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Chapter 1930: I’ll Give Ten Times MoreTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Everyone knew that Starlight had poured all their resources into Han Zixuan, so the votes on the male artiste ranking were way far behind the female artiste ranking, making it much easier to get ahead of.

Everyone saw what was happening. As the live audience and fans on the streaming sites saw the ranking change, they started voting in the male artiste category when Ning Xi reached the top for female artiste ranking. The votes were coming in faster and faster!

Qin Zhen was skeptical when he saw the ranking.

The rules were set and Ning Xi had not violated it at all. If he listened to w.a.n.g Haojun and brought Ning Xi down when she had so many supporters at the moment, the public would surely spit on them to the point that they would drown!

w.a.n.g Haojun quickly changed his figure with his fingers and raised the price!

Qin Zhen was taken aback, his eyes full of greed.

It was such a large amount of money that it would be enough for him to live for the rest of his life even if he quit working after this!

As Qin Zhen hesitated, he suddenly received a phone call.

“Uhh, CEO w.a.n.g, I have an important phone call. Please wait!”

Qin Zhen’s expression changed when he saw who was calling him. He quickly hid in a corner after he asked w.a.n.g Haojun to wait.

w.a.n.g Haojun had an uneasy feeling when he saw Qin Zhen’s reaction.

At this time, who could it be?

In the corner, Qin Zhen picked up the call as he bent over although the person over the phone could not see it.

“Uhm, so… what’s up with the call today, Second Master? I’m surprised! Really surprised!”

A lazy drawl came over from the other side of the phone, he went straight to the point. “I don’t care how much w.a.n.g Haojun offered you, I’m giving you ten times more!”

d.a.m.n! Ten times more!

Qin Zhen was almost crushed by this number.

However, there was no way he could take it!

It was Lu Jingli himself who had called!

Darn it, did Lu Jingli not go back to the main company? He had never done anything in the past year after what happened to Glory World Entertainment, so why now?

He heard a rumor that Glory World had experienced major changes in their management. Could it be that the Lu Corporation was taking over Glory World now?

Qin Zhen made his decision almost immediately. “I’m not sure what you’re saying, Second Master. CEO w.a.n.g didn’t look for me at all! Even if he did, I’d have followed the rules! Don’t worry!”

Qin Zhen lied without any hesitation.

What a joke! Did he really need time to choose between Starlight and Lu Corporation?

Lu Jingli laughed. “You’re a smart man, Producer Qin.”

“You flatter me, Second Master…”

After he hung up, Qin Zhen wiped the sweat off his forehead as if he had just avoided a major disaster.

He then went back and rejected w.a.n.g Haojun.

“CEO w.a.n.g, it’s not that I don’t want to help you this time. You can see that everyone’s supporting Ning Xi. Saying that she violated the rules wouldn’t make it!

“If I really did so, how am I going to face the harsh criticisms and pressure?

“I’m sorry, CEO w.a.n.g. I can’t help you this time. We’ll stay fair and stick to the rules! If Zixuan can make it on the male artiste ranking, we will treat them fairly…”


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