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Hidden Marriage
Chapter 141: Succ.u.mbing to My Beastly Instincts
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After setting down the medicine, Lu Tingxiao was just about to knock on the door to ask if Ning Xi was finished when the bathroom door was abruptly pulled open by the person inside.

Tightly wrapped up in a large bath towel, Ning Xi hopped out like a furry little bug.

“Watch out!” Anxious that she would trip and fall, he quickly stepped forward and supported her.

Ning Xi sighed and spoke sincerely, “I’m not the one who needs to watch out. You’re the one who needs to watch out, Lu Tingxiao!”

“What do I need to watch out for?” Lu Tingxiao was puzzled.

Ning Xi spoke as if it was obvious, “Obviously I’m the one you need to look out for! After soaking for a while, I’ve almost recovered all of my strength, but the dormant volcano hidden inside my body still feels as though it may erupt at any time! Therefore, in a situation like this, you should keep your distance from me! There will be serious consequences if I succ.u.mb to my beastly instincts! Let me tell you, when I go crazy, even I’m scared of myself…”

The corner of Lu Tingxiao’s mouth lifted slightly. After hearing her exaggerated words, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

In truth, he was actually hoping for something like that to happen.

“The medicine has been brought over. Do you need my help?” Lu Tingxiao asked.

“Absolutely not. For the sake of your chast.i.ty, it’s better that I apply it myself!” Ning Xi spoke with vigour.

“My chast.i.ty…” Lu Tingxiao frowned.

Ning Xi winked, “In the past, didn’t you say that you would only have s.e.xual relations with someone after marriage?”

An upstanding and self-respecting man like him with a strong sense of values was truly like a needle in a haystack. Breaking his principles would be much too sinful.

Lu Tingxiao pinched the bridge of his nose. Was it still possible to take back those words right now?

Ning Xi continued hesitantly, “About that, I’m not wearing any clothing underneath.”

Lu Tingxiao nodded and handed her the medicine. Then, he took the initiative to leave, “I’ll wait for you outside.”

“Sounds good. Oh, right! Along the way, please help me check to see if my clothing, purse, and so on are out there!”


Lu Tingxiao walked into the living room. After looking around for a short while, he discovered a clothing hamper in the corner. All of Ning Xi’s personal belongings were inside.

A light lit up inside her purse. There was an incoming call on her muted phone.

Lu Tingxiao casually swept a glance over it. A second later, his pupils suddenly shrank.

Two distinct letters had popped up on the caller id ——YS

It was actually that person whose ident.i.ty he was still unable to uncover.

The call didn’t cut off and the screen continued to flash.

Lu Tingxiao stared for more than ten seconds. In the end, he used his slender finger to pick up the phone and accept the call.

On the other end of the phone, there was a sound of trickling liquid, like someone was pouring wine. Immediately, a husky male voice spoke, “Hey Sissy, have you received my present yet? Happy Birthday.”

“…” Lu Tingxiao didn’t speak.


After about five seconds, right when Lu Tingxiao had a.s.sumed that the other person wouldn’t speak again, the voice that carried a tinge of demonic charm spoke again, “Heh, you’re not Ning Xi?”

Lu Tingxiao remained silent.

Next, the familiar sound of a wine gla.s.s lightly tapping against gla.s.s rang out. Following that, the man continued to speak with some intrigue, “Then who are you? Let me guess… You’re definitely a man… A man who is with her at this hour… Are you friends with benefits or currently dating?”

The man paused and then let out a deep chuckle. His tone held dangerous, hidden malice, “Ah, if you guys are dating, then has she told you that she’s having an affair? Yeah, that’s right. Furthermore, I’m the other man.”

What was he trying to say?

Just as Lu Tingxiao was going to probe for more information, the cell phone suddenly went black. It had actually run out of battery and turned off on its own.


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