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Spirit’s press conference had ended perfectly. Since they had first declared war not too long ago, they finally won splendidly this time around.

Soon after the press conference ended, the Internet was already filled with reports from the event. There were so many highlights and surprises from this event, and with the articles about History t.i.tled “Standing The Media Up” and “Empty City Strategy” to complement, Spirit’s popularity instantly exploded and the public opinion became inclined to Spirit…

When she saw that everything had gone smoothly, Ning Xi could finally relax from all the past days of being tensed up, then she took out her phone and called Han Xiao to treat him to dinner. 

To indicate her sincerity, she had invited him to her house and even called Gong Shangze, Han Momo, Qiao Weilan, and the others. Elder Song did not want to disturb the youngsters gathering, so he gave it a pa.s.s.

“G.o.d, come over for dinner. All of us want to thank you properly. You’ve given us such a huge gift, so we must definitely treat you to a meal. I’m in Peachwood!” Ning Xi invited pa.s.sionately.

“It’s too far,” said Han Xiao from the other end of the phone.

“Where do you live then? I’ll just go pick you up!”

“Imperial Qianshan Cemetery.”

“When she heard these words, Ning Xi’s face instantly turned as black as charcoal. “I’m…I’m sorry, I can’t pick you up from this location. Change the location. How about Regal Riveria Hotel? This should be nearer, shouldn’t it?”

“Sure.” Han Xiao then hung up.

Ning Xi was speechless that he had hung up on her.

Brother, who stays in the cemetery? Is he not afraid of being frightened to death? She did not know where to begin to mock him…

However, she seemed to recall that she had heard someone say that he was a cemetery caretaker.

The span of this guy’s occupations is just too hard to understand…

After Ning Xi bought the ingredients from the supermarket, she went to prepare dinner at the Regal Riveria Hotel. It was a good thing that even though she had moved, all the kitchen tools were still complete.

Gong Shangze and the rest made their way in one after another while Ning Xi cooked in the kitchen.

When they saw all the dishes Ning Xi had prepared, Gong Shangze, Han Momo and everyone’s else had a strange expression.

Han Momo looked at the pots of food on the table and swallowed her saliva. “Sis Xi, isn’t this too much?”

Ning Xi laughed, “Definitely not! I was afraid that it wouldn’t be enough. Hold on, there are a few more dishes in the kitchen!”

The doorbell rang and Ning Xi rushed to open the door. It was Han Xiao. He still wore the same black and white striped sports attire, but he took off the cap on his head and revealed a head of jet black long, straight hair.

Speaking of which, this was really the first time she had met a man who looked so good with long hair…

“G.o.d, you’re really good at picking your time to come. The dishes are just done! Quickly come and sit, so we can start eating!”

“Mmm.” Han Xiao sat down on the side of the table.

Ning Xi put the final pot of pork leg on the table and took her seat too.

“Mr. Han, I’ll drink to you, your design is really amazing. I hope that I would have more chances of interacting with you in the future!” Gong Shangze raised his gla.s.s.

Han Momo echoed, “It’s really all thanks to you for this time, Mr. Han. The press conference was very successful, and History was furious. Thank you so much!”

Next up, Qiao Weilan and Xie Yichuan said a few words too.

However, Han Xiao looked miserable instead…

When Ning Xi noticed this, she was not sure what had made him unhappy, so she quickly asked, “Hey, G.o.d, what’s wrong?”

Han Xiao lifted up his head to look at her. “Didn’t you invite me over to eat?”

Ning Xi nodded. “Yeah!”

Han Xiao then said, “I only eat, I’m not here to chat.”

Everyone at the table was speechless.


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