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When the Song heiress, Song Yuyan, heard this question, she did not immediately react.

Make the little prince speak within ten minutes?

It was just making him speak up. Even just a word would count, so would this not be too easy?

“Sister, it has begun,” the little bun politely reminded, then he maintained his stiff posture and sat quietly on the sofa.

Just as Song Yuyan thought about the lack of challenge of this task, the instant that little guy on the sofa was heard, she had an entirely different feeling.

Earlier, he had clearly still been an active and cute little prince, yet now it was as if he had an invisible mask disconnecting him from the outside world. He seemed sealed within a completely different world from them.

When Song Yuyan saw this indifference of his, her heart jumpe. All the things she had initially prepared to tease the little guy to speak had all been swallowed by the child’s pitch-blac, ice-cold eyes.

On the side, Lu Jingli squinted and sighed on the inside. The little bun had really given it a lot of thought…

Cold beads of sweat were about to slide down Song Yuyan’s forehead as she struggled for the longest time before she finally tried to speak, “Little Treasure… My family has a chocolate factory with lots of yummy chocolate. Next time, I’ll bring you there to play, okay?”

The little guy reacted as if he had not heard her speak at all. To be more precise, the little did not deliberately evade her. He was indeed looking at her, but this person before him clearly did not enter his line of sight as if she was not the same species as him and he did not understand her at all…

On the side, Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi, who had a heavy expression since they heard Little Treasure’s question, now clearly looked even more solemn.

The existence of this version of Little Treasure was a nightmare to them.

Time pa.s.sed by. Song Yuyan, who was probably not great at getting along with children, was even more nervous now in front of Little Treasure. Her clumsy conversational skills made the entire situation more and more awkward. Soon, her attempts also stagnated.

“Time’s up,” reminded Lu Jingli from the side.

Ten minutes had finally pa.s.sed. Song Yuyan’s first reaction was not disappointment or sadness. Instea, she let out a long sigh of relief. It had finally ended…

She finally understood why Chi Yingying had looked so miserable when she had walked out earlier.

“Sister, do I need to give you more time?” Little Treasure suddenly turned into the polite little prince that he was, and spoke very nicely again.

Previously, all the socialites, including Yan Ruyi and Lu Chongshan, had thought that Little Treasure might make things difficult for them, yet the reality was that the little guy had been unexpectedly gentle.

Before Song Yuyan could say anything, the two elders had already rushed to speak up about Little Treasure’s tolerance and generosity.

“That won’t do, Little Treasure. There’re already set rules. If you change them, then they don’t count!” Yan Ruyi looked anxious.

“Okay, that’s it then!” Lu Chongshan rushed to finalizuld it too.

They really did not want to continue seeing Little Treasure act the way he had earlierave. Despite just acting, it had caused them much anxiety as if Little Treasure’s current cheerful manner was just an unrealistic rosy view, and if they were not careful, he would revert back to his previous ways.

That was something they definitely did not want to see.

They had only tested two girls, yet Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi could barely have the heart to continue on.

However, Little Treasure had already efficiently called in the third person.

This third girl had a different style from the previous two. The previous two had gone with a socialite style, but this one came in with short hair and even wore a gender-neutral dress. She looked neat and tidy, and carried herself tall, actually catching one’s o attention.  


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