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Chapter 1376: Exposed

After the verdict was issued, the judge looked at Luo Jialan, whose face was as pale as a ghost. “If you are not satisfied, you can choose to appeal. You still have a few cases that need to be tried separately.”

After this case was decided, the rest was much easier.

In the case of Luo Jialan’s illegal appropriation of Huo Shaoheng’s inheritance, all of it had been recovered after she had shown Huo Guanyuan’s will.

Of course, Luo Jialan wouldn’t be able to recover the money she had squandered over the years. She would use prison to make up for it.

Similarly, after she was unable to clarify her relations.h.i.+p with her in the case of Aiko Yamaguchi’s international spy case, she was also sentenced to 20 additional years in prison.

Because Aiko Yamaguchi’s whereabouts were too erratic, the Special Operations Forces hadn’t been able to track her down until now.

The only solid evidence they had was a text message between Luo Jialan and an invalid number.

She called the owner of the invalid number “Aiko Yamaguchi”, but she could not confirm whether the other end of the invalid number was Aiko Yamaguchi or not.

Therefore, she was only sentenced to 20 years for that case.

Of course, because she had already been sentenced to life imprisonment, she would only continue to be sentenced to life imprisonment, so her sentence was added with a clause that would never allow early parole.

This meant that she would spend the rest of her life in prison.

After the sentence was announced, she was taken over by the guards of the imperial women’s prison from the Special Operations Forces and transferred to the special punishment area of the Imperial Women’s Prison to serve her sentence.

Staring at the incandescent lamp on the roof in a daze, Luo Jialan sat in the narrow cell of the prison.

Ever since she could remember things, she had never lived in such a shabby place other than the shabby Songshan Hotel.

There was no hope for her anymore.

She had hoped that Aiko Yamaguchi would come down from the sky to save her.

But when she found out that there was no news from her again, she didn’t place much hope on Aiko Yamaguchi anymore.

Hoping that she could atone for her sins, she also proposed to tell her about Gu Xiangwen’s whereabouts, but she was rejected.

Because this information didn’t belong to her, she had no right to use it to atone for her sins.

Feeling sorry for herself, she crossed her legs and sat on the hard wooden bed.

At this moment, the prison door was pushed open silently.

Luo Jialan’s eyes turned around mechanically.

A man walked in.

“Are You Luo Jialan?” He seemed to be holding a photo and looked at her.

Luo Jialan blinked and said expressionlessly, “If I wasn’t Luo Jialan, would I be locked up here?”

The man sneered and clapped his hands, and the lights in the room went out.


The next day, Gu Nianzhi received a phone call. “Lawyer Gu, prisoner Luo Jialan committed suicide last night in the Imperial Women’s Prison. Please come and confirm.”

Gu Nianzhi was stunned. “What did you say?!”

“… prisoner Luo Jialan committed suicide in the prison last night.”

“Committed suicide? Wasn’t she in the Special Punishment Zone? How did she commit suicide?” Gu Nianzhi was very confused.

“… she suffocated herself to death by putting a transparent plastic bag over her head…” The prison staff was silent for a moment before telling the truth.

Gu Nianzhi:”…”

That was such a creative way to commit suicide.

Gu Nianzhi asked a few more questions, but didn’t get the gist of it. She could only say, “I’ll be right over. Are you guys ready to send her to the medical examiner for an autopsy?”

The other party quickly replied, “I’ve already contacted the medical examiner. We’ll send her over once you’re here to confirm.”

Gu Nianzhi agreed and hung up the call. She immediately called Huo Shaoheng. “Major General Huo, Luo Jialan committed suicide in prison last night.”

Huo Shaoheng:”…”

She had just transferred from the Special Operations Forces, but she had already committed suicide?

The prison’s security was really inadequate.

“How did she die?” Wearing a bluetooth headset, Huo Shaoheng asked calmly. He played with the lighter that Gu Nianzhi had given him, and held a cigarette in his other hand. He didn’t light it.

Gu nianzhi whispered, “I heard she suffocated herself with a plastic bag.”

Huo Shaoheng:”…”

“I’m going to the prison to make sure.” Gu Nianzhi had already started packing. “Are you coming or not?”

Huo Shaoheng shook his head. “Let Xiao Ye go with you. I still have things to do here.”

He didn’t care about the cause of Luo Jialan’s death at all.

To him, the sentencing for all of Luo Jialan’s crimes was already over.

As for whether she continued to serve her sentence, committed suicide, or was killed, he didn’t care at all.

He actually wasn’t such a cold-hearted person, but Luo Jialan’s actions, whether it was the abuse of his mother, Song Jinning, or the insult to his dignity, had already crossed his bottom line, so he didn’t want to invest any more energy and time.

Gu Nianzhi also didn’t want Huo Shaoheng to continue paying attention to Luo Jialan’s case.

In her opinion, Luo Jialan had really gone too far.

It wasn’t illegal to like someone, but to like someone so much that if you couldn’t get that person, you would ruin them by throwing dirt at them and ruining them together. She really couldn’t agree.


Xiao Ye drove Gu Nianzhi to the Imperial Women’s Prison to confirm the news of Luo Jialan’s death.

On the way, Gu Nianzhi propped her head on her hand and said tiredly, “This Luo Jialan is really too much. She was adopted by uncle Huo and became the daughter of the Huo family. She was much luckier than most people, okay? Why did she have to be so greedy?”

After the sentence was over, she would serve her sentence properly. She would be able to live out her life in prison..

Why did she have to commit suicide so quickly to gain attention?

Xiao Ye smiled. “Of course, there’s no limit to a person’s greed. When she has nothing, just give her a bowl of porridge and she will be grateful to you for the rest of her life.”

“But when you take her home and share your wealth with her, she will take an inch but want a mile. Why don’t you give her all your wealth? Since you’ve given her half, shouldn’t you give the other half as well?”

“Ridiculous.” Gu Nianzhi scoffed. “I still think it’s her personal reasons. At least her biological father and mother were good, but she’s especially greedy.”

“That’s possible.”Xiao Ye nodded. She skillfully turned a corner and brought Gu Nianzhi to the women’s prison in the imperial capital.

There was a saying in the imperial capital since ancient times: “The east is rich, the west is n.o.ble, the south is poor, and the north is lowly.” The Imperial Women’s prison was located at the foot of Yan Mountain, and north of the imperial capital.

With very few windows, the grey stone buildings looked like a dusty s.p.a.ce fortress.

The surrounding high walls were surrounded by electrified barbed wire, and there were cameras monitoring everything from all directions.

Her hands in her pockets, Gu Nianzhi got out of the car and looked up at the door.

She had rushed over today while wearing a pair of white sneakers and a Juicy Couture brown velvet hoodie. She carried a backpack and looked like a female college student who had just entered university.

Xiao Ye took a look at her and secretly admired Gu Nianzhi’s beauty. They walked through the prison gate together.

Gu Nianzhi showed her identification card and requested to see Luo Jialan’s face to confirm her ident.i.ty.

What if someone had done something behind her back and used someone else’s body to pretend to be Luo Jialan?

They had to be careful.

The prison guard who had received them was a fat, middle-aged woman. She eagerly led Gu Nianzhi and Xiao Ye to Luo Jialan’s cell, then explained, “The medical examiner has just arrived and is checking inside. She’ll be sent to the hospital for further dissecting.”

Gu Nianzhi listened as she chatted with the prison guard. She quietly asked for a lot of information.

Xiao Ye walked behind them and looked around vigilantly.

When they reached the door of Luo Jialan’s cell, the middle-aged woman’s prison guard stopped and said, “This is the place. The scene hasn’t changed. You can go check it out.”

Gu Nianzhi peeked inside and was about to step in.

Xiao Ye caught a glimpse of a cold glint in the cell from the corner of his eye. Her heart skipped a beat, and she suddenly kicked the guard beside Gu Nianzhi away. She then rushed over and hugged Gu Nianzhi from behind. She rolled a few steps to the ground and raised the gun in her hand at the same time. She aimed at the narrow cell door and fired several shots!

The people inside immediately fired back and threw a grenade outside!

It was the cold light that Xiao Ye had just caught a glimpse of!

Xiao Ye’s movements were exceptionally agile. With a sweep leg, she kicked the dark grenade away again.

With a loud bang, smoke billowed in the prison. The continuous gunshots were like fried beans crackled in the dense s.p.a.ce.

Then, alarms rang out throughout the entire prison!


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