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Chapter 349 I Am Against You!

Hearing the happy sound, Xia Ning, Zheng Yao and Mei Ruo all lift to look at the source of it. Xia Ning’s eyes brighten. It is Li Baoer!

She feels very surprised, wondering why does Li Baoer show up here. She should be in her office now.

Li Baoer runs to them. She slightly bends down to gasp, “Ah, Ning, it is a real coincidence. You come to have a barbecue, too?”

Xia Ning blinks her eyes and nods, “Hum. Why are you here?”

“I am on holiday today!” Li Baoer notices the surprise on Xia Ning’s face. She winks at her, “Director Xia, you really have a poor memory. Didn’t you approve my leave few days ago? Don’t worry. I have got my work arranged. It won’t have any problems! Take it easy.”

Xia Ning glimpses Li Baoer’s expression and she comes to understand. Li Baoer belongs to her department and she is the one in charge of approving the leave. Actually, Li Baoer didn’t request for any leave. Today, she shows up here at this time and deliberately says that she has got her work arranged. Li Baoer must come here to help her.

However, she was always serving her mother-in-law and didn’t have any time to call anyone. How does Li Baoer know the situation she is in?

Someone sent her some messages? Those come with her are Zheng Yao, Mei Ruo and Zhang Hai. It can’t be Zheng Yao or Mei Ruo. So, it must be…

“Oh. Yes. I really have a poor memory. As long as you have arranged your work, you may have fun.” Then, Xia Ning stealthily glances at Zhang Hai, who is looking at her at the same time. Zhang Hai turns his face away at once.

Xia Ning smiles. It is correct. It is him who calls for help for her.

“Baoer, it is really a coincidence for you to come here.” Mei Ruo suddenly interrupts. She laughs coldly, “You had known what would happen today some days ago? You really have some heavenly gifted capability.”

Hearing Mei Ruo’s words, Zheng Yao understands at once. She stares at Xia Ning, “Instead of behaving honestly, you always play tricks!”

Li Baoer sees Zheng Yao scold her friend. She gets angry, “Well. Aunt Zheng, who is dishonest? You are a senior, but you also need to watch your words. Listen to me. I don’t care about proper manners. If someone offends me, I don’t care whether she is a senior or not!”

Being contradicted by Li Baoer, Zheng Yao widens her eyes, “Well, girl, you are rude! I didn’t mean you. Why are you angry…”

“I know you didn’t mean me. That’s why I talk you back!” Li Baoer interrupts, “Ning is such a kind person. How can you say so about her? Seemingly, in your opinion, there’s no kind people in the world except yourself and the tricky woman beside you!”

Li Baoer even scolds Mei Ruo together in her words. Mei Ruo lifts her eyebrows, “Who is the tricky woman?”

“You!” Li Baoer sees Mei Ruo turn grey. She straightens her back and responds, “Why? You want to deny? Ning’s husband is away while you take the chance to regale his mother. What a shame! Well. It is flattering you to call you a tricky woman. You are a dog, a toady!”

“Shut up!” Mei Ruo bursts into a fury. She stands up at once and points at Li Baoer, “Get out. We don’t welcome you here!”

“I am not leaving. So what?”

Xia Ning finds that they are going to quarrel more fiercely. She tries to make peace, “All right, stop the quarrel. It is not easy for us to get here. Calm down…”

“I have seen many hypocritical women. But none of them are as much hypocritical as you. You bring people to fight against your mother-in-law.”

Zheng Yao speaks slowly in a low voice. However, every word sounds strongly hostile. Xia Ning feels sad. She purses her lips.

“Mom. You are here!” A child’s voice is heard. Then, a kid comes to throw herself into Li Baoer’s embrace. She says coyly, “Mommy, you walked too fast. Daddy and I can’t catch up with you. Oh, Sister Ning, you are here, too! That is great!”

Zhenzhen says when she claps her hands happily, “Mom, the shed is big. Let’s have a barbecue here. I like to stay with Sister Ning very much!”

Li Baoer looks at Zhenzhen’s bright eyes. She glances at Zheng Yao and responds, “Zhenzhen, I also want you to play with Sister Ning. However, there is a woman kicking us away. She doesn’t allow us to stay here.”

“Ah?” Zhenzhen cries in surprise, “Which woman is so bad? How can she kick other people away?”

Children always speak honestly. Zhenzhen is a little kid. If she argued with a kid, she would be considered really impolite. Mei Ruo can only keep her anger inside.

“Ha, ha. Baoer, is this your kid? She is a mean talker, just like her mother.” Zheng Yao notices that Mei Ruo is put in disadvantage. She smiles to say, “Kid, we have reserved this shed. We paid for it. So, it belongs to us during the time period. We have the right to decide who can stay here and who can’t.”

Zhenzhen turns to Zheng Yao. She blinks her eyes and asks innocently, “Granny, do you mean that you don’t like us and want to kick us away? Granny, Sister Ning and I are good friends. It is the first time for me to meet you. I don’t think I have ever offended you. Why do you kick me away?”

Zheng Yao didn’t expect that Zhenzhen would talk her back. She feels shocked and can’t say anything for an instant.

The kid seems to be seven or eight years old, but her words sound as sharp as a knife.

The atmosphere becomes tense. Zheng Yao turns to Xia Ning. Her eyes look as if she wants to give Xia Ning some slaps at once.

“Oh. I find you two. You are here.”

Hearing the bright male voice, Zhenzhen turns around to cry, “Daddy, you are too slow! Mommy and I have waited for you for quite a while! Look, Sister Ning is here, too.”

Dai Zhongheng smiles to come to them. He strokes Zhenzhen’s hair when he turns to Xia Ning, “Mrs. Yi, it is such a coincidence. You are here barbecuing, too! I agreed with Baoer and Zhenzhen a few days ago that our first family activity is a barbecue. We wanted to invite you with us. But you were so busy. So, we didn’t do that. I feel surprised to meet you here.”

Xia Ning smiles, “Yes. That’s quite a coincidence.”

If she hasn’t known it in advance, based on Dai Zhongheng’s words, she would have believed that they are really having a family activity.

The three of them all speak the same. Seemingly, they really have a tacit understanding.

Xia Ning finds that Li Baoer comes to help her with all her family. She feels very moved.

“Didn’t you say that you are here to barbecue? Where is your food?” Mei Ruo slightly lifts her lips, “Don’t tell me that you only bring solid food with you.”

Hearing this, Xia Ning feels her heart tightened! The family comes with no burdens. It doesn’t seem that they bring any food…

s.h.i.t. It is seen through!

Dai Zhongheng turns to look at Zheng Yao and Mei Ruo. He comes to them and says politely, “Aunt Zheng, Miss Mei.”

As to Dai Zhongheng, Zheng Yao keeps some scruples. Mr. Dai Zhen always has some disagreements with her. If she embarra.s.ses Dai Zhongheng, Dai Zhen, based on his personality, will surely go for her.”

Thinking about this, Zheng Yao reluctantly puts on a smile, “Heng, as the master of a family, you should make detailed plans for family outings. It takes you lots of effort to get here, but with nothing to eat or drink. Don’t you think that you are wronging your wife and your kid?”

Dai Zhongheng mildly smiles, “You are right. I am really inconsiderate. I didn’t reserve any shed. Aunt, Zhenzhen likes Mrs. Yi very much. Can we three stay here to barbecue with you? I don’t want to let Zhenzhen down.”

Zheng Yao is very unwilling to agree in her heart. However, Dai Zhongheng’s request sounds reasonable. If she doesn’t agree, people may misunderstand that she doesn’t like Zhenzhen. If Dai Zhongheng mentions it to other people, Dai Zhen won’t be the only person to dislike her at that time.

No matter how, she can’t fight against a kid.

Zheng Yao controls her temper. She hesitates for a while and responds, “OK. But we may not have prepared enough food. I hope Zhenzhen won’t feel wronged.”

“It is all right. We have prepared the food. My people are over there.” Dai Zhongheng points at a place behind.

They look at the direction and see five guards standing straightly there not far away from the shed. Each of them carries a big bag. Seemingly, everything for the barbecue is there.

Zheng Yao and Mei Ruo are shocked blankly. When did the team of five army men appear?

Dai Zhongheng waves at the guards and they come in the same steps to salute, “Commander!”

“Let me introduce to you. This is Commander Yi Yunrui’s mother, Ms. Zheng. This is Colonel Mei. This is Commander Yi’s wife, Mrs. Yi, Xia Ning.”

“Mrs. Yi! Commander Mei! Aunt Zheng!” The guards greet together.

Zheng Yao and Mei Ruo twitch their eyebrows. The guards really have the tacit understanding.

Dai Zhongheng pats their shoulders, “Good. The mission is completed. Aunt Zheng, Colonel Mei and Mrs. Yi are all very kind people. You may enjoy yourself. It is an outside activity. You don’t need to play the army pattern. Or, Zhenzhen will feel unhappy.”

Dai Zhongheng has just finished his words when the five guards all turn to look at Zhenzhen at the same time. The kid amused them all the way there. To be honest, if Commander Dai is not here, they also like to play with her very much.

Zhenzhen is a nice girl. She is very obedient. Everyone likes her.

“Yes, Commander!”

Dai Zhongheng lifts his eyebrows, “Don’t forget. I don’t want to hear these words again. Dismiss! Free time!”

Hearing the words Free Time, the five guards cheer. They take off the bags on their backs at once. Soon, they discuss and agree on the job arrangement. One of them grabs the tongs from Xia Ning, “Mrs. Yi, you may take a break. Let us do it. We are good at barbecuing. Well. Mrs. Yi, what kind of flavor do you like? Salty, spicy, or sweet? Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. Mrs. Yi, you may call me Xing.”

The young man is talkative. Seeing them busily working. Xia Ning gives a sigh of relief in her heart, “Thank you. I like sweet food. My mother-in-law has some requirements. You may make some of each flavor. Thank you.”

“It is my pleasure. Mrs. Yi, we are happy to do it! It is much easier than staying in the camp.” Xing says. He glances at Dai Zhongheng, who is looking at him. He pulls a face and asks in a loud voice, “Commander Dai, Mrs. Dai, what flavors do you like?”

The guys are working and Xia Ning can enjoy leisure. Li Baoer draws her to chat. Zhenzhen is active. She talks with them while teasing the guards. Happy laughter is heard from time to time.

Dai Zhongheng sits by Zheng Yao and chats with her. Zheng Yao smiles, but she clenches her fists tightly.

She is nailed by Xia Ning. How can she take that easily?


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