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Heroes of Marvel 127 Accident

It took half a day to build the experimental base around the hammer. And Lin Rui was also successfully involved in the research group by Coulson, which is also a test of Lin Rui’s third-tier talent.

“Jackson, right? I heard that you have temporarily joined our research team. I wonder if you have any history with Agent Coulson? Are you related to Agent Coulson?” In the research group lounge, a 30-year-old man approached Lin Rui and asked. It looks like he wants to know Lin Rui’s details and how to get along with him. Although S.H.I.E.L.D. is a complex organization, a good relationship with an Advanced agent is of great benefit.

“Oh, Agent Coulson? No, I am not related to him.” Lin Rui smiled and denied his guess when he heard the man.

“Really?” It doesn’t matter then. They naturally don’t have to pay much attention to Lin Rui. The man turns around and leaves.

“I’m here to help. After all, Mr. Stark has something to do with your S.H.I.E.L.D.” Seeing the man turn away and the other researchers looking away from him after his last sentence, Lin Rui adds another sentence.

“Mr. Stark? Which Stark?”

“You don’t mean Stark’s Stark?” Hearing the word Stark, the man who just turned quickly turned back and asked with some surprise.

“Are there really that many Stark?” Lin Rui asked while smiling.

Lin Rui just came over to see and study Mjölnir. He doesn’t really have to work with these people but he didn’t want to alienate himself either. It’s better to let them know from the beginning that they are not in the highest position in the hierarchy here.

“Jackson, what is your relationship with Mr. Stark?” This time, a woman asked, much more careful than before.

“Relationship? We are friends.” Lin Rui answered generously, this is the only way that these researchers will not work against him as Lin Rui knows that may happen in a small group.

“Hey~that, Jackson, wait for us to start research, you can follow me, I will help you.”

“I will also help you, I have been doing research in this area for a long time!”

” I am the senior, I should help him!”

After Lin Rui talked about his relationship with Tony, the researchers gathered in front of him and began to show off. Tony Stark, Iron Man is still a good brand.

“Well, I’ll learn from you. But should we start? We should finish the research earlier and get the results earlier.” Smiling, Lin Rui wants to try the hammer.

“Of course, we’ll go now.”

“I can’t wait!”

“Let’s go!”

At Lin Rui’s suggestion, these researchers were excited and they began to prepare the instrument to go to the center to study the hammer.

“This Jackson, on the contrary, is quite capable,” Coulson muttered helplessly when he saw everything on the screen in his office.

“That’s where he’s smart. And what he said is true, Tony really likes him, otherwise, we would not give him so much leeway.” Behind Coulson was Hawkeye, another agent responsible for the incident.

“You say, what is the relationship between him and Tony? Is it really a simple appreciation? It’s said that Tony has let him worn the Iron Man Armor. It’s not just like him.” As Lin Rui and the researchers on the monitor left the room and headed for the hammer, Agent Coulson asked Hawkeye silently behind him.

“What do you mean? Tony has Pepper!” Hawkeye apparently misunderstood Coulson’s meaning, shouting in disbelief.

“Oh, I certainly don’t mean that. I mean there may be blood relationships between them, you know.” Coulson certainly understood what Hawkeye had misunderstood and quickly explained.

“But haven’t you done the test long ago? Jackson can’t be Tony’s illegitimate son. There’s no intersection between the Stark and Jackson families either.” Hawkeye did not understand Coulson’s words.

“I don’t know. Anyway, I think there should be something between them that we don’t know.” Shaking his head, Agent Coulson said lightly.

“Maybe it’s just fate? Tony is a genius, Jackson is also a genius, geniuses attracts geniuses.



“Jackson, that’s what we’re going to study, a hammer that fell from the sky, a magical hammer.”

“It’s like it appeared here out of thin air and rooted itself in the ground. Even if we empty the ground, it will follow the landing and cannot be picked up.

“We can’t detect what it was made of, at least not any of the known materials on Earth.”

“We can’t find the origin of those patterns on the hammer, it isn’t like any culture of the earth.”

“So, we came to a conclusion.”

“That is, it’s an alien item. And we’ve got Jane Foster’s research, your former mentor, and her research has helped us to identify that further.”

Bringing Lin Rui to the hammer, the researchers opened their mouths one by one to tell him what they knew about the hammer, thinking that this would make Lin Rui feel good about themselves. But Lin Rui knows far more than they do.

“Miss Foster’s research, I know, is correct. The hammer probably came through the Einstein Rosen Bridge, and I’m sure you all know what happened in the desert yesterday.” Slowly approaching G.o.d Of Thunder’s hammer, Lin Rui said without raising his head.

“It’s probably Einstein Rosen bridge, but we haven’t personally tested it when the vision happens, and Miss Foster’s research is only partially doc.u.mented and can’t be determined.”

“Moreover, we need to a.s.sess whether the incident was unexpected or regular. This is not reflected in Miss Foster’s research. You know, if we determine that there is a stable and transmissible Einstein Rosen Bridge here, it means not only that we have been in contact with an alien civilization, but also that we are more likely to have consequences that we cannot afford.

As Lin Rui slowly approached G.o.d Of Thunder’s hammer, two senior researchers behind him took the information in their hands seriously. Although the hammer excites them, they have not forgotten how great a threat an extraterrestrial civilization, especially an extraterrestrial civilization that can build stable s.p.a.ce channels, poses to the earth. This is not only a great discovery but also a discovery that may bring destruction to the earth.

“Well, I quite agree with you. However, I think the appearance of the Einstein Rosen Bridge is only an accident, and the appearance of the hammer should be just an accident too. But once we have determined that the Einstein Rosen Bridge is on Earth, we’d better start preparing ourselves for extraterrestrial civilization. Crossing the fence around G.o.d Of Thunder’s hammer, Lin Rui has come to it.

And he’s also guiding fellows around him and Coulson on the side of the monitor, although Asgard’s responsibility is to protect Nine Realms and Earth is within its protection. But Lin Rui knows that Asgard is not safe and the Earth is not. In a year or two, the Invasion of the New York War will come and Lin Rui will not watch as the Earth is invaded without any preparation. Moreover, Lin Rui had a hunch that if the Invasion of New York really happened, it would not be the little fuss that was shown in the movies.

“Ha-ha, isn’t this our job?” Hearing Lin Rui’s words, the researcher standing outside the fence echoed with a smile.

By this time, Lin Rui was very close to G.o.d Of Thunder’s hammer, and he seemed to have seen something wrong with it.

“Jackson, you’re a little too close. It’s against the rules.” The reminder from the researcher behind him was ineffective, and Lin Rui, standing next to the G.o.d Of Thunder hammer, slowly extended his hand.

“Hey, Jackson, we can’t get so close to it without authorization!” As Lin Rui held out his right hand towards G.o.d Of Thunder’s hammer, the researcher behind him warned again, but it was still useless.

“What is he doing?” Just wanting to see if he can pick up that hammer? At the other end of the monitor, Coulson also saw Lin Rui’s movements, muttering helplessly.


Finally, Lin Rui’s right hand was held on the handle of G.o.d Of Thunder’s hammer after the reminder was failed again. The next moment, Lin Rui’s body shook with an electric shock, then there was no movement, he stood there like a sculpture holding the hammer of G.o.d Of Thunder.

“Jackson? Jackson?”

“Hey! Are you all right? n.o.body can move the hammer a bit.”



Just as Lin Rui was holding the G.o.d of Thunder hammer and the researchers called him from behind, a thunder suddenly appeared over the research base and then it descended straight down, towards the G.o.d of Thunder hammer held by Lin Rui.



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