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He Zhichu’s personal secretary glanced at her and said calmly, “Please ask Miss Wen to tell the judge, especially to explain to the judge why this person sent these photos to Miss Wen.”

With a smile, Wen Shouyi raised her hand to fix her hair and replied, “Yes, I also want to know. But when others want to frame you, will they tell you the reason? I think asking such a question would lower his IQ.”

He Zhichu’s personal secretary almost choked on Wen Shouyi’s words.

He turned around angrily and ignored her. He stood at the door with his own people and stared at Wen Shouyi with hostility.

Turning her head, Wen Shouyi told her maid, “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. Call the legal team of the Qin Corporation and tell them that I’ve been taken away. Tell them to come and see me.”

As she spoke, Wen Shouyi asked the people guarding the door, “Don’t tell me that you won’t allow my housekeeping staff to help me find a lawyer? This is my civil right.. If you stop me, I’ll sue you until you’re discharged from the army and transferred to another career! Do you hear me?”

He Zhichu’s personal secretary gritted her teeth.

He snorted with a stern face. “Didn’t you already ask your housekeeping staff to make a call? Or is it that Miss Wen is always the one who kills First and reports later?”

“How would I dare to do that? I’m just worried that I’ll offend the n.o.ble again, isn’t it?” Wen Shouyi shook her head helplessly. “When you don’t like someone, everything that person does is wrong.”

“Why is everything wrong? I’m already used to being misunderstood.”

“But no matter how big the misunderstanding is, it can’t be used as evidence to frame me.”

Wen Shouyi’s expression turned cold. “I’ll prove my innocence to the judge. Young master he is a law student, and young master he’s mother, Lawyer Qin, is a pioneer in the country’s legal field. I believe that the law will clear my name.”

He Zhichu’s personal secretary could not utter a word. Her face was ashen as she escorted Wen Shouyi out of her high-cla.s.s apartment.

After escorting Wen Shouyi to the detention center, He Zhichu’s personal secretary sent all the videos recorded in the recorder to him.

He had just sat in the car when he received the video and opened it to watch.

He scoffed when he saw Wen Shouyi push everything to the back of his mind. Even the photos she had sent to him had been framed.

She really could play with the law.

After that, he sent the videos to Gu Nianzhi with a message, “Nianzhi, are you asleep?”

Gu Nianzhi had originally planned to sleep.

He Zhichu’s probing tonight had made her heart skip a beat. She didn’t even dare to go to Lu Jin’s apartment across the street.

She had just gone to bed and was still trying to get some sleep when she heard her phone ring. Just then, another text message had come in.

She took it over and saw that He Zhichu had sent her a video. She quickly opened it to receive it and replied to He Zhichu’s text, “Not yet. He Zhichu, are you home?”

As He Zhichu shook his head, he replied, “Not yet, it’s at the entrance of your apartment complex.”

Immediately, Gu Nianzhi replied, “It’s too late, go back and rest early. I’ll text you after I watch the video.”

He Zhichu thought for a moment and started the car. “Okay, I’m leaving, good night.”

“Good night.”

After Gu Nianzhi replied, she slipped out of bed and turned on her laptop. She connected it to Lu Jin’s surveillance system and turned it to the entrance of the apartment complex. Sure enough, she saw that He Zhichu’s car had already left.

She let out a sigh of relief and turned off her laptop. After returning to bed, she began to watch the video sent to her.

After watching it, Gu Nianzhi was silent for a while.

It turned out that it was his personal secretary who had gone to arrest Wen Shouyi.

This personal secretary was really cautious. She had recorded the entire process of the arrest so that she wouldn’t be backstabbed.

However, Wen Shouyi wasn’t someone to be trifled with, for she had even mentioned something about framing.

Gu Nianzhi was speechless when she saw that the package had really been delivered to her by courier from the same city.

She still couldn’t get anything on her?

This was too cautious…

Gu Nianzhi couldn’t help sending He Zhichu a text message, “Young Master He. Are You Home?”

He Zhichu was driving when he heard the sound of a text message. He glanced at his phone and saw that it was Gu Nianzhi. He quickly put on his bluetooth headset so that he could talk while driving.

“Not yet, we’re almost there. What’s wrong? Have you finished watching the video?” He Zhichu’s cold and clear voice came from the phone.

Gu Nianzhi also put on her bluetooth headset. She looked at her phone and said, “Then I’ll talk to you when you get there, Young Master He. Don’t call when you’re driving. It’s not safe.”

“Okay.” He Zhichu then beamed and looked up to see that the he residence was already in front of them.

He quickly drove the car in and parked it in the garage before dialing Gu Nianzhi’s number again. “I’m here.”

Gu Nianzhi then smilingly uttered, “That’s so soon. I can’t believe it.”

He Zhichu opened the video and showed her the he residence in front of them.

Gu Nianzhi nodded lightly and went straight to the point. “Young master he, what should we do? Isn’t Wen Shouyi being too cautious?”

He Zhichu walked to his suite on the second floor and said, “If she wasn’t so cautious, she would have gone to jail long ago. Why would she be so arrogant in front of us now?”

“That’s true.” Gu Nianzhi sighed. “Didn’t you realize that she was such a person back then?”

He Zhichu thought about it and said, “I won’t say anything without evidence. But she used to be a very serious and hardworking person, but now her serious efforts are all used in crooked ways.”

“Is that so?” Gu Nianzhi thought back to the first time she had met Wen Shouyi and pursed her lips. “Her att.i.tude towards me has never changed. From the first time she saw me, she didn’t like me and tried all sorts of tricks on me.”

Gu Nianzhi indeed did not have any concrete evidence. If she did, she would have dealt with her long ago.

This was a type of intuition, especially a woman’s intuition.

He Zhichu sighed. “Nianzhi, I’m sorry. If you had told me earlier that you didn’t like her, I would have chased her away long ago.”

“She was your right-hand woman. How could I dare?” Gu Nianzhi chuckled, “Besides, I was only your student at the time, and you were so picky about me. I must have had a lot of guts to tell you that I didn’t like your a.s.sistant, didn’t I? Besides, don’t you think I have no right to say such things?”

As a student who was picky about his mentor’s a.s.sistant, he was really tired of living.

At the moment, He Zhichu closed his eyes and was speechless because he had almost gone crazy looking for Gu Nianzhi. He had desperately chased her to this world, and it had taken him another three years to find her.

However, when he found her, he realized that she had completely forgotten about him.

The heart-wrenching feeling made it impossible for him to face her with a normal state of mind.

His att.i.tude was temperamental, so he made Gu Nianzhi feel like she was above him and could not get close to him.

It was all his fault. He had lost her and deserved to be punished.

For a very long time, He Zhichu could not speak at all.

Gu Nianzhi felt an awkward silence in the atmosphere between the two of them and quickly changed the topic. “But no matter how much reason and evidence Wen Shouyi has, I still feel that this package is definitely not a frame-up.”

After He Zhichu came back to his senses, he said lightly, “Of course it’s not a frame-up. At this point, if it’s still a ‘frame-up’, then the frequency of her encountering these ‘frames-up’ is too high. Logically speaking, it doesn’t make sense.”

“Young Master He also agrees with me?!” Gu Nianzhi’s eyes lit up and she pulled herself together. “But if we don’t have any other evidence to refute her claims of ‘frame-up’, the court may not necessarily convict her.”

“Not necessarily, but definitely not.” He Zhichu had a better understanding of this world than Gu Nianzhi.

He explained to her gently and gently, “She’s now the executive director of the Qin Corporation’s private group. She can mobilize more resources than before.”

“She has status, status, and the corresponding power and financial resources. If we want to convict her, we must have no loopholes for others to exploit.” When He Zhichu talked about legal matters, it was like Lu Jin talking about the experiments he had done, his att.i.tude was very strict and serious.

“Yes.” Gu Nianzhi nodded her head sincerely, “Actually, when lawyers fight a case, what they can win is not absolute justice. It’s just that the loopholes are smaller than the opponent’s and the evidence is more abundant. If you face an opponent who is stronger than you, you can turn the case around in no time.”

“Yes.” He Zhichu laughed lightly. “You’ve never been a lawyer in the United States. If you’ve really been a lawyer in the United States, you’ll know why the percentage of rich people getting off scot-free is so high.”

“Because their lawyers are better than government lawyers?” Gu Nianzhi smiled. “I’ve seen some cases in the United States.”

“That’s right. In the United States, the best lawyers don’t work for the government, they work for law firms. Therefore, if the prosecution makes a mistake and is caught by the opposing lawyer, then the prosecution loses the case.”

Just then, He Zhichu sighed. “So to win the case, it’s a battle of wits and courage with the other party. If your IQ and ability are not as good as the other party’s, then you lose. This is justice in the eyes of the law.”

Hearing this, Gu Nianzhi got worried. “What about Wen Shouyi this time? Will she take advantage of the loophole again?”

“That depends on how much evidence we can gather.” He Zhichu responded slowly, “The person who took the photo has committed suicide, so the most important clue is no longer present.”

“Then what should we do?” Gu Nianzhi was a little impatient. “Are we really not going to get anything on her?!”

“There’s a way.” He Zhichu entered his room, closed the door, and said softly, “build the path in the open, and sneak in the dark.”

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