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In her bedroom, Ning Xueluo was looking at her makeup delightedly. Even though her poor and crude biological parents were useless, at least, they had given her pretty good looks.

“Miss, there’s a guy outside who says he’s your younger brother. Should we let him in?” The servant asked.

“My younger brother?”

“Yes, he said he’s called Tang Nuo.”

The instant the servant said that, there was a crisp shattering sound. The bottle of skincare in Ning Xueluo’s hand had fallen to the ground and fragmented into pieces.

The servant was frightened. “Miss, are you okay? Are you hurt?”

Ning Xueluo’s expression clouded over. She swiftly got up and pulled open her curtains to look downstairs.

Indeed, at the entrance was an uncouth youth with lots of bags with him.

d.a.m.n it!

Why did this punk come here!?

And precisely at such a sensitive time too!

She had finally suppressed all the rumors out there, and her marriage with the Su family was happening soon. Was he here to go against her?

Ning Xueluo shouted unhappily, “What have you been doing in the Ning family all these years? Since when did I have a brother?! This is clearly some random guy trying to pretend to be a relative and come to leech on us! Quickly chase him away! Do I need to teach you this little matters?”

“Yes, yes, yes… I’ll go now! Miss, don’t be angry!” The servant quickly ran out after being berated terribly.

Outside the yard.

“Leave! Where did you poor good-for-nothings come leeching from!? How dare you claim connections with our lady!?”

“I’m not…”

“You’re not what? Our Miss already said that she doesn’t know you! We’ll let the dogs out if you don’t leave!”

Amidst the horrible scoldings and being chased away, the youth left sadly while turning around to gaze up at Ning Xueluo’s window repeatedly.

Under the grey skies, there was heavy traffic.

This huge, flouris.h.i.+ng city bedazzled him with fresh sights, yet not a single speck of this belonged to him. It did not belong to someone like him.

He knew that he should not have come…

He really should not have…

But he really had no other way…

Ning Xueluo shutting the doors on him and chasing him away had cut off the young man’s only hope.

Suddenly, raindrops fell from the sky and the youth very soon became dripping wet. Numbly, he walked to the shed of a small store robotically, lugging his heavy things.

Ning Xi was driving aimlessly on the streets of Imperial when she suddenly saw a familiar silhouette by the roadside and she almost thought she was experiencing an illusion.

Tang Nuo?

Why would Xiao Nuo appear in Imperial?

With a screech, Ning Xi stopped not too far away from the store entrance.

“Don’t stop right here! You’re disrupting my business!” At that moment, the shop owner was reprimanding the youth as if he was a lowly beggar.

The youth looked hurt. Still, he quietly lugged his things and walked into the rain again.

“Xiao Nuo!”

At this moment, a familiar voice that pulled at his heart strings and almost made him cry was heard from behind.

The youth felt his back stiffen as he turned around in disbelief. He stared at the woman opposite him in a daze, his pale lips trembling. It was a long time before he blurted out, “Sis…”

Tang Nuo and Ning Xi had always been in contact. He also constantly looked out for news about Ning Xi online. Despite that, he was still shocked at the sight of Ning Xi in front of him. She had really changed so much, but the affectionate gaze in her eyes was still the same as always…


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