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Chapter 430 A Week

Xia Ning feels very surprised to hear Zhou Mengyao’s words. She wants to reply while Zhou Mengyao interrupts, “Don’t be surprised. I like you. You may stay here to recover. Leave other things to me to deal with.”

Xia Ning feels sweet. She gives a sigh. Zhou Mengyao is so hospitable to her. She has been at her home. She should not refuse her.

“Well. Then, thank you, Aunt Zhou.”

It is in TC Group.

“Take this file to Junhao Group and ask for President Zhou’s comments.” Su Shen pa.s.ses a file to his secretary. He takes up the coffee for a sip. He feels a little annoyed.

It is obvious that TC Group can take the deal by itself. But Yi Yunrui told him to cooperate with Junhao Group. Now, he will make less profit and have to work for Zhou Mengyao’s favor. It is annoying!

What is more, it is a long-term deal. It is impossible for him to get clearly away from Junhao Group within a year or a half.

Su Shen puts down the coffee in his hand. He looks outside through the window. As a matter of fact, the economy of this large C city depends on a few people.

At the time, his phone rings. He takes it up for a glance. It is a strange number.

Su Shen slightly frowns. He hesitates for a little while and then presses the answer b.u.t.ton.

“Who’s that speaking?”


The voice sounds a little old and hoa.r.s.e. The speaker sounds a little tired.

Su Shen freezes his face and his body seems to be frozen all of a sudden.

How can it be him?

“Father.” Su Shen greets politely.

“How are you in C City?”

“Everything is going on well. Thank you, father.”

The speaker hesitates for a while, “I heard that you had some connection with Xia Ning.”

Su Shen slightly screw his eyes, wondering why his father deliberately mentions Xia Ning.

“Yes. We have some connection in business.”

“Have you ever met Yi Yunrui?”

Hearing this, Su Shen feels something wrong.

His father mentions Xia Ning and then Yi Yunrui. Can he call him this time for any serious problem?

“Yes. The situation in C City is a little complicated. I wonder why you ask about these.”

“Shen, listen carefully. I need you to do me a favor. You have to do it well. Failure is not allowed.”

The tone of his father changes obviously. He gets very serious when saying this. Su Shen knows his father very well. He is so capable that he can almost create clouds and rain by turning his hands. Without special reasons, his father will never speak in this way.

Seemingly, the case is very important and extremely tough to deal with.

Su Shen thinks for a while. He says, “Father, please go ahead.”

“Do whatever you can to keep Xia Ning under control. If you fail to control the situation, get rid of her!”

Su Shen feels shocked!

What? Kill Xia Ning?

In an instant, Su Shen feels very confused. He doesn’t understand why his father wants to kill Xia Ning.

It is simple to kill a person. The problem is how to deal with the case after killing.

“You don’t need to ask why.” The speaker says word by word, “Something serious is happening here in Beijing. You have to do it within a week. If any problem happens, you will be the first to be shot.”

The word Shot sounds like a sword sticking into Su Shen’s heart. In an instant, Su Shen turns completely pale!

He is very clear about his father’s capability. He is also clear about his own position. At that time, if not because of his father, he couldn’t have made the achievements. However, he knows that his father was able to promote him at that time while he is also able to destroy him now.

Within a week, he has to get rid of Xia Ning…

That means he has only a week to live.

It is in Junhao Group.

An Zihao carefully reads the Appointment Letter from Zhou Mengyao. He puts it down and thinks for a while. Then he asks, “President Zhou, I have a question. May I ask you directly?”

Zhou Mengyao nods, “Yes. Go ahead.”

“What is the relation between Xia Ning and you? Why do you attach so much importance to her?”

“I knew you would ask me about that.” Zhou Mengyao smiles, “I have two reasons. One is personal, while the other is of business.”

An Zihao doesn’t speak. He notices that Zhou Mengyao mentions the personal reason first. So, it is mainly because of personal issues.

“Over thirty years ago, I met the man I loved most all my life. However, it was a pity that it didn’t work out. He married a wife and had children. The problem is that I dislike what his wife does. Now, his wife doesn’t like Ning and is hard on her. You may think that it is someone else’s family issue and I should not interfere in it. You may think that I am narrow-minded. That is right. I am narrow-minded. Decades have pa.s.sed and still I am narrow-minded. Therefore, I have to do something to go against her and make that man remember me forever.”

“So, I chose Ning. Ning is someone who deserves what I do for her, even though it may not be something good for her. However, I know that Ning has a husband who can always protect her. So, I can do all these unworriedly.”

Zhou Mengyao pauses here and takes a sip of the coffee.

An Zihao says, “I see. What is the other reason?”

Zhou Mengyao purses her lips. She gives a sigh, “It is for the future of the company…You said that Ning met Jiang Yongran before she got hurt. It means that Jiang Yongran is against Ning. Yongran has been in Junhao Group for a long time. He is a great a.s.sistant to me. But it is because he has been in Junhao Group for too long a time that he lacks fidelity. You and Ning will become the power to tie him down. I gave him a half-month vacation. I have to arrange everything within this period.”

An Zihao is aware of Zhou Mengyao’s hesitation. He asks, “Even so, Ning has just come to Junhao Group. President Zhou, don’t you think you have made a hasty decision?”

Zhou Mengyao is silent. She understands An Zhihao’s meaning and she agrees with him.

But time doesn’t wait. Ning has got pregnant now. Jiang Yongran will be back in a few days while she herself…

Even if she can’t see how the plan will work out, she has to build a stable foundation for it!

Zhou Mengyao turns serious. She looks at An Zihao and says sincerely, “That is why I ask you to support Ning with all your efforts.”

An Zihao has got a lot of questions. President Zhou has not told him the real reasons. She doesn’t tell him. It may not be allowed to be told. Or, she can’t tell him about it.

Five years ago, he made up his mind that he would support Zhou Mengyao unconditionally no matter what she said!

“OK. I see.” He glances at the position mentioned in the Appointment Letter. He thinks for a while and asks Zhou Mengyao frankly, “Do you mean that I should treat her in the way I have been treating you?”

Hearing this, Zhou Mengyao’s eyes gleam with a complicated thought. She thinks for quite a while. Then, seriously, she slowly nods, “Yes. Zihao, please.”

Not knowing why, when hearing Zhou Mengyao’s words, An Zihao feels his heart tightened!

Does anything happen to President Zhou?

As if she understands what An Zihao wants to ask, Zhou Mengyao slightly waves her hand, “Zihao, I am sorry. Temporarily, I can only tell you this much. As to the truth, you will know in the future. However, you have to keep your promises to me. Do you understand?”

“Yes. I see.”

After giving some instructions, Zhou Mengyao leaves the company for home. She goes directly to Xia Ning’s room. She smells the flavor of delicious steak.

“Wow. It smells good!” She enters the room and can’t help admiring.

“Aunt Zhou.” Xia Ning stands up.

“Sit down. Sit down. You are pregnant. You have to watch your movements.” Zhou Mengyao says and goes to sit by the table. When she sees the thick strip steak, she swallows her saliva. She dials a number and says, “Can, make a piece of steak for me. I want the same steak that Ning is having!”

Xia Ning smiles. She takes up the milk and drinks a mouthful of it.

Zhou Mengyao nods, “That is right. From now on, drink less coffee. You may drink juice or milk instead. As a pregnant woman, you need to avoid diarrhea. Pay more attention to your diet.”

“Hum. Aunt Zhou, you are right. Anyway, don’t worry. Doctor Lan Xin is very professional. I don’t think I will have any problems like that.”

“Good for you.”

When they are talking, the chef Can has got the steak ready. He pushes the cart to serve it.

“Mengyao, here is your medium strip steak!” Can takes up the lid and holds out his hand to say.

“Thank you. Ning, I like to have medium strip steak. You may not learn from me. It is not good for the fetus.”

Xia Ning nods.

Maybe because she has a company for dinner, or she is in a good mood, soon, Zhou Mengyao finishes the strip steak which is around a pound in weight.

After dinner, Zhou Mengyao and Xia Ning hold a cup of milk respectively and sit in the balcony to look at the sunset leisurely. It is comfortable.

“Aunt Zhou, in the past, my parents were very busy and I used to sit with my grandmother like what we are doing now…” Xia Ning can’t help saying sentimentally.

Zhou Mengyao puts on a gentle smile, “When Junhao was alive, he took care of everything for me. I was a lazy woman. I was not good. I enjoyed life but I didn’t work. I used his money casually and made him work for me all the time… Ha. Ha. Anyway, what I liked most was being with him like this, looking at the sunset with our hands holding tightly.”

Yes. The man she loves most is Yi Xian. But she got along with Junhao for over ten years. They had a very good relationship.

Zhou Junhao was the second most important man in her life. She feels grateful for his existence in her life, even though he couldn’t accompany her for all her life…

Xia Ning looks at the expressions on Zhou Mengyao’s face. She feels a little sad. Aunt Zhou has experienced too much. If it were her, Xia Ning wonders whether she would be strong to face everything.

They sit there and look at the sunset. It is getting dark.

Zhou Mengyao puts down the milk in her hand. She slowly says, “Ning, I want to ask you something. It may sound a little uninteresting.”

Xia Ning nods, “It is fine. Aunt Zhou, you may go ahead.”

“How do you want to deal with Gu Luan?” Xia Ning got injured because of Gu Luan. Zhou Mengyao has been tolerant of him for some time, but it doesn’t mean that she will forgive him.


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