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Chapter 1697: Give You Your Heart’s ContentTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The man’s every word was like a sharp awl that had been thrust hard into his chest, then ruthlessly twisted.

Lu Chongshan’s heart felt an increasingly vigorous sharp pain. His face had turned completely pale. “You…”

As he observed Lu Chongshan’s sorry look of losing all control, no longer as insufferably arrogant as before, the man shook his head and sighed as if he pitied him. However, his tone was ultimately taunting and cold as he said faintly, “Who would have thought… that Director Lu would have a side of him that valued kins.h.i.+p too? It’s really a shock to me…”

When he finished, he turned to the person beside him and raised his hand. “Enough. We’ll let Director Lu feel the pain to his heart’s content!”

Lu Chongshan instantly widened his eyes. His hoa.r.s.e voice struggled to say, “Yun Yi! You dare?! You…”

An unbearably excruciating pain shot through his heart. Lu Chongshan had spoken halfway when he stopped as he blacked out and fell to the floor.

The phone clattered to the ground.

The second before he lost consciousness, he clearly saw something bombarded in the girl’s direction of escape. The ma.s.sive wall behind her had toppled over with a loud rumble, then the girl had instantly vanished from his line of sight. Only a broken wall and ruins were left. A pool of bright red blood gradually flowed out from between the cracks of the bricks, drenching that part of the soil, dying it red…

In the Lu Corporation’s office building.


There came an ear-piercing sound. The pen in Lu Tingxiao’s hand had accidentally slashed through the paper, leaving an ugly mark.

The man’s thin lips pursed tightly. He looked at the white paper covered in data before him and frowned. For some reason, his face had sunken.

“Bro! This time they’re definitely screwed!” Lu Jingli ran over gleefully. When he saw Lu Tingxiao’s expression, he suddenly asked nervously, “Bro, what’s wrong? Is there a problem somewhere?”

Lu Tingxiao swiftly stood up. “Where’s your sister-in-law?”

Lu Jingli did not expect for him to switch topics so quickly, so he could not respond immediately. “Ah? Xiao Xi Xi! She’s at the old residence! Father and Mother went to the temple in the day. At night, they asked Guan Ziyao to stay for dinner, then Little Treasure worked hard and had Xiao Xi Xi stay too…”

“Boss! Come over and take a look!” One of the traders frantically ran up to Lu Tingxiao.

“Boss, the other side still hasn’t made a move. What do we do now? Do we still want to continue tossing out the shares we have? There’s only $7 million left!” From the other end came a voice asking for instructions too.

It was a critical time right now. Lu Tingxiao steered everyone and he could not afford to be distracted for even a minute. Otherwise, one wrong mistake would render all their previous efforts useless with no hope of reprieve!

“Bro, what are you worried about? Little Treasure is there! Xiao Xi Xi won’t be taken advantage of! We’re almost there!” Lu Jingli urged.

Just a little more, and this repulsive person and his brother’s biggest romantic rival would be completely disposed of!

Lu Jingli did not care about Lu Jingli’s urging. He raised his hand to let those waiting on his instructions to wait momentarily, then he turned to Lu Jingli. “Go and fetch Ning Xi over. Go right now. I want to see her within my line of sight.”

Lu Jingli wailed, “Bro, are you serious? You just haven’t seen each other for six days… Tomorrow, everything will be resolved… It’s just one more day!”

His brother’s icy gaze shot over from miles away and Lu Jingli immediately accepted the order. “I’ll go fetch her right away!”

Just as Lu Jingli said this, a figure suddenly staggered in. “Master! Second Master! Not… not good! Little Master has been kidnapped… and… and that Miss Xiao Xi…”


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