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Rumble! ~~

In front of the stunned eyes of Deadpool and others, the Underground Ruins that were constantly emitting Energy Shock Waves have gradually stopped the release of energy. However, on the devastated ground, a tentacle had come out and it was slowly squeezing out of the ground.

If it were just an ordinary tentacle, Deadpool would not be so surprised. The key is that the tentacle is not an ordinary tentacle. At this moment, the tentacle that had drilled out of the ground had reached a height of hundreds of meters and it is tens of meters wide.

“f.u.c.k…what kind of monster is that?!” After Deadpool exclaimed, Star-Lord also shouted in shock.

Even with Star-Lord’s knowledge of this universe, monsters of such a huge size are hard to see.

Moreover, why is there a living being in this Underground Ruin? ! If this monster was originally under the ruins then why didn’t Star-Lord and Rocket detect it? ! And this is such a huge life form which means that its life response must not be weak. They can clearly perceive the powerful vitality of that tentacle.

Unlike Deadpool and Star-Lord’s shocked filled expression, the expression on Yondu’s face was different. After he had carefully observed the Underground Ruins and the position of the tentacle, the expression on his face looked ugly.

“f.u.c.k…it’s that kind of situation!” Yondu silently cursed and thought to himself.


Just when Lin Rui and the others were shocked by the huge tentacle that had emerged from the Underground Ruins, the out-of-control s.p.a.ceship continued to crash into the forest. If nothing is done then the s.p.a.ceship will crash.


It was confirmed many times that the control system was out of control, and Yondu finally broke a push rod under the console.

Then, Lin Rui felt the s.p.a.ceship move in a different way as the c.o.c.kpit that was originally connected to the s.p.a.ceship suddenly separated from the rest of the s.p.a.ceship, like a rescue capsule, and it separated from the main body of the s.p.a.ceship.


After separating from the main body of the s.p.a.ceship, the propeller at the rear of the c.o.c.kpit automatically ignited, and the huge thrust launched the c.o.c.kpit away from the ruins.

This series of actions was done by an automatic system for the last escape of the Crazy Wolf s.p.a.ceship. Even if the main system loses control, the c.o.c.kpit can still escape by itself.

Shout! Stab! Thud!


After breaking dozens of big trees and rubbing down the flowers and plants along the way, the c.o.c.kpit that had escaped the ruin area finally stopped in the forest.


After the c.o.c.kpit stopped with a loud noise, a big hole was broken open from the side of the c.o.c.kpit. Then, Star-Lord and the others crawled out of the big hole. They were finally able to land on the ground after crashing two s.p.a.ceships, what Star-Lord and the others had experienced in just a few minutes was not easy at all.

“What should I do now?” Climbing out of the c.o.c.kpit, Deadpool asked stupidly while looking at the guys around him.

Regardless of the conflict between Star-Lord and Yondu before, and no matter how Deadpool had offended Yondu just now, they are all like gra.s.shoppers on a single rope(In a similar situation). The situation involving the Underground Ruins has already exceeded everyone’s expectations.

At this time, no one can guarantee their own safety. Now that they have fallen into the forest, they couldn’t see the changes in the center of the Underground Ruins because of the trees surrounding them, but they could feel from the vibration of the ground that the tentacle had obviously broken free from the ground.

Maybe the tentacle is just part of some abnormal monster.

“I don’t know, since that tentacle appeared, some commonly used technology items seem to be out of control, only some special things can continue to be used.” Hearing Deadpool’s words, Rocket checked the equipment on his body and spoke about his findings.

From the sudden loss of control of s.p.a.ceship just now, it can be deduced that the tentacle should have a certain special ability, an ability to suppress some technological products. Now, Rocket only has two modified guns that can be used normally, and his other powerful high-tech weapons are temporarily out of control.

While Rocket was talking, Yondu stood aside and looked up at the sky. However, when Star-Lord lifted his head, he knew what Yondu was looking at.

It turned out that the s.p.a.ceships drove by the members of the Ravagers Pirate group who hid high when the ruins broke out at the beginning also lost control at this time, and they were falling down one after another.


“They…” Star-Lord didn’t know what to say while looking at Yondu who wore an expressionless expression on his face.

Judging from the descending speed of those s.p.a.ceships, there won’t be many people who would come out alive after landing on the ground. Of course, if this special suppression disappears, they can still survive.

“I think it’s time for us to leave. Although I didn’t know what would happen to the Ruins, I had a feeling that it was something bad.” While Star-Lord and the others were looking at the fallen s.p.a.ceships in the sky, Lin Rui came over and said seriously.

Although Lin Rui has been wearing a mask, his expressions were not much better than that of Star-Lord after seeing the giant tentacle.

Especially when Lin Rui saw the tentacle and the sound of the system in his mind, Lin Rui decided to stay away from the Underground Ruins. Because the system in his mind prompts Lin Rui that an S-level lifeform had appeared after the tentacle appeared.

Lin Rui doesn’t even know what it means for a monster to have an S-Cla.s.s rating. Because when Lin Rui was on the earth, the system did not give a detailed level to the people he encountered, so he judged it roughly based on his own strength.

However, Lin Rui just ran out of Internal Energy and suffered a lot of injuries to defeat a Plantlife form that was a B-Grade lifeform. Above B-Grade there is B+, and then A-Grade. Therefore, Lin Rui is confident of his own strength and he will not provoke any S-Level lifeform. That is similar to giving an invitation to death to come and take them.

After hearing Lin Rui’s words, Yondu turned his gaze back from the sky to look at him. Then, he spoke with an unusually serious expression on his face. “I may know what the Underground Ruins are, but we really should leave first.”


After speaking, Yondu activated the individual flying equipment on his body and quickly rushed out to a position far from the ruins. Next to Yondu was his Deputy, and at this time, he was the only one who listened to Yondu’s orders wholeheartedly.

“Hey! Yondudu, what do you know?!” Seeing Yondu flying away, Star-Lord shouted loudly from behind.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Then, Star-Lord and Rocket also dragged Groot and chased after them. As for Lin Rui, of course, he rushed out while pulling Deadpool on the Hoverboard.


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