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Chapter 172 True might of Emperor! (3)

Both sides were Heavenly Emperor powerhouses, but as soon as they exchanged blows, Gu Site’s heart was filled with shock. He was an Emperor, a King, one that held himself above all others, and he was used to his subjects deferring to him. Naturally, his aura and bearing were beyond question, strong as one could be. Yet, right at this moment, in front of Long s.h.i.+ya, he truly felt that his strength was of no match at all.

Just in that single palm strike alone, though it might have seemed very simple, he had truly suffered a major disadvantage. With Long s.h.i.+ya’s Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, his six Attribute Heavenly Energy had truly merged together, and though his overall Heavenly Energy output was only slightly higher than Gu Site, the effect and offensive capabilities of the fusion was far superior to his own output. It was truly a case of quality over quant.i.ty. Furthermore, that was not even considering that Long s.h.i.+ya was at the Max Level of the Heavenly Emperor Stage, even higher than himself. In just the single blow, the Lion King felt a terrifying power overcome him like waves from a boundless ocean… as if the entire s.p.a.ce around them was fully under Long s.h.i.+ya’s control.

Seeing the thirty six blades of light spring into existence in front of him, the Lion King could no longer care about face. Along with several continuous bouts of dark gold light flas.h.i.+ng, an entire set of nine G.o.d Tier Consolidated Equipment appeared, coalescing into form around his body. Although it was no match for the Heavenly Snow Mountain’s own G.o.d Vanquis.h.i.+ng Heavenly Spirit Set, it was already a rare and exceptional Legendary Set in the entire mainland.

The Lion King Gu Site’s weapon was a ma.s.sive heavy b.a.s.t.a.r.d sword, and as it pointed ahead, a strong red light shot forth into the skies. Behind his back, the illusory image of a huge gold-red ferocious lion appeared. It was clear that he was going all out now.

The Tiger King Xue Aoying stood at the side unmoving, without any thought of intervening. Regarding Long s.h.i.+ya, he was far more familiar than Gu Site was, especially since he had twice personally witnessed fights between Long s.h.i.+ya and his brother Xue AoTian. He knew that Xue AoTian had an extremely high opinion and appraisal of Long s.h.i.+ya. He had once told Xue Aoying that even for himself, even if he wanted to defeat Long s.h.i.+ya, it would be extremely tough even for him, and would take him a lot of time and effort to do so. The Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation that Long s.h.i.+ya had created could be said to be the greatest formation and invention today, and nothing could compare. If not for the fact that Long s.h.i.+ya had not managed to break through to the Heavenly G.o.d Tier, the t.i.tle of strongest powerhouse alive today would possibly be different now. At the same time, Xue AoTian had also told Xue Aoying very seriously that even if they offended the other four Great Saint Lands, they must never offend Long s.h.i.+ya. The reason was simple – he was alone in the world with no other care. Such a powerhouse, if he truly wanted to cause trouble for them, even the Heavenly Snow Mountain would be hard pressed to deal with them. Of course, this was also because Xue AoTian did not have any reason to attempt to kill Long s.h.i.+ya as well.

Without question, Long s.h.i.+ya coming here today to cause trouble definitely had some reason behind it, and without knowing the true reason, Xue Aoying would not take action.
The compet.i.tion and rivalry between the Lion Tribe and Tiger Tribe could be said to be existent since the start of the WanShou Empire. This time, for Gu Yingbing to marry Tian’er, in truth Xue Aoying was rather vexed by it in his heart. He was extremely clear that once Gu Yingbing inherited the position of Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord, their Tiger Tribe would be in a downward spiral and their future would not be good.

Even though the Tiger Tribe would take over the position of the Royal Family and Emperor of the WanShou Empire, that would not mean they could control the Lion Tribes. On the contrary, when that time came, the Lion Tribe would have the backing of the Heavenly Snow Mountain, having a higher status above all, and they would not need to listen to the Tiger Tribe even if they were the Royal Family. It was the exact status that the Tiger Tribe enjoyed right now, not Royal but having a status above the Lion Tribe. This was the power of the Heavenly Snow Mountain, one of the top Great Saint Lands.

As a result, watching the Lion King Gu Site taking a disadvantage right now, Xue Aoying was more than happy to just keep watching; how could he possibly lend a hand? Let alone the fact that he did not think he could take on Long s.h.i.+ya; even if he could he would still not take action. The fact that the Tiger Tribe did not have any talented geniuses in the younger generation that were outstanding enough to inherit the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord position was already vexing enough to him, and he was definitely in no mood to a.s.sist the Lion King without a good reason.

Each and every one of the thirty six blades of light could be said to have the offensive power of maximum Heavenly Emperor. However, even at the Heavenly Emperor Stage himself, the Lion King Gu Site did not think he could come up with thirty six similar attacks at the same time; otherwise how could he not care about his own face and unleash all of his entire Legendary Set at once before his opponent had even used one.

With a wave of his large hand, Long s.h.i.+ya continued standing there unmoving, but the thirty six blades of light flew towards the Lion King Gu Site at top speed, as if they had eyes of their own.

From an outside perspective, the clash of these two Heavenly Emperors did not seem particularly flashy or powerful, perhaps even less startling than two nine-Jeweled Upper Level Zong Stage Heavenly Jewel Masters. Yet, in truth, that was because all their attacks were highly compressed, and may not look as impressive as their true power might be. Furthermore, this was after all the Heavenly Snow Mountain, and the two restrained themselves to prevent too much possible property damage.

The Lion King Gu Site’s body starting spinning abruptly, gripping his heavy b.a.s.t.a.r.d sword in both hands, his entire person becoming like a ma.s.sive fiery tornado. Spinning crazily, he ignored the six coloured lights striking towards him, instead charging straight towards Long s.h.i.+ya.

With his entire crimson red Legendary Set boosting him, currently the Lion King’s power had reached the Maximum stage of the Heavenly Emperor cultivation state.

Facing such a whirlwind attack, if it had been the Tiger King Xue Aoying, he could only attempt to dodge it. However, Long s.h.i.+ya did not even make a move, nor did he seem to care at all.

A spark of light flashed in Long s.h.i.+ya’s eyes, and the thirty six blades of light formed an array in front of him like a beautiful necklace stringing various different coloured beads, before intercepting the fiery red spinning figure of Gu Site.


A series of strange sounds rang out, as the blades of light smashed into the fiery whirlpool of crimson one after the other, vanis.h.i.+ng as they did so. However, every strike from a blade would cause the crimson glow of the tornado to lower a little, slowing it down bit by bit.

Long s.h.i.+ya’s right hand lifted once again. This time, in a grab towards the empty s.p.a.ce above his head. At once, lights of the same six colours started gathering at crazy speeds above his head, slowly gathering into and forming a ma.s.sive six-coloured hammer.

The consolidation speed of the hammer was rather slow, and behind his back, the illusory image of Long s.h.i.+ya seemed to become even more solid and real. For the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor to have to gather power in order to unleash this Skill, one could imagine its power.. However, at this moment, Lion King Gu Site could not do anything else as all his attention was in blocking the thirty six blades of light.

Suppression, an all-round, total suppression. As an outside observer, this was the only phrase that the Tiger King Xue Aoying could use to describe this fight. In front of the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long s.h.i.+ya, even the High Level Heavenly Emperor Lion King Gu Site did not have any chance at all!

Originally, when he was watching Long s.h.i.+ya fighting against Xue Aotian, Xua Aoying did not have such a strong and intense feeling. However, when the opponent was changed to Gu Site, only then did he truly feel the terrifying power of Long s.h.i.+ya. If that person fighting was himself, he knew that he would most likely fare even worse than Gu Site.

Seeing that ma.s.sive, nearly ten metre long, six-coloured hammer forming, the Lion King Gu Site was also both surprised and getting worried. Those blades of light that seemed so easily summoned by Long s.h.i.+ya had taken so much to deal with, and every time one of them detonated against his whirlwind, it would spark a chain reaction of the six Attributes.

More surprising to Gu Site was that the chain reaction for each blade was different, causing him to have to use all his strength and care in blocking each and every one of them. He estimated that he had to use almost two to three times the amount of Heavenly Energy that Long s.h.i.+ya used, in order to actually take care of each blade.

Furthermore, even while Long s.h.i.+ya was controlling those thirty six blades of light to attack him, this Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor actually had the strength and attention to spare to charge up another Skill, one that was obviously far stronger. This was a total shock to Gu Site. Only at this point did he realise the true gap between him and Long s.h.i.+ya, and he knew that it was likely his opponent had not even shown the extent of his strength.

A gold light sprang forth from Gu Site’s body. At this point, he could not hold anything back. The Divine Attribute, one of the Saint Attributes, showed itself, and the giant illusory lion behind his back also turned gold, with Golden Saint Flames surrounding him. At last, he could start moving while blocking Long s.h.i.+ya’s attacks, and he continued doggedly step by step towards his foe.

“Scram!” Long s.h.i.+ya gave a cold humph.. The ma.s.sive six coloured hammer descended from the skies, but it did not slam down directly, instead sweeping horizontally to smash savagely into the whirlwind of gold flames that was Gu Site.

This time… there was finally a loud explosion… an explosion that seemed to resound deep into every single one of the observers. In the huge ringing sound, the ma.s.s of gold and red light and flame actually flew back, smas.h.i.+ng right off the Heavenly Snow Mountain and flying off into the distance.

With another wave of Long s.h.i.+ya’s right hand, a three metre long six-coloured sword appeared out of nowhere. The entire atmosphere seemed to warp around it, and in a flash of light, the sword flew towards Gu Site’s body, which was still flying off into the distance, the light surrounding him having dimmed to almost non-existence.

“Fatty Long, show mercy!”

Right at that moment, a gold light descended from the skies, warping into a s.h.i.+eld to block the final six-coloured sword that Long s.h.i.+ya had unleashed.

The sword and s.h.i.+eld slammed into one another, and both visible swayed violently before they dissipated into the air simultaneously. Throughout the fight, Long s.h.i.+ya had not moved a single step, but at this point he actually swayed slightly, though he still did not stagger back.

A snow-white figure appeared out of nowhere, silent and swift. No one had seen how he had appeared, but as soon as he did so, everything seemed to become a mere background to his presence.

“Bro Long, how are you?” The one who had stopped Long s.h.i.+ya’s final blow and even caused him to shake slightly was naturally the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord, the strongest powerhouse in the world, the only Heavenly G.o.d Tier Heavenly Jewel Master… Xue AoTian.

Looking at him, Long s.h.i.+ya gave a cold smirk and said: “Old Monster Xue, you are finally willing to show yourself.”

At that point, the Lion King Gu Site had finally recovered his balance, and with his own powerful Heavenly Energy, he flew back to them. Although he did not have the Wind Attribute, that just meant he would not be able to fly too quickly or for long periods of time. For a short distance, using his Heavenly Energy to fly was still a possibility.

Currently, Gu Site was extremely vexed and disappointed. That blow from Long s.h.i.+ya’s hammer had not actually harmed him, but it had almost dissipated all of his protective aura and Heavenly Energy. If that final sword had actually landed on him, even if it did not kill him, he would definitely be severely wounded. Yet, Long s.h.i.+ya had not even unleashed a single Consolidated Equipment… It was clear how far the gap between the two of them were.

“Mountain Lord.”

Gu Site glared angrily at Long s.h.i.+ya, but he still bowed respectfully to Xue AoTian first.

Xue AoTian smiled faintly and said: “Lion King, you do not need to be vexed. Losing to Bro Long is not something to be ashamed of. In this entire mainland, Bro Long can be considered the strongest Heavenly Emperor. Even for myself, I dare not say that I can definitely defeat him.”

Xue AoTian’s words could be considered extremely kind, giving Long s.h.i.+ya a lot of face. Even if Long s.h.i.+ya was acting aggressively now, his expression couldn’t help but ease up.


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