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Chapter 407: What Did the Dragon Clan Mean


A loud boom erupted in the sky above the Xuantian Sect.

The formation trembled.

The entire Xuantian Sect seemed to have experienced an earthquake.

“The Dragon Clan, they are here again!”

w.a.n.g Qian’an appeared in front of one of the bases of the formation at once.

The formation, which had only rested for a few days, suffered another heavy blow.

The Semi-G.o.d Ream Elders in the Xuantian Sect had only just caught their breath.

“Yesterday, we were worried about the attack of the Dragon Clan. We didn’t expect that in less than a day, they would come.”

“Let’s dig for prenatal stones! As long as the emperor-level expert of the Dragon Clan doesn’t make a move, our Xuantian Sect can still hold on for eight to ten years.”

“What’s the use of eight to ten years?”

“What if there are prodigies in the sect who can reach the advanced stage of the Semi-G.o.d Realm in these ten to eight years? I hope there are. It will take time.”

“Ten or eight years!”

A few Semi-G.o.d Realm warriors of the Xuantian Sect looked bitter.

It had been a hundred years since they broke through to the Semi-G.o.d Realm. They could not even see any hope of moving up.

The most powerful one was only at the fifth level of the Semi-G.o.d Realm.

“There is still hope for Li Jiao.”

“She is only at the second level of the Semi-G.o.d Realm now. No matter how talented she is, she still needs time! Breaking through to the next level in more than ten years, she is already a prodigy among the prodigies.”


The formation trembled again.

As more Semi-G.o.d Realm warriors of the Xuantian Sect entered the formation base, the formation gradually stabilized.

The disciples of the Xuantian Sect were no longer panicking like the last time. More of them were already numb to this kind of attack.

The attack from the Flood Dragon Clan and now the Dragon Clan.

This was the fourth time.

“The Dragon Clan is attacking the Xuantian Sect again!”

The other experts of the Demon Clans had been staring at the Dragon Clan these days.

The expressions of all the experts were flickering.

“Great! Great! With the destruction of the Xuantian Sect, a great disaster will be eliminated. What’s left will be nothing!”

“This time, the Roc Clan no longer has the strength to attack from behind.”

“Even if they want to attack, they have to be careful of the traps set by the Dragon Clan.”

“The Roc Clan are not fools. How can they attack at this time? This time, the Xuantian Sect is truly in danger.”


The attack continued for many days, with each attack becoming fiercer and fiercer.

Compared to last time, this time, the Dragon Clan attacked the Xuantian Sect’s formation with their full strength. There were even many dragons forming a set of formation attacks.

Fortunately, the Xuantian Sect had the experience from last time and could be considered stable.

“With the Dragon Clan attacking like this, who knows how long it will take for them to break the Xuantian Sect’s formation. It’s better to let their Ancestor attack and break the Xuantian Sect in one strike.”

“By the way, this Xuantian Sect’s formation is really impressive! A formation at the half-step emperor level. How did those Demon Clans break into the Xuantian Sect in the first place?”

“Check it out. Any demons who could break into the Xuantian Sect had to have spies in the Xuantian Sect to succeed.”

“Look at the Roc Clan! The Roc Clan definitely doesn’t want the Dragon Clan to destroy the Xuantian Sect,” a Semi-G.o.d Realm warrior said in a low voice.

When he was young, he came from one of the three clans of a certain clan.

All three clans wanted to unify the entire clan.

The second and third strongest would always work together to exclude the first.

The first would always find a way to break up the two families.

In more than a thousand years, all three clans had been the leaders.

In any case, no one had unified the higher clans.

It was not until the second and third had a feud and both sides attacked that the leader was given a chance.

“Among the three forces, it is inevitable for the second and third to work together.”

The other Semi-G.o.d Realm demon nodded.

“If the Roc Clan and the Xuantian Sect work together, what will it do to us Demon Clans?”

No matter what, the Roc Clan was on their side.

How could they work together with the Xuantian Sect?

“In the past, it was the Roc Clan and the Dragon Clan that fought for hegemony. Now, it is a three-way battle. Moreover, the blood feud between the Roc Clan and the Dragon Clan is much deeper than the hatred between the Roc Clan and the Xuantian Sect.”

At this moment.

Within the Eagle Clan.

The Roc Clan was also discussing.

“The Xuantian Sect is going to be destroyed. If the Dragon Clan cannot be destroyed, it can only be the Roc Clan that’s going to be destroyed,” the Dark Lightning Roc Emperor said hatefully.

Dragon Clan!

Darn it!

“The problem is that we don’t have the strength to fight against the Dragon Clan. Even if both parties work together, it’ll be very difficult to stop the Xuantian Sect.”

The other Rocs were worried.

It was too difficult for the Roc Clan now.

If it was not for the Condor Clan taking them in, they might not even know where they were going.

“Let’s wait and see! In our current situation, it’s not suitable for us to make a move. The Xuantian Sect can still hold on for a period of time. If there’s an opportunity, we don’t mind making a move,” the Golden-winged Great Roc pondered for a long time and said.

“If we work together with the Xuantian Sect, then the Demon Clans…”

“Yes, we don’t need to communicate with the Xuantian Sect on the surface. We just need to maintain tacit cooperation. When the Xuantian Sect fails, we’ll lend a hand. With the Xuantian Sect around, the Dragon Clan will keep an eye on the Xuantian Sect. We’ll buy some time for our Roc Clan to grow.”


“Remember to not be too obvious when you attack. Don’t let the Demons Clans be dissatisfied,” the Dark Lightning Roc Emperor warned.

“I know! As long as the Xuantian Sect can’t hold on, we’ll launch a sneak attack.”

“It’s good that you know. I will also prepare to head to the Endless Sea. If necessary, I will use my life to attack the Dragon Clan,” the Dark Lightning Roc Emperor said.

After saying that, he flapped his wings and left.

The other Rocs kept silent.

After the Dark Lightning Roc Emperor left, the other furious Roc Clan experts also left.

In the corner, a few Virtual Realm Roc Demons looked at each other and frowned.

They did not have great strength or talent, so they lived very carefully.

If it were not for the heavy losses suffered by the Roc Clan’s upper echelons, they would not have replaced a few True Realm Elders and entered the meeting hall.

They were still apprehensive about the Dark Lightning Roc Emperor’s decision due to his anger.

“Sigh, now we’re just worried that the Dragon Clan will predict our plans.”

“So what if they know?”

“Now that the Dragon Clan has enough strength, they have many ways to counter it.”

The two Virtual Realm experts whispered.

Although their voices were very soft, it was still like thunder in this quiet meeting hall.

The other Roc experts frowned.

On the main seat, the Golden-winged Great Roc also frowned.

It felt like something was missing because it was unable to recall the emotional fluctuations.

He seemed to have caught onto something when he heard the conversation between the two Virtual Realm rocs?

“I wonder what the Dragon Clan is thinking? It’s enough for their Ancestor to secretly attack. Why are they still attacking like this?”


The words of the Virtual Realm Rocs exploded in the Golden-winged Great Roc’s mind.

That’s right!

Since one of the Dragon Clan’s experts had already attacked, why didn’t the other attack?

Even if this was their trump card!

The emperor-level Golden Dragon that had self-destructed in their Roc Clan and wanted to make their Roc Clan’s Ancestor disappear only needed one strike to break the Xuantian Sect. Why didn’t he make a move?

After he completely broke the Xuantian Sect’s formation, he would come and fight with the Roc Clan to the death.

Why didn’t he do that?

Could it be that he was very confident that the Dragon Clan could break the Xuantian Sect?

It seemed to be the case.

Only when he was very confident would he not take the Xuantian Sect to heart.

Was it the case?

Or was there something in the Xuantian Sect that he did not dare to attack?

It was impossible.

Even the Golden-winged Great Roc could not understand why he would place himself on the side of the Dragon Clan.

He kept feeling like there was something in it?

“The Fifth Grand Elder of the Dragon Clan is slowly torturing the Xuantian Sect just to set a trap for us? Don’t they know that the longer the night, the more trouble it will bring?”

That’s right!

How long it takes!

It was now a three-way battle for hegemony!

If the boss had absolute power to destroy the other two parties, why would he be wasting time?

Everything that happened earlier seemed reasonable.

What was the Dragon Clan doing?


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