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Heroes of Marvel Chapter 291-294


“What happened? Do you know where Mirage Knight is?!” Two minutes later, Spiderman finally arrived and landed beside Iron Man, watching Francis, who had been captured in front of him and asked nervously.

“No, this guy doesn’t know anything at all.” Tony’s tone clearly indicates that he was upset, and Iceman couldn’t retrieve anything of value.

“What then?!” Peter asked worriedly after hearing Tony’s answer.

Lin Rui has been kidnapped for one night now and they don’t know what will happen to him after such a long time. And now Francis is their only clue. If there is no news here then they really don’t know how to find Lin Rui.

“Let me take him back to school. Professor Charles should be able to find out something that is still hidden in his mind. Sometimes, there are things in people’s memory that had been erased.” Regarding Francis, Iceman has only this last option to find out some information out of him.

“Professor X?” Peter narrowed his eyes when he heard Iceman’s suggestion.

Professor X’s name is remembered by many people from the Mutants war decades ago. Although Professor Charles has retired and started Xavier school for the gifted and young, he is still a bright banner in the Mutants circle. And, as a moderate Mutant, Professor Charles had always wanted to be at peace with humanity.

“Well, I believe there must be something about the power behind Francis in his memory, and only Professor Charles can see what is hidden in his mind. Don’t worry, I’ll send him back when I get the information.” Worried that the people in front of him wouldn’t believe his words, Iceman seriously promised.

“I believe in Professor X!” Peter said quickly.

“Take his away, there is no other way.” Although Tony wanted to find Lin Rui himself, he really is out of options here.

“Well, do bring him back! Francis can only die in my hands!” When no one noticed him, Deadpool, who had already climbed up from below, stepped out from behind and shouted.

Wade doesn’t dare to face the rescued Vanessa. So he had been hiding in the corner, and when he saw Francis being taken away, he had to come out of his hiding place.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be back in a while.” Iceman nodded and replied when he heard Deadpool’s words.

Then, without the slightest resistance from Francis, Iceman controlled him and Blink, who had been standing beside Iceman, created a s.p.a.ce door again. With Blink in here, they will return soon.

Dī Dī!

“Threat item detected!” However, just as Iceman took Francis towards the s.p.a.ce gate, J.A.R.V.I.S.’s alarm sounded suddenly from Iron Man.

Then two beams of light from Iron Man pointed directly in two directions: Angel Dust, who was frozen by Iceman, and Francis, who was captured by him. None of the people at the scene were fools. After being reminded by J.A.R.V.I.S, they all knew that it should be a remote-controlled bomb inside Francis and Angel Dust. It seemed that the forces behind Francis saw him being taken away and finally made the last move.

“This! …” Francis, who was still calm, suddenly became desperate when he saw the light from Iron Man pointing at himself. Apparently, he didn’t believe that he had a remote control bomb inside him.


The next moment, an explosion occurred on this platform, and numerous small pieces of ice were blown up and scattered. However, there was only one explosion, and Francis, who had been promptly thrown out by Iceman, fell to the ground and did not explode.

“Is this … was that a faulty bomb?” Looking at Angel Dust, who had now turned into many pieces on the side, and Francis who had just fallen on the ground, Deadpool asked while hiding behind Iron Man.

Deadpool’s words also expressed the doubts of everyone at the scene. Just now J.A.R.V.I.S clearly detected two threat items which were clearly bombs but why is it that only Angel Dust exploded? The most important person, Francis, did not explode. Iceman could not understand this situation. Was it really a faulty bomb?

“Threat removed.” Soon after, JARVIS tested Francis again, sending out a report that left everyone a little confused about what was going on.

“Looks like luck is on our side this time.” Although it wasn’t known why Francis wasn’t killed, it was of course best that he didn’t die. Iceman laughed again and stunned Francis, who was looking equally shocked on the ground.

After being almost killed by a remote bomb, Francis is now really angry at the forces behind him. However, he did not know much about them. Judging by the current situation, he must have known something about the forces behind him and his memory was forcibly erased or the other party wouldn’t have put a bomb inside of him as insurance.

“I am going to go now, otherwise I don’t know what else might happen.” Francis was pushed into the s.p.a.ce door that Blink had drawn out again, and Iceman walked in as he spoke.


The people present watched the three people in front of them disappearing into the s.p.a.ce door one after another, and the s.p.a.ced door close soon after. Iceman said that they would be back soon, and at this time, Tony’s city-wide search was continuing, but they couldn’t find anything.

Huh ~

“Are you really Wade?” Just as Peter leaned next to Iron Man and whispered something to Tony, Vanessa, who had been hiding just after being rescued, finally summoned up her courage and went to Deadpool and asked seriously.

“Uh … this, can I say I am not?” In response to her girlfriend’s question, Deadpool replied somewhat awkwardly.

“Then can you open the mask and show me your face? Because I don’t believe that my boyfriend would have really abandoned me, I said this to him before, regardless of life or death, we will face it together!” Staring at Deadpool’s mask, Vanessa said sincerely.

In fact, after hearing Deadpool’s voice, Vanessa had determined that this was Wade Wilson, the lover she thought had died.

Hearing Vanessa’s words, Deadpool was silent and no one knew what he was thinking. Seeing that Deadpool didn’t respond, Vanessa slowly raised her hand and began to lift Deadpool’s mask.

“The face underneath this mask may not be what you think.” Wade suddenly reminded when the mask was partially lifted.


Regardless of what Wade said, Vanessa lifted the entire mask off his face. Then, she did see a familiar face in front of her. A photo of Brad Pitt subtracted from the magazine was pasted on Wade’s disfigured face, and Wade’s eye position was deducted.


Feeling a bit helpless, Vanessa tore off the photo in front of her again, and Wade’s disfigured face finally appeared in front of Vanessa’s eyes.

“I’m ugly and I look like a monster. Will you still love me?”

Spiderman, Iron Man, and Deadpool and his girlfriend Vanessa are still waiting for Iceman to return. However, what these people did not notice was that there were two more people standing in the corner on the platform and it turned out to be the sorcerors Rick and David.

“David, it seems they didn’t realize it was us.” Silently watching the reactions of the others, Rick said to David beside him. At this point, the two sorcerers and Tony did not seem to be in the same world. They were watching from the Mirror Dimension, otherwise, either J.A.R.V.I.S or Peter would have detected that two people were hidden in such a close position.

“Well, although these people are good. But not much is known about us and not even Iron Man, Tony Stark knows much about us even if we met last time.” David, who was beside him, answered with a nod

“Fortunately, we made it in time or that person would have been killed immediately.” Hearing Rick’s words, it seems that the bomb in Francis’s body wasn’t faulty, but they diffuse it with their magic.

“Well, we mush do this, after all, Ancient One had asked us to find Mirage Knight. Although I don’t know why he is looking for this Vigilante but we obviously need to help these people find him first.” Nodded, David agreed.

“Now, we have to just wait here until those two people return, I hope they find something. Otherwise, we will be starting our search from scratch.”

“Mr. Stark, can you really think that Professor X can help us find Mirage Knight?” Because Tony knows Peter’s ident.i.ty, Peter is closest to Iron Man here. So after Iceman left, he murmured beside Tony.

“Maybe, but … just now …” Tony didn’t seem to be paying attention to Peter and instead he was thinking about something.

“What happened just now?” Peter asked curiously looking at Tony.

“It’s nothing, I just think the changes in Francis are strange. He should have exploded with the ice cube.” Tony heard Peter’s words and answered with uncertainty.

“Didn’t the bomb fail? Hasn’t JARVIS scanned it?” Peter was even more puzzled. If the bomb inside Francis hadn’t failed, how would the people behind Francis let him get taken away Iceman?

“Well, maybe. I’m not sure, it doesn’t matter now anyway.” It seemed that he didn’t want to explain anything more to Peter, and Tony simply said.

In fact, J.A.R.V.I.S not only detected the bomb in Francis’ body, but also detected a mysterious wave afterwards. This fluctuation is what Tony has been studying recently, that is, it belongs to magic. The magic wave just now is obviously the reason why the bomb inside Francis failed. It seems that a sorcerer is also helping Mirage Knight secretly. Tony thought to himself.


Tony didn’t wait long on this platform. About ten minutes later, a s.p.a.ce door appeared again in front of them, and Iceman walked out with Blink and an unconscious Francis.

“How? Are there any clues?” Peter quickly asked when he saw Iceman.

“Hydra!” Iceman looked at Francis, who was unconscious and said coldly.

Under the powerful mental scan of Professor Charles, he finally found the part of secrets erased from Francis’ memory. It turned out that the Forces behind Francis who were conduct experiments on people and turning them into Mutants and control their minds is one of Hydra’s branches.

“Hydra !?” Peter shouted, seemingly shocked at the word spoken from Iceman’s mouth.

After the last battle at SHIELD headquarters, there are not many people in the whole world who don’t know about Hydra now. Peter certainly knew how strong this power was, and what evil experiments it had done or was doing.

“It turned out to be Hydra. It seems that this was our mistake.” Just after Peter exclaimed, a familiar sound suddenly came from a distance.


Peter turned quickly and looked behind him at the familiar sound. Everyone else looked around weirdly too, except, of course, Tony. Because he already knew who it was.

“Captain America!” When he saw Steve Rogers in the background, Peter let out a cry of excitement.

It turned out that this newcomer was Steve Rogers aka Captain America, who had appeared in the eyes of the public some time ago. Because of SHIELD and the full promotion of the US government, the image of Captain America has already set off an idol wave throughout the United States. It’s not unusual for someone like Peter, who had always admired Captain America, to get excited about seeing the real person. Even Iceman showed some emotion on his face, while Blink around him kept a cool face.

“h.e.l.lo, Spiderman.” Greeting Spiderman with a smile, Captain Rogers come over where the rest of the people were standing.

Since SHIELD was also involved in the hunt for Mirage Knight, it was only natural that Captain Rogers knew about it. And Rogers was more nervous than anyone else about the kidnapping of Mirage Knight. Because, when he find Bucky, he would require help from Mirage Knight for Bucky to recover his previous memory.

So, after knowing that they might found a clue today, Steve came directly to see if there was anything he could do to help. However, he came over and heard Hydra’s name which means that Mirage Knight was taken by Hydra, which was beyond his expectation.

“Of course this is your mistake! Mirage Knight has already helped you out with the Hydra lurkers inside SHIELD, and now you even let Hydra take him away! If this is not your responsibility and whose is it?” Seeing Rogers smile and say h.e.l.lo, Tony interjected.

Tony had a lot of problems with SHIELD not completly killing Hydra after such a long time. In fact, this cannot be blamed on SHIELD, Fury really wants to use all of his power to fight against Hydra. But after all, SHIELD doesn’t belong to Fury and many other forces watched it. Politicians, in particular, have limited the implementation of some of SHIELD’s decisions.

Moreover, Fury may not want to destroy Hydra any time soon. Hydra is indeed a threat, but it’s a threat that will make people realize that only SHIELD can protect them. So Fury wants both, he wants to reduce the damage to the SHIELD and to keep Hydra in check for a while.

“Tony, I know you are worried about Mirage Knight and I feel the same way as you. Now that it has been determined that Hydra has taken Mirage Knight, then it’s up to SHIELD to help. We just identified a couple of suspicious Hydra sites around New York the other day, and if we go one by one, we’ll find Mirage Knight. ” Captain Rogers was not angry when he heard Tony’s sarcasm, and then said seriously.

“Then what are we waiting for? Didn’t you know that even as we speak here, Mirage Knight’s life can be in danger. A single minute we talk is the one more minute being wasted.” After hearing Captain Rogers’s words, Tony has started the ejector at the foot of his Iron suit and he is already up and running with several Iron Men Armors.

SHIELD will, of course, send those Hydra-possible locations to Tony and he is not planning to wait for SHIELD.

“Let’s go. There are three suspicious locations. Mirage Knight must be in one of them!” Watching Tony leave quickly, Captain Rogers looked at the others in front of him and said.

“Yes!” Peter agreed excitedly.


At Hydra’s secret base in New Jersey, Lin Rui fires off the Fire G.o.d Artillery once again, clearing an army of soldiers in front of him. Because of the heavy use, the Fire G.o.d Artillery barrel was already boiling hot, and not enough cooling would have greatly reduced the weapon’s life. However, in such a dangerous situation, Lin Rui didn’t give a flying f.u.c.k about the weapon’s life expectancy.

“d.a.m.n it! How big is this base! I’ve been running for so long and I haven’t found a way out.” While putting the Fire G.o.d Artillery on his shoulder, Lin Rui fled quickly.

When Lin Rui started to flee, due to the role of t.i.tan II serum, Lin Rui kept relying on his speed to leave the Alpha team far behind. However, these normal soldiers are also very annoying. Although they cannot stop Lin Rui, they can cause some trouble for him and let the Alpha team catch up.

Therefore, in the end, Lin Rui had to change his direction and no longer rushed towards the position of the Thunder Blade, because his intentions were too obvious, and the defense in that direction would be much stronger than the other directions. Lin Rui is not a fool. Since he can’t do anything, he won’t breakthrough. However, he has changed directions several times, but he has been unable to find an exit. This base is like a maze.

“The effects of t.i.tan 2 serum are completely gone, and I have already injected the Recovery Serum. How long can I last?” Lin Rui’s eyes were getting dim as he again looked at the intersection in front of him.

While talking to himself, Lin Rui looks again at Tom, whom he had been carrying all this time. If Lin Rui is willing to give up on Tom, his chances of escaping alone are obviously much better. However, Lin Rui won’t do that. He had sworn to take Tom back and he will.


After crossing the intersection in front of him, Lin Rui didn’t encounter any interception, which was very abnormal. But at this time, Lin Rui would not think too much about that, as long as there was a way ahead, he kept rushing forward, he did not believe that he could not find the exit.


Finally, after rushing out another aisle, Lin Rui came to a place similar to the underground square. There is a lot of s.p.a.ce here and it is a circular s.p.a.ce and there are many large instruments with unknown functions in the middle of the square that were still buzzing. However, he did not see any staff or the like. In addition to the aisle that Lin Rui just rushed out of, there are many pa.s.sages around this square leading to it. This square is like a hub.

“No!” After seeing those pa.s.sages, Lin Rui’s eyes flashed as he thought of something, and after a moment, he turned back and rushed towards the aisle that he had just come out of.


However, Lin Rui had just turned around, and a thick metal door suddenly dropped over the aisle behind him, completely blocking his path.


Then, in addition to the blocked pa.s.sage behind Lin Rui, a few soldiers rushed out of the other pa.s.sages in this square. In the end, the Alpha team also came out of the aisle directly opposite Lin Rui’s exit. This time, Lin Rui really couldn’t escape.

Lin Rui turned around and saw many weapons pointing at him. He clutched the Fire G.o.d Artillery in his hand and he was ready to fire it at any time.

Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa

Just as Lin Rui calmly looked at the enemies surrounding him and a light curtain suddenly appeared in the center of the square. Then, the sound of clapping came from the center of the square. Lin Rui saw the uniform man who was clapping his palms on the light curtain. It was General Reese, who had never shown his face before to Lin Rui, the top person in charge of this base.

“Very good! Very good indeed!” On the light curtain, General Reese clapped his hands and laughed and praised. However, he couldn’t hide the cold light in his eyes.

“Jackson Lin, right? A boy from Queens, New York, can you tell me how you got such great power? Also, what is the technology of that special armor on your body, and where did that high-energy weapon in your hand came from?” Lin Rui had been completely trapped, and General Reese now had time to figure out what he wanted to know.

The things he knows about Lin Rui are from Jeffery and it is the information collected by SHIELD, but SHIELD also doesn’t know that Jackson Lin is actually Mirage Knight. Therefore, General Reese and General Manager Jeffery are very curious about how such a “Normal” young man such as Jackson Lin has such powerful strength and equipment. If they can get Lin Rui’s secrets about his powers and equipment, Hydra will rise in strength.

Lin Rui winced when he heard the stranger on the light curtain shout out his name. Sure enough, after showing his face, Hydra had come to know who he is! Well, now Lin Rui has another reason to completely wipe Hydra from this world. Lin Rui will never allow Hydra to threaten his family because of his ident.i.ty. Hydra must be completely destroyed!

Lifting his head, Lin Rui’s mask automatically disappeared from his face, “Do you want to know where my powers and equipment came from?” Staring at the huge light curtain, Lin Rui asked.

Even though he had fallen into a situation that will certainly cause his death, Lin Rui has not given up. Because he still has the system. Because of the incident between Venom and Green Goblin last time, Lin Rui had received a lot of Reward points. He also hadn’t had the time to sacrifice these points to the system’s resurrection. If he is really forced to the last step, Lin Rui would not hesitate to exchange something from the System Shop that will destroy this base and kill everyone in it, if he had to do this to protect his secrets and his family then he would do it.

“Will you tell us?” General Reese on the light curtain asked with a little surprise as he did not expect Lin Rui to say that.

“Of course…………… not!”



His response time was deliberately prolonged. At the same time when the last word came out, Lin Rui had instantly raised the Fire G.o.d Artillery and blasted it forward. For a moment, a dazzling light erupted in the square. Then, Lin Rui blasted out a blackened gap in front of him. Because the light curtain was in front of Lin Rui, Fire G.o.d Artillery’s blow also dissipated the light curtain.

“Catch him!” After the light curtain was recovered again, General Reese issued a desperate command.

Since Lin Rui was unwilling to surrender, they had to catch him alive. Anyway, they have many ways to get people to talk. In this regard, Hydra is very experienced, but it is a pity that such a talent would be gone from the world. Lin Rui’s performance so far has finally made someone like General Reese also think of recruiting him.


The ordered soldiers and the Alpha team did not hesitate and rushed towards Lin Rui. In such an inaccessible place, Lin Rui could not even escape even if he had another dose of the t.i.tan II serum.

“Let’s see if you can really catch me.”




Half an hour later, the originally st.u.r.dy underground plaza at the center of Hydra Base is now riddled with holes, numerous holes have been created all over the square, and many soldiers have died.


Avoiding a force field gun attack again, Lin Rui was shocked by the shock wave. After a few flips in the mid-flight, he fell to the ground, and at this point, Lin Rui was no longer able to persist.

Although the special force field on the Alpha team members does not exist all the time, Lin Rui has a hard time finding the right moment when the force field disappears. So far in the battle, Lin Rui has only been able to defeat two members of the Alpha Squad, but the Phantom Suit’s defenses are on the verge of being completely blown apart.


“I really can’t keep this up! Do I really have to do that, do I really have to kill everything here including myself? If the system was still there, maybe it can help me!” Once again dodging a barrage of bullets, Lin Rui feels the exhaustion.

As for Tom, he has already been put down by Lin Rui. Under such circ.u.mstances, taking Tom is a huge risk as he can only be used as a shield, it is better to put him down. Fortunately, General Reese didn’t plan to threaten Lin Rui with Tom, he only wanted to capture Lin Rui.


In a moment of distraction, Lin Rui was. .h.i.t by the Field Force weapon for the first time. Suddenly, a light blue weird light quickly wrapped Lin Rui in.

“Not good!” Lin Rui had already reacted when he felt the irresistible power that was wrapping around him and he tried to break away.


However, the closure of the force field was an instantaneous thing and before Lin Rui could even move, he had already been caught and was floating in midair!


In the next moment, Lin Rui was under the control of that special force field and the Alpha team was already surrounding him and those other soldiers were also circling around him.

“Huh! I finally caught you!” General Reese, who had been hiding also saw that Lin Rui was caught and he was suspended in midair, he finally released a sigh of relief. This guy created a lot of chaos in the base. Not only he killed many soldiers, but he also killed two members of the Alpha Squad.

“You were finally caught!” Jeffery also sighed, if Lin Rui created any more trouble, he would not be able to run from the responsibility.

“The next step is simple. Take off his equipment, we will use the 12th tranquilizer to give him a good night’s sleep, and then we will figure out exactly where these things come from. Nanotechnology is fine. The key is the technology that looks a lot like s.p.a.ce folding technology, we must obtain it! “Seeing that the Alpha team had already begun to “Securing” Lin Rui, General Reese began to imagine the benefits that he would get out of Lin Rui in the future.

“That’s right! After we figure out all this mystery about him, we’re going to brainwash him into becoming our soldier. With the strength he had just shown, if the brainwashing is successful, he would be worth more than twenty Winter Soldiers! ” Jeffery chimed in.

“Jeffery, I caught him. So at the end of the day, I’ll have this guy first.” Hearing Jeffery’s words, General Reese glances at him and said. Jeffery had been responsible for the Winter Soldier’s experiments, but with people like Lin Rui, General Reese won’t let them out of his sight.

“Of course!” Chief Jeffery replied sensibly.

The two Hydra executives then watched as the Alpha Squad on the monitor slowly “Securing” of Lin Rui. In the end, Lin Rui wasn’t able to break free and was completely controlled.

“Don’t force me to do this!” Lin Rui thought silently as the members of the Alpha team outside the force field approached him with a special metal lock.

At this point, Lin Rui has parted his consciousness into the System Shop in his mind. In a split second, Lin Rui could redeem the Micro-Nuclear Weapon, and by then it would really be all done.


Wrapped in the same force field, two members of the Alpha team stretched their hands toward Lin Rui, and the special metal lock was immediately retracted onto Lin Rui’s limbs.

Dī Dī Di!

“General! Many unidentified aircraft are approaching our location at high speed! Yes! … It is Iron Man! Many Iron Man!!” Reese and Jeffery are staring at the Alpha squad securing Lin Rui on the monitor when the man behind him, who is in charge of monitoring the outside of the base, alerts them in a loud voice.

“What?” Hearing this report, Reese didn’t care about Lin Rui who had been tied up, and quickly turned and rushed towards the back console.

Dī Dī Dī Dī!

At this time, the huge console is full of red dots indicating the threat, and what those red dots are on the side of the display has also been photographed, which is a rapid rush of Iron Man Army! At a glance, there are about a hundred Iron Man Armors! To save Lin Rui, Tony released all his stock this time!

“d.a.m.n it! How did they find us! Activate the most advanced defense and fully open up the weapon system! We’ll have a good fight with these Iron Men today!” Seeing more than a hundred Iron Man rushing towards his base, Reese’s face became depressed, after suppressing the doubts in his heart, he quickly issued an order.

More than a hundred high-tech Iron Man, even if this base has a lot of advanced weapons, they can’t stand it. However, if Tony doesn’t know them well, he may suffer a loss at the beginning.

“Start the strategic transfer, first transfer all of our experimental data. Destroy all that cannot be transferred, and let those scientific personnel retreat and escort them away with soldiers!” After issuing defense and attack orders, General Reese issued a strategic transfer again.

Now that this base is exposed, whether or not they can withstand the attack of the Iron Man army or not, they will eventually have to run. So, he is preparing from the start.

“Leave two members of the Alpha team with Jackson Lin and the rest of the members with soldiers will stop Iron Man. Today I will let Tony Stark know that he is not invincible just because he has the Iron Man Armor. There are many things that can easily kill him even with his armor!” The extremely fast Iron Man team was about to reach the base’s attack range, and General Reese gave a cold command order to attack.

Dī Dī Di!

“The Iron Man had entered the attack range, start attacking!” A few seconds later, when the Iron Man team rushed to the front of the ancient castle and there were only a thousand meters left between the, a man sitting on the control panel gave a low sigh. He pressed down on the screen in front of him.

Bang Bang!

With the full defensive launch of the Hydra base, countless heavy guns burst out of the castle walls. The high-tech weapon’s muzzle was aligned with the direction that Iron Man was flying. In the next moment, dozens of light blue beams shot out of the weapon and reached Iron Man’s team within a few hundred meters.

Boom boom!

Chapter 294 Iron Man Army Arrives


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