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Chapter 188 It Is Time to Wake from Dreams

Yin Jingyao’s eyes brighten. Even the most stupid person can notice her love for Yi Yunrui. Xia Ning clenches her fists. She feels very uncomfortable. But she tells herself that Yi Yunrui and Yin Jingyao are only having normal conversations.

Yin Jingyao sees Xia Ning’s sadness. She slightly lifts her lips and sneers at Xia Ning secretly. Xia Ning, you also have to experience this. You will understand the pain I experienced before.

“Does Jingyao like this restaurant?” Yi Yunrui asks in a gentler voice, but he doesn’t change his expression on his face.

“Hum.” Yin Jingyao nods. She smiles happily. She seems to remember something suddenly, “Ah. Sorry. I forget to ask Sister Xia. Sister Xia, do you like this restaurant?”

Yin Jingyao is obviously challenging Xia Ning. She tries to get Xia Ning speak something.

“Rui is here. So, I like it.” Xia Ning says directly.

Yi Yunrui’s eyes flash.

Yin Jingyao slightly pauses her smile, “I really envy you and Rui. In the future, if I can also find such a good husband, it will be great.”

“You will.” Xia Ning responds indifferently. She is in a bad mood. She really can’t put on a smile.

She is clear. Yin Jingyao is acting for Yi Yunrui.

Xia Ning doesn’t want to act with her. If possible, she really wants to kick Yin Jingyao away.

However, she made a mistake today. She is not sure whether Yi Yunrui will be partial to Yin Jingyao or not. If so, she will be embarra.s.sed.

The foods they ordered are served. Xia Ning lowers her head and eats the food silently.

Yin Jingyao talks to Yi Yunrui from time to time. Yi Yunrui sounds gentle, but his face looks grey.

Yin Jingyao is aware of Xia Ning and Yi Yunrui’s problem. She looks at the fruit salad in front of her and suddenly has a crazy idea.

Maybe, she can have a try.

Yin Jingyao grit her teeth and takes up the fork. She forks a piece of fruit and puts it in front of Yi Yunrui, “Commander Yi, have a taste of this. This is your favorite fruit.”

Xia Ning is shocked by Yin Jingyao’s move.

G.o.d. How dare she? She is seducing the husband in front of his wife!

Xia Ning stares fiercely at Yin Jingyao and sees her challenging eyes. Xia Ning burst into a fury inside her!

Yi Yunrui stops, but he doesn’t speak a word.

They freeze there for a while. Yin Jingyao still holds the fork. It doesn’t seem that she is going to put it down.

Yin Jingyao blinks her eyes naughtily.

Xia Ning takes a deep breath. She holds out her hand and grabs the fork from Yin Jingyao. When Yin Jingyao stares at her blankly, Xia Ning puts the fruit into her mouth and puts the fork back to Yin Jingyao.

“Hum. Thank you. It is delicious.” Xia Ning responds. She lowers her head to continue with her sole fish.

Yin Jingyao opens her mouth, thinking that Xia Ning really has the guts…

Yin Jingyao bites her bottom lip. She makes the decision and forks another piece of fruit. She is going to pa.s.sing the fruit when Yi Yunrui speaks, “Jingyao, I don’t like these fruits.”

Yin Jingyao pauses. She feels a little frustrated and responds “Oh.”

Xia Ning is aware of Yi Yunrui’s change. She takes a bite of the sole fish. Then she cuts a small piece and tries to put it into Yi Yunrui’s mouth, “Rui, have a taste of this. The fish is very fresh.”

Yi Yunrui frowns. He ignores Xia Ning and takes a mouthful of steak.

Xia Ning is frozen…

Yin Jingyao tries hard to restrain her happiness. She suddenly stands up and takes the fish in Xia Ning’s fork. She bites the fish and says, “Hum. Nice. The fish is quite fresh.”

Xia Ning feels herself was broken into pieces onto the ground.

It seems that Yi Yunrui is not going to forgive her in front of other people. And he is not going to protect her dignity here.

Xia Ning gives a sigh in her heart. She continues with her sole fish sadly.

At the moment, she feels really embarra.s.sed.

Then, she finds another problem!

It was always Yi Yunrui pampering her. Now, the Commander suddenly neglects her. She feels extremely depressed.

Ah. Not knowing since when, she has been used to his consideration. She simply can’t withstand even a little indifference from him.

When does her heart…become so fragile?

Well. When does she become so fragile? She is so fragile that a small attack from her love rival can make her so sentimental.

The little victory brings great happiness to Yin Jingyao. She feels the whole world is full of flowers. It turns out to be that Yi Yunrui is cold not only to her, but also to Xia Ning.

Does that mean any chances for her?

She glances at Yi Yunrui’s cold face stealthily. Yin Jingyao asks, “Rui, are you angry with Sister Xia for what happened just now?”

Xia Ning tightens her hands which are holding the fork and knife. Yin Jingyao is mentioning the problem on purpose!

Yi Yunrui hears and suddenly loses his appet.i.te. He puts down the fork and knife. He wipes his lips, “Why do you ask?”

Yes. He is angry. He is really very angry.

He is angry because his wife doesn’t confess to him. He is angry for her not telling him frankly. Did he do anything wrong?

And, why didn’t she address her husband “Darling” instead of calling his name?

Does she think he is not good enough to be her husband? Is it so difficult to address him Darling in front of other people?

However, he is angry, but he doesn’t allow anyone else to interfere in whatever between his wife and him!

Yin Jingyao is aware of the obvious unpleasure in Yi Yunrui’s tone. She feels her heart jump. She responds at once, “No. Nothing. I just feel that Sister Xia is unhappy.”

“Is she?” Yi Yunrui lifts the red wine and sips, “She isn’t unhappy.”

Yi Yunrui deliberately doesn’t look at Xia Ning. However, he never knows that what he did just now makes him neglect some very important things.

Some great changes have just taken place in the eyes of his wife, who is sitting by his side.

They are about her born determination and a decision.

Xia Ning closes her eyes. She clenches her fists tightly and suddenly loosens them.

There are some things that she may hold tightly. They may be around her for a long time. However, they don’t belong to her. They will never be hers!

She is an orphan. She has no family or relatives. She has married Yi Yunrui, but people in Yi Villa don’t like her. She can’t make her mother-in-law like her.

Yi Yunrui is her sky and her ground. However, at this moment, she realizes that it is time for her to wake from dreams.

Maybe, Yi Yunrui really loves her. But how long can this love last?

She doesn’t have anything to keep Yi Yunrui’s love for her!

Because she really doesn’t know what Yi Yunrui loves her for!

If Yi Yunrui leaves, her sky and her ground will collapse in an instant…

She can’t guarantee that Yi Yunrui will be with her and never leave.

So, she has to get strong when there is still some time!

She thought about what Gu Luan had said. She planned to tell Yi Yunrui the problem.

However, even such a tiny episode makes him so angry. She comes to understand that she can’t stay in her dreams any longer.


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