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Chapter 89 It Is Confirmed.

Hearing this, Li Baoer is stunned.

What’s wrong with him?

Before saying anything, Li Baoer gives a glimpse and sees a lot of people looking at them. She is shocked.

It seems that they were going too far just now…

Li Baoer makes a cough and nods. They turn to leave.

She feels a breeze and her hand is held by Dai Zhongheng. Li Baoer blushes but she doesn’t struggle to get away. They turn and walk home.

People realize that it is only a quarrel of the little couple. They leave too.

Dai Zhongheng holds Li Baoer’s hand. They walk slowly. When there are few people around, Li Baoer wants to pull back her hand but it is held more tightly by Dai Zhongheng.

At the time, the Dongfeng Warrior is heard. Lin Kai drives the car to them.

Seeing Dai Zhongheng holding Li Baoer’s hand, Lin Kai understands at once. He gets off the car and greets them in a loud voice, “Commander Dai. Mrs. Dai!”

Hearing the word “Mrs. Dai”, Li Baoer blushes and lowers her head.

Mrs. Dai? They haven’t got married!

Dai Zhongheng nods, “Have you settled the case?”

“Yes, Sir. It is settled. They are still in the police office waiting for the next procedure. Basically, they will be sentenced for an intentional a.s.sault.”

“Did you find out who that woman is?” Li Baoer interrupts.

“Mrs. Dai, that woman is named Lin Li. She is a biological sister of the boss of local gang Snake-head. The two men are from Snake-head.

Dai Zhongheng laughs coldly. Snake-head! A group of young gangsters.

Li Baoer strokes her head and frowns, “Well, they poured gasoline at my door. My mother must be doing the cleaning. They have been given mercy. It is really merciful to them.”

Dai Zhongheng hears some implication in Li Baoer’s words, “What’s your opinion?”

Li Baoer glances at him. Her lips move but she doesn’t speak. She then shakes her head, “I don’t have any idea. But I am afraid. I wonder what the boss of the Snake-head will do when he knows what happened to his sister. When I am here, it will be fine. But if I am not in B City. What can my parents do?”

Dai Zhongheng thinks for a while. He says to Lin Kai, “You go to handle this. Remember, do it neatly.”

“Yes, Sir.” Lin Kai responds. He is getting on the car, but Li Baoer stops him.

“Wait. What do you mean by ‘do it neatly’?” G.o.d. Will they all get killed?

Being aware of what Li Baoer is worried, Dai Zhongheng pats on her hand, “Don’t worry. It is a piece of cake for Lin Kai. He can manage it. Go.”

“Yes, Sir!” Lin Kai responds and drives away.

“Come on, we are going home.” Dai Zhongheng holds Li Baoer’s hand tightly, “We will help mom to do the cleaning.”

Li Baoer widens her eyes. What did he call? Mom?

After a three-day observation in the hospital, Yi Yunrui takes Xia Ning home.

Even since the day when Xia Ning was injured, generally, Yi Yunrui has finished his work very early and come home to prepare a lot of tonics for Xia Ning. Xia Ning can smell the flavor of soup once she gets home.

“When did you make the soup?”

Yi Yunrui puts things aside and pa.s.ses a cup of warm water to Xia Ning, “I got up one hour earlier and made it.”

Got up one hour earlier…That means he got up at around three in the morning to make the soup.”

Xia Ning’s heart tightens, “How many hours did you sleep last night?”

“It is OK. I had enough sleep.” Yi Yunrui walks into the kitchen and turns on the fire, “We army men are made of steel. One day or two won’t be a problem. Don’t worry.”

It is just a saying. Army men are also men. Xia Ning’s heart aches, “I am fine. You are busy in the Military Region. Don’t worry about me.”

Yi Yunrui smiles, “What are you saying? Who should I take care of if not my wife? Sweetheart, wait for a minute. The soup will be warmed soon.”

Xia Ning responds and sips the hot tea.

She hasn’t been at home for some time, but the house is clean as usual. Seemingly Yi Yunrui ran among the Military Region, the hospital and home. He must be very tired.

As a wife, she is really doing poorly.

Soon, Yi Yunrui carries the soup and puts it in front of her, “Wait for a minute. It is hot.”

It is a soup of cordyceps and chicken, which can replenish vital essence. Xia Ning feels warm. She takes the spoon and drinks the soup.

The cooking time is long enough and the material is rich, which makes the soup smell good and taste delicious.

“It is tasty.” Xia Ning admires. Yi Yunrui looks at her with a happy smile. She is shy, “Why are you staring at me? You drink some too. I like to drink with you.”

“OK.” Yi Yunrui responds and goes to the kitchen to bring another bowl of soup.

“What do you want to have for supper?”

Xia Ning blinks her eyes, wondering why he asks about supper when they are still drinking soup.

She glances at the time. It is past two in the afternoon, still several hours before supper. Xia Ning is confused. But she remembers something. She says naughtily, “If I say we are going out for supper this evening. Will the Commander agree to let me go?”

Yi Yunrui thinks for a while, “Are you going to have sushi?”

Xia Ning is surprised, “Well, the Commander has a clever guess. Yes, I haven’t had sushi for quite some time. I want to have sushi.”

“As regards to your health condition, you’d better not have sushi.” He is aware of her disappointment in her eyes and continues, “The doctor said, you are recovering. You should eat less seafood. If you really want to go out for supper. Why not change the menu? We can have sushi later when you are good enough.”

Yi Yunrui is right. Seafood is stimulating. It is really not suitable for her to eat seafood now. Or, if any other things happen, it will be another torture for Yi Yunrui.

“Actually, I am just kidding. It is OK to have anything for supper. Or…I can make the supper for you if you like.”

“No.” Yi Yunrui refuses decisively, “You are just getting better. You have a good rest. I will prepare the dinner.”

Xia Ning feels warm in heart. She thinks for a while, “If I say…We are going shopping together. Will you agree?”

Yi Yunrui thinks for a while and nods, “Hum. I agree. The supermarket is not far from the market, while the market is not as comfortable as the supermarket. Why don’t we go to the supermarket directly? We can also check if we need to buy some snacks.”

Hearing the word “snacks” from Yi Yunrui, Xia Ning smiles, “Those don’t know you will think that you are like a kid to buy snacks.”

Yi Yunrui looks at her gently. He is going to respond when the phone rings. Looking at the number, he gets serious. He says, “The Army Commander is calling. You have your soup first.”

Xia Ning nods. Yi Yunrui stands up and goes to the study to answer the phone.

Xia Ning thinks for a while and takes out her phone. She dials Gu Luan’s number. It gets through soon. Xia Ning asks about the company and Gu Luan tells her simply. Then, he asks about her health condition.

“Director Gu, I am fine. If it is possible, I am going to work tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow is too soon. You have some rest first. You may come to work two days later. People here can take care of the work. You can have a peaceful rest.”

Xia Ning feels guilty, “OK. Well, how are Chief Editor Leng and Baoer?”

“They are coming back to work tomorrow. Ning, you get hurt most seriously. Don’t worry about other things. You have a rest and get recovered. If there is anything important, I will call you.”

“…OK. Then I will not disturb you.”

She hangs up the phone and gives a light sigh. This is an eventful year.

“Who did you call?”

Yi Yunrui has not come, but his voice is heard.

It is a deep and magnetic voice. It sounds itchy and tempting.

Xia Ning replies, “Oh, I call my company. Baoer and Editor Leng will go to work. I want to go back tomorrow, but Director Gu tells me to rest for another two days. Ah…I always feel I am useless.”

“Silly girl.” Yi Yunrui strokes her hairs, “Some things are meant to happen. Who wants to have accidents? Don’t blame yourself for that.” Saying this, Yi Yunrui pauses, “Something happened in the Military Region. I have to go there now. You have a good rest at home.”

Xia Ning nods, “Hum. I see. You may go. Don’t worry about me.”

Yi Yunrui pats her lightly, “I will be back after I finish. It won’t be long.”

Xia Ning smiles, “You…I am not going away. Don’t worry.”

Recently, she finds Yi Yunrui pamper her more carefully. All his heart is on her, even when he is sleeping, he murmurs her name. She feels sweet. But she is afraid that his work will be influenced. She feels helpless and anxious.

“OK.” Yi Yunrui nods and takes his file bag to go hurriedly.

After Yi Yunrui leaves, Xia Ning has another bowl of soup. She feels warm and lazy. She is left alone in the big house. She suddenly feels empty.

Is she going to sleep the whole afternoon? She had enough sleep in the hospital. She doesn’t want to sleep.

Why not…have a walk outside? It is good to enjoy the sunshine.

Thinking of this, Xia Ning takes her key and walks out of the house.

She knows she is not in good health now. She is afraid that something may happen, so she drives her car to go.

When she was in hospital, Yi Yunrui bought her a new car, Audi TT. Her F3 was sent back to the factory for repairing. Li Baoer heard about it and walked to her ward to ask for the lending of F3 to her. Xia Ning agreed at once.

Baoer said that she would pay her in instalments. Xia Ning agreed orally, but no matter whether Baoer would give her money or not, she was planning to give the car to Baoer.

If she knew there would be a car accident, she wouldn’t have bought the car in a hurry.

She drives the car around the streets and stops in front of the supermarket.

Instead of waiting for Yi Yunrui to come and go shopping together, she would rather buy the material first. Then, they can decide who prepares the supper: she, he or they together.

She walks into the supermarket and chooses material carefully. Anyway, she has got plenty of time. This time, she will prepare the foods enough for half a month or even one month for the family.

“Hey, Xia Ning. What a coincidence!”

A familiar voice is heard. Xia Ning’s heart tightens. She turns to look and sees Mei Ruo looking at her with a big smile.


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