallen still now with the sea resembling a continent.

The mighty auras disrupted s.p.a.ce and time, forming projections in the air above the Royal Reed Sea.

At this moment, most martial pract.i.tioners within the entire southeastern Yang Heaven Territory as well as the neighbouring southern Blazing Heaven Territory were able to see these scenes in the air above the Royal Reed Sea.

Everyone gazed dazedly at Cao Jie, Zhuang Shen and the others, unable to utter a sound.

While there had been some guesses previously, that so many peak experts had actually congregated at the tiny Royal Reed Sea still left all the onlookers feeling shocked.

Three Sovereigns Five Emperors, Exalts of Ten Territories.

These eight words represented the current strongest existences of the World beyond Worlds.

This situation had already gone on for over a thousand years as it was deeply inscribed in the hearts of all.

Over these long years, members of these bigwigs had perished before due to various reasons.

Amongst these rulers, there had only ever been a deficiency and never an excess of them.

For example, a hundred years ago, before the ‘Heavenly Young Master’ Chen Qianhua had attained the Human Exalt stage, there had been a short period of time in the World beyond Worlds in which there had only been nine Exalts.

Only when the monstrously talented Chen Qianhua had achieved that breakthrough had the name of the ten Exalts been restored as true.

Normally, most of the time, these Exalts remained in their own domains, seldom venturing outside.

Today, however, there were a total of six Exalts who had congregated at Broad Creed Mountain in the Royal Reed Sea.

This was virtually unheard of in recent years, other than when they had previously all headed to Kunlun Mountain in the central Jun Heaven Territory together.

Still, what this entailed was likely a battle on a grand scale rarely seen in recent years in the World beyond Worlds.

A great battle of Human Exalts.

While only the Northeastern and Eastern Exalts had completely released their auras at this moment, with Cao Jie, Zhuang Shen and the other two temporarily still yet to make a move, as those of Broad Creed Mountain sensed that intimidating air now, they too felt somewhat shocked and fearful.

At this moment, atop the mountain were the Southeastern Swordsmistress and other peak martial pract.i.tioners of the southeast as they amounted to quite a few late Immortal Bridge Martial Saints.

Still, even they dared not get involved as they sensed that pressure, knowing that they would die without a doubt if they did so.

Human Exalts, bodies of Human Immortals.

What was a Human Immortal?

Beneath Immortals and above mortals, not having become Immortal but no longer being mortal.

Amongst all mortal lifeforms, the only existences who barely had a chance at resisting Emperors were Human Exalts of the tenth level of the Martial Saint realm.

Meanwhile, they too presided loftily over other Martial Saints almost like how Immortals gazed down upon mortal martial pract.i.tioners from high above.

Besides the Southeastern Exalt Cao Jie, there were only two people currently atop the mountain with calm mentalities as their expressions remained unchanged.

They were none other than Yan Zhaoge and his father, Yan Di.

“You Exalts have come from far away to attend our Broad Creed Mountain’s opening ceremony today. This Yan first thanks you here,” Although Yan Di’s expression was composed, his gaze was sharp and domineering.

Zhuang Shen, Lang Qing, Daoist Oneheaven and Lian Zulin who were subject to his gaze all knit their brows slightly.

“Your son Yan Zhaoge came to my southern Blazing Heaven Territory, taking away quite a few things then,” Zhuang Shen said coldly, “In having come here today, I will add on another big present to your Broad Creed Mountain.”

He looked at the Southeastern Exalt Cao Jie, “Cao Jie, besides our past enmity, there is only that one phoenix bone which I seek over which victory or defeat must be decided.”

“Still, I am of no mind to discuss this with you today. All I want is to level Broad Creed Mountain and claim Yan Zhaoge’s life.”

“If you wish to obstruct me, no mercy will be shown today!”

Hearing this, Cao Jie replied mildly, “Do your worst.”

Zhuang Shen nodded, “Very well then.”

Then, he turned to look at Yan Zhaoge, gazing at him for a long time before saying, “An outstanding young man. Sadly, I must claim your accursed life today.”

“Those who kill can always themselves be killed. This principle applies to everyone,” Yan Zhaoge smiled, “It applies to those from your Wutong Slope, applies to me and applies to you as well.”

Zhuang Shen said, “That’s right. Let us settle all this with our own martial prowess then.”

The Western Exalt Lang Qing now turned to look at the Northeastern Exalt Liu Zhenggu, “Elder Liu, why must you come to stir up this turbid water?”

“Let us not mention that both you and Zhuang Shen have enmity with Golden Court Mountain and Broad Creed Mountain,” Liu Zhenggu’s voice tolled like a sonorous bell, “Why have Oneheaven and Northwestern Lian come today? This old man has come for the exact opposite reason.”

The Northwestern Exalt Lian Zulin who had yet to say anything since showing up suddenly spoke up now, “Do not a.s.sociate me with the likes of you lot.”

“I care not about what Hue Yuexin’s descendant obtained from the Dim Radiant Emperor. Still, with the supreme treasure of our lineage of the Red Sea having fallen into their hands, I must definitely get it back.”

Lang Qing said, “That is fine. It means the same in the end.”

He looked at Liu Zhenggu and Cao Jie, “You were only secretly doing it before. Now, however, the two of you are blatantly helping Bright Connection Hu’s descendant?”

The Bright Connection Emperor Hu Yuexin, Grand Master of Yan Zhaoge’s mother Xue Chuqing, had disappeared without a trace from the historical records of the World beyond Worlds as an Emperor that few would know of now.

“You can be considered as blatantly going against the will of the Earthly Sovereign now,” Daoist Oneheaven said slowly.

Liu Zhenggu snorted, “Stop it with your nonsense. The Earthly Sovereign has never called for the arrest of Xue Chuqing before.”

Lang Qing said mildly, “The Earthly Sovereign does not quibble with those of the junior generation. Still, some things that are laid out there must be dealt with at the end of the day. We naturally must act when it is necessary. Why must the Earthly Sovereign have to order it for it to be done?”

“Perhaps,” Liu Zhenggu did not bother reb.u.t.ting him as thunderbolts rampaged about his body, “Still, similarly, there are some things that can be done and some things that cannot be done.”

Zhuang Shen gazed up into the heavens, exhaling slowly, “Living in this world, there are indeed some things that can be done and some things that cannot be done.”

“Some debts of blood must be repaid.”

With that, the aura about his body changed with blazing fire sweeping the area as the fiery phoenix spread its wings, all-encompa.s.sing flames descending towards Broad Creed Mountain!

The Northwestern Exalt Lian Zulin glanced at Daoist Oneheaven and Lang Qing, “Settle your grudges with Northeastern Liu and Southeastern Cao yourselves. All those related to Xue Chuqing are mine.”

The cloak that enveloped her thin, delicate body was suddenly opened.

An endless crimson ocean suffused s.p.a.ce, seeming even vaster than the Royal Reed Sea as it obscured the sky.

Enveloped by that red sea, everyone present felt as though they were not in control of their own lives.

The Western Exalt Lian Zulin was descended from the lineage of the Red Sea that was said to be the dao tradition of the bigwig of legend, Red Essence One, who had been a personal disciple of the Lord of Primordial Beginning, founder of the Jade Clear lineage.

They cultivated in yin and yang and controlled life and death, being boundlessly profound.

This legacy had resumed after the Great Calamity, with many baleful and vicious methods having newly been born.

While Lian Zulin was female, the brutality of her methods was ranked amongst the top of the Ten Exalts.

This attack of hers was even more ferocious than that of the Southern Exalt Zhuang Shen’s!

“There is indeed no easy Human Exalt,” Enveloped by the red sea, Yan Zhaoge sensed his rather unstable soul as it was seemingly about to be forcibly pulled and extracted out from his fleshly body.


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