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Chapter 80 My Marriage Has Nothing to Do with You!

Li Baoer blushes. She responds with some expectations, “If possible, which woman doesn’t want to marry a good husband? My requirements are quite simple. He needs to be able to support me. It will be better if he can take care of my family as well. He needs to be kind and enterprising, ha-ha, but doesn’t need to be very handsome.”

Dai Zhongheng is shocked with confusion. Though Li Baoer’s requirements don’t seem to be too high, they are not low. Each hits a weak point of men, “Are you really going to the blind date on Sat.u.r.day?”

“Of course. I am not young. If I can get married soon, my parents don’t need to worry about me.”

Colonel Dai frowns, “Are you going to marry because you want a marriage?”

Li Baoer is shocked. She is unhappy, “Colonel Dai, I don’t have the advantages you have and don’t have a lot of chances. I am twenty-seven! I have to get married before no one wants me.”

“How can it be ‘no one wants you’…” Dai Zhongheng naturally continues, but he stops in the middle, “Ugh, you are not too bad. How can no one want you?”

Li Baoer curls her lips, “Ah. Anyway, if this man is as good as my mother said, I am going to marry him.”

“How old is he?”

“Around thirty. It is said that his family is quite rich and he is a kind man.”

“Really?” Colonel Dai doesn’t believe it, “If as it is said, why hasn’t he got married until thirty?”

Li Baoer glances at him, “Aren’t you also thirty and not married yet?”

“I am an army man. It is different!” Hearing this, Colonel Dai almost jumps up, “How can you make a comparison like that?”

Li Baoer finds he is in a fury. She can’t help laughing, “Well, well. I said it wrong. Our Colonel Dai is a popular favorite and there are plenty of options for him.”

Colonel Dai is shocked again. From when does he become a popular favorite?

“Today is Thursday. There are still two days to come. You will be barely recovered at that time. Can you go back to B city?”

“I can be off because I am injured. These are only bruises. I will leave the hospital tomorrow. I have been given several days of holiday. I will take the chance to settle my marriage issue.”

Colonel Dai’s heart tightens, “Do you mean that if you feel him suitable, you will get married at once?”

“It may not be at once, but we can get engaged. Then, we will settle a date to get married.”

“You!” Colonel Dai is angry, “How can you take it so casually?”

“Casually?” Li Baoer stares at him, “Ah, Colonel Dai, what are you saying? If what you said is true, 50% of people in China are doing casually! Not including you. Right?”

“I…” The Colonel is in confusion. He sticks his fingers into his hair. Not knowing why, whenever he hears about her engagement and marriage, he will get so furious that he wants to fight.

“Hum.” Li Baoer turns her face away. She is angry too, “Colonel Dai, I am going to have a rest. Could you go out?”

“I…I…” Colonel Dai points at Li Baoer who is lying there. He can’t speak for quite a while, “Well, you really don’t appreciate other’s kindness. You have some sleep. I am leaving.”

Saying this, Colonel Dai turns to walk out of the ward.

Li Baoer sees Colonel Dai leave and takes a long breath.

When Xia Ning wakes up, it is past eight the next morning. Surprisingly, Yi Yunrui is still there.

“Don’t you go back to the Military Region?”

Yi Yunrui shakes his head, “I asked for a leave. I don’t need to go there in these two days.”

Xia Ning feels guilty, “Sorry, it is my fault…”

Xia Ning has not finished her words when Yi Yunrui stops her by putting a finger on her lips, “Don’t blame yourself for that. It is natural for a husband to take care of his wife.”

Xia Ning feels warm, “How long do I have to stay in the hospital?”

“You were hurt more seriously than the other two. You have to stay in the hospital for a week.”

“A week?” Xia Ning is shocked. She widens her eyes, “How about my work in the company…Gosh!”

Yi Yunrui is going to respond when there is a knock at the door.

Yi Yunrui opens the door and there stands a man in a white suit, wearing a pair of golden-framed gla.s.ses. He looks elegant with a smile on his face.

“h.e.l.lo, I am the Director of World Era Weekly. My surname is Gu. I am here to see Miss Xia.”

Yi Yunrui nods, “h.e.l.lo, Director Gu.”

They greet each other at the door and Gu Luan comes in.

“Director Gu.” Seeing Gu Luan, Xia Ning hurriedly gets up. Yi Yunrui rushes to her and helps her to sit.

“You don’t need to get up. You may lie down to have some rest.” Gu Luan comes to Xia Ning and checks her injuries carefully, “You are injured. You need to have a good rest. I went to see Weiwei and Baoer. It seems that you are hurt more seriously.”

Xia Ning is shy, “I haven’t seen them since the accident. It is good to know that they are fine. Director, after I recover, I will go back to work at once…”

Gu Luan waves his hand and interrupts, “You don’t need to worry about your work. Have a good rest first. It is not late to come when you feel you are good enough.”

“Well…” She has asked for a postponement before going to work. Now, she is going to have another delay. Xia Ning feels sorry, “Director Gu, I am really troublesome. I am sorry.”

Gu Luan looks at her and smiles mildly, “That’s silly. There are many things out of our control. As long as you still want to stay in the company, the door will be always open to you. Don’t think too much. Have a good rest. What I want is a vigorous Director Xia.”

Hearing the considerate words, Xia Ning nods. She looks to Yi Yunrui and feels sorry, “Director Gu, I forgot to introduce my husband, Yi Yunrui.”

Gu Luan flashes his eyes and holds out his hand, “Commander Yi, it is you. I heard of you long ago.”

“Director Gu, how do you do.”

They shake hands and glance at each other quickly. Then they talk about Xia Ning.

“Well.” Gu Luan remembers something and asks, “I saw an army man in Leng Weiwei’s ward. Can Commander Yi introduce him to me?”

Hearing this, Xia Ning is confused. Is there an army man in Leng Weiwei’s ward?

“That’s my correspondent, Feng Le.” Yi Yunrui replies indifferently, while an uneasy emotion flashes in his eyes.

Ever since Feng Le held Leng Weiwei from the car to the hospital, he has been clinging to her. If Yi Yunrui didn’t interfere, Feng Le would have stayed at Leng Weiwei’s ward all the time. He is not afraid of being kicked off by her.

“Oh…” Gu Luan responds, seemingly thinking of something. His smile gets bigger, “Well, I also saw an army man in Baoer’s ward. He must be your man, too.”

Hearing this, Xia Ning looks at Yi Yunrui. Yi Yunrui nods, “Yes. He is my previous soldier, Colonel Dai Zhongheng…”


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